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  1. I can't wait. I recently moved to Tulsa from So. Cal, so I am in NEED of a coaster fix. I'm glad Dallas is only a couple of hours away. Count me in!
  2. Deja Vu releases the train off the lift vertical though. It would be a different experience rather than pulling a 9-10 car train up and over. Unless the crown of the vertical lift was pretty spaced out.
  3. I entered this one I took at SFMM. What do you think? SFMM's Coaster Paradise
  4. Your trip report was great! Every time I visit my family out in Abq. I try to get to the park. New Mexico Rattler is one of my favorite coasters. Glad to see you enjoyed yourself.
  5. I went to the Warped Tour on Friday (6/26). All in all it was a good show. I got to see Anti-Flag, Bayside, Escape The Fate, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Saosin, and A Day To Remember. ADTR puts on a GREAT show. Can't wait for the San Diego Warped on 22nd of August!
  6. Thanks to Magic Mountain, Robb, and everyone else who made this event AMAZING! I was able to get a couple of rides on Terminator in the morning, but the ones in the evening were out of this world! The lack of lighting on the coaster just adds to the effects. I knew it was coming, but the turn after the first drop got me every time in the dark. ERT, Lunch, Robb's place, meeting new faces, it all made for a great event. Can't wait for the next. Thanks again.
  7. My friend and I actually won tickets via that contest Hector mentioned on our local radio station. Looks like I'll be riding it on Thursday! I'm so pumped to ride this bad boy!
  8. Awesome video! I had so much fun that day! I met lots of people that day, it inspired me to start posting more. Great event!
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