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  1. The last few years Ghostrider has been jerky and rough. It was a nice coaster when it opened, but it had gone down hill in a hurry.
  2. Does anyone know if I can use my season parking pass at other six flags parks? Also, at SFMM, can I tow an RV Trailer in and just pay the difference between cars and RV's with my parking pass? I'm thinking about catching some ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ's in the Trailer while the teens run around the park. Looks like you get better parking and sometimes covered.
  3. The new Qbot system no longer requires the Q-Bot kiosks to be installed. I'm pretty sure they have now been either removed or no longer used at the other parks that have switched over to the new Q-Bot system. --Robb Okay, I don't know what they were doing there than. They were right inside the entrance to the left. Could be some more theming going in? How about making Batman an indoor ride?
  4. When I was there last week I noticed a Surveyor Team just inside the Batman Ride entrance. The only thing I can think they were doing is surveying to install those new Q-Bot Machines.
  5. At one time it was a Steak House. It's an O.K. location for views of Log Jammer and now Tatsu. I wish they would theme it out a little. A steak restaurant might be all right. I would look at Disney restaurants for inspiration. Pizza? I think making it a Pizza place is a waste. Or for something different: How about making it a Hooters?
  6. On expanding the park with more rides. I haven't been there in awhile. But can't they put some coasters/flume rides outside in the parking lot with the cue lines and stations inside the dome? This could mean bigger and better coasters, etc.
  7. I was thinking of holidaying up the Gotham District. Add some fake snow and add some Christmas Decorations. And there's always everyone favorite Christmas song... Jingle Bells Batman Smells Robin Laid an Egg The Batmobile Lost a Wheel And Joker got away Jingle Bells Batman Smells Robin Laid an Egg The Batmobile Lost a Wheel And Joker got away Jingle Bells Batman Smells Robin Laid an Egg The Batmobile Lost a Wheel And Jo-ker got away [instrumental cymbals, pounding & stuff] THE JOKER GOT AWAY! THE JOKER GOT AWAY!
  8. We went this last Saturday and were averaging a ride every 10 minutes, the first two hours. I'm in my 40's and I was getting a little tired. We hit Goliath, Collosses, Scream, Batman, Riddler, Gold Rush in less than a hour. No lines, and it was like a ghost town. Maybe the cold and the short hours kept people away. We left super early. Maybe Six Flags should try some different things to get people into the park for the Holidays. It's too bad they can't transform the park into a winter wonderland. I was disappointed (even I knew) that their wasn't more Christmas theming around the park. I wonder how festive New Years Eve will be, if they don't decorate it up a bit? Also, it might be a good idea to get more people into the park, maybe giveaway free passes to the military, like Knotts and Busch Gardens/Seaworld do.
  9. 20 Percent Season Pass discount still alive using this link... http://www.SixFlags.com/national/tickets/travelzoo.aspx
  10. 20 Percent Season Pass discount still alive using this link... http://www.SixFlags.com/national/tickets/travelzoo.aspx
  11. 20 Percent Season Pass discount still alive using this link... http://www.SixFlags.com/national/tickets/travelzoo.aspx
  12. I'm going tomorrow, December 20. If you happen to see a great looking man with two kids standing in line for their season passes, that's not me. Also: 20 percent off deal still alive using this link.... http://www.SixFlags.com/national/tickets/travelzoo.aspx
  13. Some more information for New Years Eve... http://www.the-signal.com/news/article/7039/ Some highlights of the article... Hopefully this will keep the lines shorts Toast? Why don't they try donuts? Okay, isn't that like a normal SFMM day? Dozens? Pretty cheap, I expect a huge crowd. I think this is a good idea. It makes New Years for the whole family instead of just for adults to drink too much.
  14. I just bought 3 season passes plus 1 parking pass. I'm looking forward to riding the Grand Centennial Railway and seeing the miniature horses again. Followed by rides on the Galaxy, Freefall, and Swiss Twist.
  15. The Dragon constantly broke down and it went so slow that some people actually got off the ride in the middle of it and walked up the hill.
  16. The antique car ride looks awfully familiar. Did they take the old cars and track from Knott's Berry Farm? thanks
  17. It's hard for some of the older crowd and even the younger ones to get to the summit. Going up and down the funicular is all right, but that's only good for one side of the hill. If you are going up the Gold Rush side and it's a hot day be prepare to sweat your butt off. Getting people up to that area, might solve some of the problems. It might be worthwhile to put in a monorail that would loop the mountain and have a stop next to the restaurant. Moving people around faster leaves more time for them to spend money on their trip. Seriously, a dark family ride on Samurai Summit would liven things up a bit. Or maybe a Drop Ride positioned on the edge of the hill. Of course they would have to do wind testing before hand so the ride isn't closed half the time due to high winds.
  18. How about a folksy craft type area? A little theme area where you go back in time and you can make crafts, etc. Have leather crafts and blacksmith works, wooden crafts, handmade brooms and baskets, blown glass making, clay baking and other crafts. Call it Fallican Crossroads. Now, where to put it?
  19. What MM needs is more family shows. How about they put in a man-made lake and put on a water ski show?
  20. Seems like all my ideas have been done before, but this one seems like a winner. How about a walk though maze with a Magical Japanese theme. You walk through a series of rooms that have clever video projections finally ending in a disco like room that is pitch dark and all of a sudden the lights come on and off making it seem like everyone is moving crazy freaking everyone out. Call it the Magic Buddha.
  21. How about a ride where you enter a round room. The room starts to spin and the force keeps you against the wall. You could even have the floor drop. Wouldn't that be neat? Call it Spin In or something like that.
  22. Magic Mountain needs more flat rides. How about a ride that you sit in a barrel and you and your friends/family spin yourselves silly? Put it at or near where the Basketball thing is.
  23. http://travel.latimes.com/daily-deal-blog/index.php/california-best-amus-2107/ X2 beating out the competition.
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