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  1. Teething troubles, I get, this is more like wrong choice of rides, and no chance of achieving a meaningful capacity through them. For a shopping mall with a couple of thousand riders a day, fine, but when you build a custom theme park to draw riders you need a machine that can support the numbers expected, and they told me 6000 a day. The queue space on the spin coaster is as large as anything Disney Florida have, the station will only hold 1 train with 24 seats, no lockers, pass everything across the train, to the platform, we timed the cycle at almost 10 mins not helped by the unique problem
  2. We visited today, some.great theming but operationally it's a train crash. Posted opening is 10am, what's not said is rides from 11. Online ticket purchase didn't work from Android devices so to get the entry deal I had to borrow a staff tablet and log in, then the ticket wouldn't scan. Pre show in the indoor main square was entertaining, Buildings covered in graffiti via projection for the Gotham sequence and dementors for Harry Potter. Run down of the rides Batman - ride not finished yet Jokers Fun house is a mirror maze with the moving floors stairclimb etc of a midway portable.Ma
  3. We were there last July, at the line for opening - did all the coasters many twice, passed on the show and were finished by late lunchtime - and were family of the day! Done Orlando many times so we don't slow down much but it's hardly a full day park.
  4. Looking at the trackways on the blueprint it would seem that the ride has multiple outcomes as there is no way all the track will be traveled in one ride. Could make for a re-ride experience that few rides can offer (except Indiana Jones)
  5. 2 words - Metal Fatigue - best get there before all that flexing kills it
  6. Making of - loads of green screen and a spidercam - only 40 feet of track though Colin
  7. Was in the park this morning - crane and basket on the lift hill and a crew up on the high level trim brake section beside Twister, same place as a team as working most of last Friday. Ops CM, I caught in conversation had no clue and seemed to think I would be home long before any soft opening. Colin
  8. Not true - unless you are professionally qualified and fail professionally - any help you give as a good samaritan is just that - if you start CPR and fail - well it was a dead person you tried to do the CPR on anyway - you didn't make things any worse. Most countries have the samaritan law explicity stated, others although not in law would never prosecute. Colin
  9. There were rumors last year that they were using the Body Wars rig in Epcot to try new ideas and dynamic movements - they are basically the same machine as Star Tours and have been closed for a few years so getting in no-one's way.
  10. If the pipework clipped onto the rail is the car envelope, it will come nowhere near the water nor will it have large wings. Shame
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