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  1. Didn't get on the Lucky Cat? We really enjoyed that when we went a few weeks ago! Japan Cool (the splash boat) was closed when we went, as was panic clock and the hospital.
  2. Iv'e been to Hirakata and it is really fun (especially with the kids). They have some very unique stuff there and the staff was super happy to help. They gave us a guide through the witch maze to make sure we knew how to play all the games (sadly we didn't win). Never did get on the card game ride (it had a long line all day) but I was curios about how it worked (and seeing all the kids with their card deck holders running around was fun). My other favorite thing is that you can get Japanese curry at the cafeteria, my favorite! Can I make a small request? If you are heading to Fuji Q
  3. Hey all New to the Forum, but we watch the you tube channel all the time. My four year old son BEGS me to watch Roller Coaster videos with him daily... Anyway we are planning a 4 day trip to Hong Kong (we live in Japan now) and I had a few quick questions that I can't seem to get a straight answer on. We have two kids (4 and 6) the 4 year old would ride anything he is tall enough four and the 6 year old is more cautious. For the last few years we have had Bush Garden's Williamsburg (we used to live in VA) season passes, the 4 year old loved le scoot and the 6 year old never rode it.
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