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  1. Or maybe they can blast a walkway path through that area to get to the backside of the park a lot faster?
  2. Regarding a coaster to take up the space of the Log Jammer. I was thinking Six Flags Magic Mountain should get back to its roots as it is a Mountain. They should build the mountain up so it looks like one of those Swiss Alps mountain They can run bobsled type tracks around and in the mountain. The first part of the ride would of course be the climb to the peak and than have the coaster ( made up of two cars) runs down the mountain. The coaster would take you inside and outside of the mountain as it makes several circles on the way down. And they could theme it up with ice glacier, snow type stuff and don't forget using an abominable snowman as an added surprise. At the end of the mountain, the sleds can splash a little bit into the water. As an added bonus they could bring in a sky tram ride taking people thought the mountain too. Name the coaster ride after some famous mountain in the Alps. Anyone have any ideas what to call this ride?
  3. Good idea, but it's been done. The displays were a problem with the Sun glare and being out in the weather. However, video display technology has advance so maybe they can do better now. Maybe they could work the characters in to introduce the ride and safety equipment. However, with people on their pdas/cell phone/iphones/EVO/Android/Blackberries, it might be better just to introduce free basic wi-fi with and a premium faster wi-fi with a $4.99 all day fee.
  4. The photo above of the woman in stilts gave me an idea. What better way to say "MAGIC" MOUNTAIN than a Wizard in Stilts? But if they put a Wizard in the park they might be stealing from Harry Potter/Universal. Too bad, MM didn't think of it first.
  5. Fallon might be fun for the first 5 minutes and then I probably will get nauseous. Too bad they can't get CBS Ferguson or Letterman to do it. Leno and Fallon are alright in low doses.
  6. No Elevator to the top of the slides? She must be the poor rich.
  7. I think they should put a petting zoo in that location. Kids love animals.
  8. I thought everyone knows that Louisville is the HUB for UPS. Didn't anyone happen to see all those big planes flying in and out of the Airport next to SFKK? Did you think they were carrying passengers? Nope; UPS parcels.
  9. Our Hometown Stories: Six Flags Magic Mountain: Park of Dreams http://hometownstation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=17571:magic-mountain-singer-2009-08-26-01-27&catid=152:our-hometown-stories-&Itemid=350
  10. Things That Go Bump In The Night For An Hourly Wage Monday, September 07 2009 Six Flags Magic Mountain looking to scare up wandering Scare Patrol. With the unemployment rate soaring to frightening levels, it is understandable why many job seekers are feeling the need to scream. Six Flags Magic Mountain may have the perfect outlet for those hidden talents. They are looking for people with unbridled energy, boundless enthusiasm and a bit of a dark side for the annual Fright Fest celebration. Auditions for a variety of ghoulish positions will be held on Friday, Sept. 11 starting at 5 p.m. They will be casting actors, dancers, freaks of nature, demented types, action performers and more for the upcoming Halloween season. Auditions will be held at the park's Human Resources Building off Feedmill Road. As part of the Six Flags Ghoul Patrol, members will have an opportunity to meet new people and enjoy numerous rewards and events. The park offers competitive wages, flexible schedules and a wide variety of jobs during Fright Fest. Everyone is welcome to audition - second wage earners, stay-at-home parents, retirees, teachers and students - Six Flags Magic Mountain has an operating scheduled designed to fit just about any schedule. Apply online at www.sixflagsjobs.com before auditioning. http://hometownstation.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=17636:magic-mountain-scare-2009-09-03-14-22-&catid=26:local-news&Itemid=97
  11. Magic Mountain-Interstate 5 expansion ready For those of you who regularly travel the areas around Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Valencia Industrial Center and The Old Road, the completion of the expansion of the intersection of Magic Mountain Parkway and Interstate 5, including the freeway on and off ramps, is welcome news indeed. To celebrate this tremendous milestone, the city of Santa Clarita is hosting a brief grand opening event, open to the public, on Tuesday, Sept. 8, at 9 a.m. in front of Marie Callender's Restaurant. The city has been the lead agency for this pivotal multi-million dollar project that serves to dramatically improve traffic flow near our major work and recreation areas. The purpose of the expansion project is to relieve existing and future traffic congestion at this busy area of the Santa Clarita Valley, including measures to improve safety and increase roadway capacity to meet current and future needs. The city, together with our funding partners, Newhall Land, MTA/METRO, as well as the County of Los Angeles, have worked together with myriad utility companies, contractors and construction companies to expand this important intersection, providing the commuting public with better traffic flow. This multifaceted and complex three-year project included the reconstruction of the Magic Mountain Parkway/I-5 interchange and the realignment of The Old Road. more at link http://www.the-signal.com/news/article/17296/
  12. http://www.the-signal.com/news/article/17744/ Senior Center seeks sponsors for 'Magic Mountain 5K Run' The SCV Senior Center is teaming up again with Six Flags Magic Mountain and the Kiwanis Club of the Santa Clarita Valley for the 18th Annual "Magic Mountain 5K Run" through the amusement park on Oct. 4 starting at 8 a.m. Santa Clarita resident and Olympic Champion Allyson Felix will be Honorary Chair of the event and present to meet all participants. The run appeals to both local runners and participants from all over southern California. Many companies put together running teams and promote participation by sponsoring the event. A sponsor will be included in the entire advance and post run advertising along with a prominent place for their logo on all run shirts and complimentary tickets and paid parking to Magic Mountain on the day of the race. more at link
  13. What if Disney bought Magic Mountain form Six Flags and jazzed it up with Marvel and other attractions. Turn the Hurricane Harbor into a Disney water park? Maybe develop another theme park adjacent to it? Of course Prices would skyrocket.
  14. Yup, I once drove to Six Flags from Las Vegas. Halfway there I make a call and find out they are closed. So we make a detour to KBF instead.
  15. Terminator seemed to have way too many employees just hanging around. They had two employees just to tell people to use the locker. I didn't see any pre-show while entering. Maybe it's up to the employees to slack off and don't do a pre-show so they could just all stand around doing nothing. They all seem to be happy employees, however.
  16. I was on it a couple days ago and I thought my thighs were going to break. I could see someone getting seriously hurt something isn't done about it.
  17. Disney always wanted to expand in California. DCA was an initial bust for them, but now they are doing better. I bet Disney starts working on another Supersize parking structure so they can claim land from the parking area to expand DCA.
  18. I would get a Six Flag season pass for one of their parks if I lived out East and was traveling to SFMM. More bang for the buck. You can use them at other Six Flags parks.
  19. It could be because it's sorta enclosed. Other coasters you could possibly puke over the side and not get it in the train.
  20. Many may not remember it, but I loved the Enterprise when I was a kid. I wish they would bring it back.
  21. When I put "SFMM" in google search the first hit is this link: http://www.themeparkinsider.com/news/response.cfm?ID=2705 "SFMM, Worst Ever!" I was hoping it would be this thread. Anyone know how to do a Google Bomb?
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