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  1. Oh please, we all know it's because the coroner hasn't completed their investigations yet. Keep an eye out for the chalk outlines, Dan! Good luck!
  2. I get it, but I also don't get it. Wasn't the major thrill of Skycoasters being in the flying position and staring straight down during the entire ride? The ascent is the most terrifying part, IMO. This just looks like they threw a Frisbee vehicle on a cable and said "good enough."
  3. I'm late to the party, but all I ever want from Gerstlauer for the rest of my days is Karnan. That ride is perfectly mental. That being said, come onnnnnnnnnnn Karnan US clone!
  4. ^ You're aware they probably need to go through a huge hiring/re-hiring process and fully train all of those employees on operations and all of the other madness that requires a theme park to actually run, right? Passholders get two weeks early and they're basically the debugging crowd before the GP storms the park like a bunch of rabid hyenas.
  5. Oh man, my last TPR trip to Holiday Park had some of the best ERT I've experienced. I think I got 10-15 laps on GeForce without changing trains. We were all just bouncing between rows while Derek (I think) planted himself in one row and didn't get up for like an hour. Phantasialand is one of my favorite parks on earth and Winjas is an unassuming and wicked coaster. If you manage to get it spinning well it gets even more absurd as the ride goes on.
  6. When the best possible use for an IP is a 4D movie, yeah, the IP blows.
  7. That's some interesting word use for yet another shooting gallery ride. I'm curious if they actually have something worthwhile going on with it. Well is it a Palace or a cart?! Come on, Disney, I would have thought you guys knew the difference what with all the fairy tales.
  8. See, this is why I specifically mentioned new animatronics in my post, ya dingaling.
  9. I'm extremely curious about these Jurassic World upgrades. The initial retrofit was, IMO, terrible and unnecessary. I'm not saying that because I'm a purist, I'm saying that because they "upgraded" a ride that in no way needed upgrading aside from new animatronics. Adding screens in lieu of awe-inspiring, wide-open environments and larger-than-life dinosaurs towering above you was a disgrace. Hopefully this new animatronic won't be a "blink and you'll miss it" cameo and we'll be able to get a bit of an action sequence.
  10. This thing looks like an old school B&M and I hope it rides like one. They've proven they can go back to basics in the past (Dark Knight at SFNE) and it's looking like they're about to pull it off again.
  11. Me too, because I want Nevadans to be allowed back, dammit! I've gotta ride Rise Of The Resistance before SoCal burns to the ground.
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