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  1. Rode Ice Breaker a couple of times today.  I think it's a solid ride for the park and fits a well needed 48" height requirement demographic.  If you want airtime, the back seemed to deliver better than the front.  We'll have more video and photos up tomorrow!  I still maintain the ride would be a lot better without the "Comfort Collars" which serve no restraint purpose. 

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  2. On 1/6/2022 at 10:29 PM, rachelmadcow said:

    I haven't been to any dry disney park in nearly 5 years. im more than fulfilled at typhoon lagoon and blizzard beach. They're both very large for water parks and the only thing missing are master blasters. 

    Disney needs a 3rd water park not an expansion of the present ones. Doing a Pixar themed water park seems almost too obvious. Really they need 2 more water parks, a Pixar one and a contemporary redo of River Country. Since they love IP they can apply Princess & The Frog to it.

    I agree, would love to see a more IP based Disney Water Park!  I'm shocked they haven't yet, and more shocked that Universal did the weird Volcano Bay instead of the Dreamworks Water Park!!!

  3. ^Yeah, but Dubai was always known as the 'las vegas' for the arab countries/people.  Saudi Arabia is the real deal and unless they get a LOT more lenient many of us will have trouble visiting there. I agree though, it's their country and people should support or hurt them with their money as that's what this all boils down for.  And if you're a real credit person and you don't want to support them, try to go for as cheap as possible! Or make a donation to a womens or gay rights association to offset your trip.  There are good karma options out there! I'd be interested to visit Saudi Arabia as it's a very strange country but has some amazing sites (not including the theme parks) but as a woman, of course many of their policies hurt and offend me. 

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