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  1. FYI,IDK WTF most of this says, but if SFMM opens GL ASAP, then the GP will definitely be "OMG," or even "OMFG," and totally forget about X2. The wait could be longer if the ops go AWOL, or put up a BRB sign. BTW, IIRC, if everyone brings their BFF, then the lines could be huge, and you might need some TLC. You could also check out SFMM's FAQ page, or IMHO, just ask yourself WWJD? I just hope SFMM changes their policy to BYOB next season so I could get FUBAR.....as long as I don't get a DUI. But then again, DILLIGAS? Maybe I'm J/K though. Not to be rude, but what does AWOL, IIRIC, TLC, IMHO, BYOB, FUBAR, DILLGAS, and J/K mean? Thanks for your input though.
  2. Finaly get to use this! http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/ LEAVE THE "CALIFORNIA" LETTERS ALONE!!!!!!!!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!
  3. No one wants to answer my question? A ticketed event is one that park viewers can attend if they pay for it. And as atem said, how can we predict it's popularity? Most of the GP will probably end up comparing X2 and GL based on the fact that both rotate, much like much of the GP thought Terminator/Apocalypse was Psyclone remade because both were wood and stood in the same location... For future reference though, for the most part, there will be a reason why your question goes unanswered. Either nobody knows or you'll find out eventually. GL willbe the first Me-Spin (My name is Zachary) in the U.S. X2 had HUGE crowds it's opening day. Odds are that SFMM will open SEFK, GL, and LF on the same day. GP would think, "OMG! OMG! Superman is backwards!", and for GL, "OMG! OMG! It's X2 but better!" Can't someone use theese facts and try to imagine there wait to X2, Tatsu, Termy (COUGH) Apocalypse, etc.?
  4. SEFK looks AWSOME so far! Anyone have an idea how popular SEFK & GL will be compared to X2, Tatsu. Termy (COUGH) Apocalypse?
  5. Awsome to see that CH is vertical. Can't wait to ride this next summer.
  6. This movie was very enjoyable! I'd like to see a movie chat again soon!
  7. Can switching to Ghiecho save you 15% or more on car insurance? Is playing baseball with a T-Rexadactyle a bad idea?
  8. Today is Thanksgiving! How can you not be happy!
  9. What cs sets did he use for the station? Vwery nice park! I'm exited for whats in store. You should try posting pictures of construction of the rides.
  10. Just got a 250 gb hard drive for my X box 360.
  11. Anyone find it odd that in the video, 7 increments of supporting were red, but theres only 5 painted red.
  12. The ride probably doesn't use or even need guides because the ride never turns at all.
  13. I'll be at the park Sunday & was there yesterday. Did see S:EFK's blue paint. Hope to see more Sunday.
  14. Love the new addition to the park even though its kid of like copying the real one at SFNE. Still, very nice job on the ride.
  15. The new paint looks awsome! I'll try to get a picture when I'm there tommorow.
  16. Who's NPH? The new voices sound prety good. Another thing to look forward to this week. Looks like patadise bay isn't ugly anymore.
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