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  1. I asked a cast member , "what are the chances of this breaking down". When all of the lights are supposed to dim completely, CS's loop display was still lit a bit. When the audio said, "The wonderful world of color", the audio faded away and the fountains dropped. The same CM told me, "You jinxed it". He also said to the audience that that was the the whole show. After about 10 min. or so, the show restarted. My guess is that other CM's controlling the show stoped it so it could work right.
  2. I guess it makes it exiting Anyone know how crowded the park might be on 8-12? Plus how crowded the waterpark (SFHH) might be on 8-13? LOL! I'm going to my favorite water park on Friday the 13th
  3. A frsh coat of paint would be nice for RR. IMO, the good thing about Superman being closed is that you don't hve to hear the extremly loud roar it makes walking under it.
  4. Random question. What are some of the special events for season passholders?
  5. I'm going to DL on the 17th. I would have figured it would be realy crowded, after all, it is Disney land's B-day
  6. I rode near the back of X2's train by myself and it wasn't that bad. Just make sure the heaviest rider sits on the outside seat
  7. But I hate the fact that you can't go past 180 degrees without that glitch.
  8. Does anyone know some CTR for the Multi-Dimensional Coaster in RCT3? I want to download some for my park.
  9. Anyone know how deep paradise bay is? I looked at WOC construction photos and it didn't look that deep. Well, that's just me.
  10. Here is mine taken at SFMM. AHHHH...I'M BURNING!!!!!
  11. LOL to the whole Lucario Bumblebee thing. I would love to see more SFMW (cough) SFDK pkototos if your camera didn't die.
  12. The last coaster I rode was Tony Hawk's Big Spill I was at Bay Area Bash 2010.
  13. We should see this at Six Flags parks. Then we could see Tweety and Sulvester arguing with each other and Buggs Bunny offering you carrots.
  14. Also getting off topic but does anyone remember the police car that used to be next to the que line? It now has a new home Under a gasoline tank He even has a friend! The Batmobile!
  15. Same here. Ive walked past security guards in that area and not a word was said to me. Thank you both for your comments I'm going to the mountain tommorow and the next day. Expect a short TR here sometime during the week.
  16. Now that evereyone is talking about X2 I minus well ask a question. Is that parking structure in front of X2 avaible for the GP? I want to get sone good photos This one
  17. Also, a couple of those rides made the park famous (when six flags bought the park). Such as Colossus and Viper.
  18. Anyone know when the discount booklet comes out? The one with all the cupons, like free friend admission.
  19. Anyone know how crowded the park the park might be on president's day? I checked the web site and it said it was open.
  20. In case anyone still wonders why superman (at the top of the of tower) is gone, he is getting painted. My mom asked a ride op during new years and they said it was getting painted.
  21. Ghost Rider More like the worst in the west. This thing is a free head and back ache!
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