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  1. ^I'm saying is there a seperate card for dell, microsoft, etc.
  2. I'm having trouble wit the reflective water efect. I don't have it at all. Anyone know why?
  3. Once you have a car, you can have one of your own Thanks for cheering me up. . . Sorta.
  4. ^^I'm gonna miss Maliboomer. It was a great view of the park. I'm also gonna miss S.S Rustworthy. This picture kinda shows why. R.I.P Antena ball HM
  5. Me too. I love Fright Fest! ^I think there were a couple of new mazes last year. but I don't know about this year.
  6. This is AMAZING! I love the rides, senery, buildings, theming, real-ness Everything is just amazing. This is exactly whats inspireing me to make Angel Island Theme Park. How did you make the mirror effect in the water? I've seen that alot. LOL. My parents were at Charelston when Hugo hit
  7. Part 3 Quick fact. This will actuly move up and down, but they never move it. That's one giant carousel. Munch Munch. Mmm...tastes like chicken. Gahhhhhhh!! That song, make it STOP! Oh. were not on the ride yet? Either I'm going crazy, or that signs right. Theres something wrong with that sign. Mmm, wish I had something to eat. In case you forgot where we where. Decided to dothis while we where here. Ribbet. You want another dog and a pony? Whats wrong with you. Ouch. That must heart. Go ahead. Open it. Is it me, or does TT look like a pimple. More HM! I'll end part 3 here. Please coment.
  8. I'm gonna call this WUI. Waiting under the influence It still sounds sad, but oh well. He was drinking under age.
  9. Part 2, Day 2 We saw this walkimg around New Orleans Sqr. Next was Splash Mountain "Now remember kids, if you don't want to wait in this long line behind me, make sure to use the single rider line." Yaaah, single rider! HMMM. Popcorn. Pop little popcorn popping guy! Pop!! Next was Indiana Jones. You can read this as: "MM" "Mickey Mouse" "Mickey waz hre!" Walt used to have an appartmemt here. Hmm... Ooh, thats interesting. Ooh. Old turn-stile Nerd photo. Mickey:"hey Walt." Walt:"Yes, Mickey." Mickey:"Why do you have your arm like that?" Walt:"It's just how they scluped me." I'll end part 2 here, but I'll be back soon.
  10. Anyone know how how to use the latest version of the CTR creator to make the Multi-Demensional car on the Extended track? Plus how to make the water effect where it has a reflection?
  11. Day 2, Part 1: Disneyland You could see ALOT of this tossed around They even repainted the "CALIFORNIA" letters. NOTED with HM!!! This ones behind the "R" in "CALIFORNIA". This ones pretty obvius. You can find this one alot. Closed gate=Thumbs down. Signature shot! First things first. You can also read this as: Tomorrwland 1959. The year and place the original Subs opened. Funny, huh. NOOO!! The seagulls are gone! Ooh. Rock HM Ever wonder what this view would be like without the dome? Yay! Space Mountain has a near walk-on! And a HM! So does BLAB! We decided to do ST before it closes. Ooh...Shiny! Next was Autopia. "Hey dad. Can you tell me about the birds and the bees?" LOL Hmm. I think I'm a bit too young. Thats a lot of cars. We took the rail road to get to fronteir land. Just think how crowded this is gonna be at night. This HM is near the enrance. The 12th row is actuly pretty fun on BTM. Theres actuly a bit of air-time. OMG! Could this be a HM no one knows about? Theres a HM on it but you can hardly see it. Hes on the bottom deck walking with another lady. Sorry Minnie, you've been cheeted on. DUN DUN DUN! This will end Part 1.
  12. ^I've seen that one. http://www.hiddenmickeysguide.com/item.php?aid=5919 My neighbor couldn't even see it I would've gotten that book' date=' but I don't go to enough Disney parks to use it well. Nice TR! Where were those TVs in the restrooms located at? That's a VERY good idea for our family, since we watch so much NASCAR.[/quote']There in the ESPN Zone 1st floor.
  13. We went to DLR with our neigbors for the 55th anniversary. I'll start day 1:SFMM and DTD (Down Town Disney). Please comment what you think. Since we were in the area, we stopped at SFMM to look at X2. It sure is a wonder what you could do with some land and and about 20 repeated wins on "who Wants To Be a Millionare". I spy with my little eye a flying beast If this 08 we would just here, "CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK CLACK!" "GOING DOWN!" IMO, this is maybe the best part of the ride. This part is good too, Aside from how rough it is. Thats not right, or maybe it is due to So Cal heat. Good bye SFMM. We'll see you again in about another month. Becaus the I-5 was congested, we took a different route. Ohh, Haunted Hotel side shot! Those tunnels look kinda strange frome the other side. Ohh, a Satilite. Before we went to DTD, we took a quick dip in the big pool at our hotel. Hotel covering or Monorail station? You decide! X2 Shirt=Bad Idea! Sorcerer Mickey hat=Good Idea! Hidden Mickey Book=Fun Idea! Look at all those parking areas. Expect a "Timon" parking sign somewhere in "Car's Land" when it opens. Disney does that Here's one of the 275+ HMs in DLR. That's right. 275+ HMs! Here's another! OMG!! Marvel has invaded Disney!!!! "Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc-Tic-Toc" And I thought I had a good HM book. My mom realy liked this so she bought it. We went into the ESPN Zone to play some cool games and have dinner. They even have bowling! They had ALOT of TV screens playing different sports games. They even had them in the batroom! Talk about "Never missing a moment of the game!" When we left they had tehe Fireworks on. "BOOM BAM BANG" This will end Day 1.
  14. ^ What was the arrow magic seat? Hmm, maybe there trying to make Tatsu's loop smoother. I love Scream! It's just like Bizarro but without the audio, "S" shields, fire, and saw blade. If they took it down, Medusa would probably be the B&M floorless in Califormia.
  15. How amazing? Like incredibly smooth amazing, or incredibly loud amazing, or both It's nice to see SFMM repaint rides like BM:TR, Goliath, Posibly RR, and now Colossus.
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