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  1. I really hope CF reconsiders with these law suits and the deal ends up not going through.
  2. Is there anyway to remove the ride limit in RCT2. I currently have 250 and would like to expand...
  3. I am thinking CW is a fine Candidate for an Intamin Giga. KD was definately not the last Giga....I expect 2 more in the CF chain very soon
  4. Wow I love all the bitching and moaning. Atleast the Intamin streak is DONE after this ride (5 ride contract is finished) I am very excited for this ride. LOL there is almost as much bitching in this thread as the I305 thread
  5. The extra money is being spend on alot of theming from what I hear. The POV shows none of the theming but I hear it will be heavily themed
  6. Hm that is interesting...atleast the ones in the video look better then Mavericks...
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