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  1. And the hits keep coming, Knott's... Seriously, what happened to this place? It used to be one of the best around but now it's a mere shadow of its former self. This has happened in the past few years. Was there a change in the management or executive offices? I can't understand how Knott's has fallen off so quickly.
  2. Alright, so yesterday was pretty dang awesome. The park was a bit slow to wake up with a bunch of coasters being closed until 10:30/11am or so, but once things were in the groove it was smooth sailing. Crowd levels had waits at 15-30 minutes for most everything. Operations could use a little work as I noticed every single coaster stacking trains, though. Still, every coaster that had the capability to run three trains WAS running three trains. Stacking or not, that's appreciated. Hate to see that go-get-em attitude disappear once the Six Flags merger completes and we're down to one train being half-loaded. Coasters - Orion - Hoo buddy, this one surprised me. This bad boy RIPS through the layout and has some damn good airtime to boot! Definitely a front seat ride, though the back ain't bad at all, either. The wind in front, though, is the cherry on top. Diamondback - The airtime on this ride is legitimately scary. This isn't standard B&M floater air but instead it's "bucking bronco trying to send you into Kentucky" air. Back seat is best. Mystic Timbers - Fast and wicked ride through the woods with a phenomenal first drop. Tons of laterals and some nice air pops. The shed is a complete waste of time, effort, and money, though. Back row is intense, especially getting ripped down the first drop. Banshee - Holy hot dicks from hell! I had absolutely NO IDEA how great this ride is. I'd heard the good reviews and I've seen the POVs but lawd almighty this monster is completely different than I was expecting. It rides like a mid-90s Beemer! Forces out the yin-yang on every element, especially the batwing and second vertical loop. Back row is is my fave, if for no other reason than that first drop. Best ride in the park alongside... The Beast - It's The Beast. It's one of the greatest rides on the planet. It also has some truly awful trims in the first bit (first drop, second hill, and the long shed) but after the long shed it returns to the incredibly wild run through the woods we all know and love. The trim before the helix has mercifully been moved to the top of the hill, so now you hit the tunnel full-bore and go screaming around that bitch like a bat out of hell. All hail the king, especially in the front row. The Bat - I love this ride, even if it does have a horrible location compared to the rest of the park. IIRC, back in 2003 it was much more visible and accessible with SoB in the area. Instead it's now a relic hiding behind a 5-mile hike with an entrance hardly seen at Banshee's exit. Damn shame, because this is a very fun and fast suspended coaster. Racer - Third row has some great airtime on this classic. Fun stuff! Backlot Stunt Coaster - Great launch and helix, boring everything else. Slowest line in the park. Flight Of Fear - Closed most of the day, broke down when I was entering the UFO. Didn't ride. Adventure Express - Packs a punch! I love me a good mine train and this one didn't disappoint. Ride it in the back to get the real janked-out experience, ya jabronis. This ride is great. Invertigo - Pass. I rode Two-Face when it was at SFA. I'm good. Other Rides - Boo Blasters - Yeah, this has seen better days. Cute enough and an easy way to escape the sun, but the guns hardly work and there's a large amount of broken effects. Delirium - Fun ride but after riding a larger version it didn't feel as wacky. Windseeker - This was my first Windseeker after riding many Star Flyers. Let's just say there's a reason these haven't been built in a while. Star Flyers are a much simpler mechanical ride and much more reliable. This was also pretty uncomfortable, for some reason. Good view, though. Blue Ice Cream - Yummy yummy in my tummy.
  3. Funnily enough, I chose Kings Island over Cedar Point because TT2 is dead in the water. I saw Beast went down and was a little disappointed, but I already got multiple laps, including a night ride during the fireworks, in 2003 so it wouldn't yuck my yum for the day. If it's actually open, though, great!
  4. Hiya - I'm gonna be at the park next Monday, June 3rd, for the first time in 21 years. Tomb Raider was still a big deal (and a bonkshit awesome ride, fight me), Scooby's Ghoster Coaster weird suspended thing was operating, and Son Of Beast was still running its original trains (I still ache to this day). Point is, it's been a loooooong time since I've been to the park and there have been some massive changes since then. I'm quite aware of what rides are there and what rides are dead and gone (RIP Vortex), so I'm just looking for pointers. Since I'm visiting on a Monday I'm not too worried about crowds but please tell me if I'm wrong. I'll have all day at the park so I can deal with a few lines. Which coasters have the best/worst operations (I know the Beemers are people eaters), any F&B hidden gems, regional recommendations, etc. Stuff like that. I'll be getting into town Sunday night after a day at Indiana Beach, anywhere I should stop for dinner? Thanks!
  5. I miss the old "just dump your crap in this bin" systems that were so ubiquitous before Six Flags decided that single-use pay-per-ride lockers were the way to go. Like surge pricing, it has only led to frustrations and annoyance across the industry.
  6. So, the only Bayern Kurve I've ever ridden was the one that used to be at SFGAdv and, good lord, I can't imagine that thing ever going 70mph. Is the Knoebels version an XL model or something? Because godDAMN that'll be a wacky ride.
  7. This place started as an interesting concept that had the unfortunate timing of Covid destroying its potential for a growing audience. Shame to see it go but I'm curious about the future plans for the site. It could make for a nice little outdoor FEC if given the right team.
  8. Did they hire Richard Branson to design the interior? These looks like a ripoff of Virgin Las Vegas, just at a healthier price point.
  9. ^ They could restore it to the original version, for one. I know they're not but hopefully they'll at least bring back the crash test scene. Coming around the corner, seeing the dummy car crash into the wall, then lining up in front of your own target while they announced the final test was a crash test was great. The wall opening up to reveal the outdoor portion right before you hit was fantastic. The current version was such a letdown for me when I rode last year. Still a fun ride but nowhere near as great as the original.
  10. Meanwhile, Holiday World continues to make money with free drinks. Imagine that.
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