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  1. 5 hours ago, KarlaKoaster said:

    I read in a report that the Slingshot Group rides (Freefall, Slingshot and Star Flyer) were closed, but I guess the rest of the park was open - do they own/operate all of it?

    It's not a "park" the way they're talking about it on the news. Icon Park is just an outdoor area of I-Drive that has a ton of restaurants and shops NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANYWAY with the Slingshot Group/Funtime/Free fall accident. We eat at the Carrabbas, Outback, Shake Shack, and Yard House there all the time. 

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  2. ^I haven't been following the UAE stuff as much recently, but I can tell you from past visits that I wouldn't just race through the parks.  IMG really blew us all away as they had some really fun rides and attractions as well as amazing food.  Motiongate and Bollywood can probably be done in a day, but again, there are such bizarre attractions in Bollywood that you won't find anywhere else that it's worth taking some time. I mean, there's a ride where you're playing Cricket!!!??  The woodie has been testing for months, but this is also the country that has a giant coaster that's been sitting around for years so who knows.  Please let us know how your trip goes!

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