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  1. Check our socials (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) for the most up to date info on what we're doing.  Club TPR is not open to new members at this time.  Trips are coming back slowly, but may not be open to the public for the first ones.  Always best to send me a private message if you're interested in trips. 

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  2. ^You have to ride Flight of Passage. I get what you're thinking and how you're seeing it, I was the same way.  It's a simulator where I wear glasses and get sprayed in the face with water, what is this Universal!!? But it's just the most incredible ride and puts to shame every other simulator and most other rides! It's incredibly immersive and the movement of the simulator is incredible. 

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  3. ^We just watched it again last night.  As jaded Disney locals the show is totally fine and great for normal guests!  I think my only small criticisms are the opening feels a little slow, like there should be fireworks sooner than they finally show up and the ending song seems a little out of place, the pyro is great during the ending and seems way more intense and energetic than the song.  The rest is amazing! People love the disney music and it's a lot of fun and high energy. 

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