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  1. @Historyfreak see this message which was posted on the discord by the admins: Happy to announce that the restoration of New Element is in full swing: https://www.nedesigns.com/ We have decided on a new hosting provider, where for now @geewhzz has volunteered again to be account holder. He has set everything up so that I can now upload all the files from the backup, which I've been doing non-stop since yesterday and will for the coming days. If everything goes well, I'll make the careful estimate we could have the site back up and running within 2-4 days from now. However I wouldn't be surprised if we encounter some technical roadblocks, and it'll take some double-checking all the imported files run as intended, before setting the site live again. For this interim time, @saxman1089 has kindly stepped in and helped me prepare the temporary page you are now seeing when visiting the site. I guess our Discord invite link has never been more present :slight_smile: So just a bit more patience, but things are definitely looking good. I will also hopefully soon have some news on how we can crowdfund the site together. This is proving to be less straightforward than anticipated, sadly. But for now there's reason to look forward to the return of New Element, and we're very excited. Thanks again for all of your messages of support. It makes our time spent taking care of the site feel ever more meaningful. So let's hope the next announcement will be the one we're all waiting for, and until then let's rely on Discord for a little while longer …
  2. Great to see you were having a great time at Grona Lund. Went there for the first time earlier this month and I was also blown away by how much fun this park was! Are you going to visit Liseberg? Balder is still a beast and Helix was awesome too!
  3. Please make a POV of this great coaster, i don't have No Limits but i'd like to see this Beast!
  4. Thank you AJ I saw the points only thing is I'm missing the 500 points we should get for the TPR Challenge V entry.
  5. Just a quick question where can I actually see how many points I have for my submissions ( 2 a rollercoaster and my submission to TPR challenge V )?
  6. Congratz CCRON and JerryKoala2112 you both had a very awesome parks indeed, and I won the best photography award nice. Also I am exicited for the next part of this challenge let's see what it's going to be.
  7. Hey you know CPM still has to take a look at the parks, and even if you don't win overall ( you still have a chance at that ) there still are 3 more categories and you might just win one of those. Still the most important thing is just having fun doing these kind of contests. I know I sure had a lot of fun!
  8. Yay finally submited my entry. Link: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2810 SCR23.BMP Last screenshot for my park the entrance area from another angle.
  9. Hey guys thanks for the kind words, here are a few screens before I finally submit it. SCR19.BMP Is that really a dueling Togo I see there wow! SCR24.BMP Looks like Holiday Fair has gotten a few extra rides. This is Spirit of the Forest. And to prove I did succeed the challenge. SCR13.BMP And lastly before this will be submitted here's an overview.
  10. Here's another quick screen to show a bit more of CPM's Holiday Fair. SCR16.BMP Goldenhorse special sure looks a lot nicer without the tacky halloween decoration dont't you think?
  11. Ok i'll respect the rides good to know since I luckily didn't remove a single coaster/working ride yet. SCR17.BMP Hmm Something is going on in Holiday Fair...
  12. You may only remove select rides. What are the rides you can't remove, and may you re-track certain rides like the coasters?
  13. It is so good to see you are building again. Easily one of the best NCSO screens I've seen.
  14. @A.J. sorry i missed that. But do you know anything about the results?
  15. @QueerRudie is there any information about track of the week contest 9/16/11?
  16. I finished my first TPR track of the week design named Gardens of CeasarSCR1.BMP Design Overview SCR5.BMPThe lifthill details SCR6.BMPLayout from another view http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2431 I hope you like it
  17. So we can work on our entry's a bit more, do we lose any points if we do? Cause I really want to add some benches trashcans and peeps
  18. Damn I forgot some verry important details in my entry, I now don't stand a chance against anyone. I guess I can't revise my entry but I don't care if 10 points are lost because I did send it late with a couple changes, oh well my bad
  19. You gotta love the bobsleds ( too bad we don't have these in Netherland )
  20. Great pics I come from the netherlands and it is true that we can stand up on the breakdance. Actualy most of the breakdance in our country have special leg supports so you can stand up
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