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  1. I'll like them to turn it into a IndyCar speed track. 8 Seater Indy car on track making a loop around MM at 200 MPH.
  2. Thanks for the info. Also, can't wait to get out to Astroworld. Never been there.
  3. I have been patiently waiting for the Metro trains to finish their refurbishment. Any day now.
  4. A co-worker went on Sunday and thought Terminator was just okay. She wasn't impressed with it, since it didn't have loops/corkscrews and was just "boring". Oh well, can't please everyone.
  5. Some valid points. There's all ready a carousel in a prime location not too far from there. A tower might be nice, but I think a tower would work better on a hill like on Samurai Summit. As for a water ride, I would like them to overhual Log Jammer with some serious theming. The more I think about it, just expand HH and be done with it.
  6. Again, leave it in one area or the other. All you are going to get are confused fans of the ride wondering why they can ride it one month and than have to pay an additional fee to ride it another month.
  7. Sorry, I didn't realize I was using shorthand internet speak. I will try harder not to in the future.
  8. It's not to "pull in people". It would something to get the heart rate up/blood flowing in anticipation. But, if it has to be a water ride. Just leave it in Hurricane Harbor. If you let people ride it in the off season at SFMM (in the cold); why would they waste money on a "bland" water park, just to ride it again at HH?
  9. Six Flags needs a ride there where people looking from outside the gate/fence are salivating over. I don't think this water ride does that. Especially, what makes you so sure SFMM would run it during the HH off-season? Roarin' Rapids was closed for the Winter. I don't think SFMM wants to operate a ride that nobody wants to get on because it's too cold. If they do it, just leave it in HH permanently and be done with it.
  10. That's one of the last great prime real estates in the park. I think it would be a waste to put a ride there that doesn't have mass appeal. Six Flags needs to come up with something new and special. Deluge isn't it.
  11. IMO, the assigned seating gives people who are not as aggressive with demanding a certain seat a chance to experience a seat they would like, but are afraid to ask or were intimidated by more aggressive thrill seekers. Some people are just too polite for their own good.
  12. A ride like this would be perfect for the area... Call it Mountain Xpress. The title plays off the Magic 'Mountain' and 'X'2 perfectly.
  13. You hit the nail on the head. The theme makes perfect sense.
  14. In my opinion, it would be cool at first, but the novelty would wear off quickly. This goes for any park, not just Magic Mountain. It would be cool to live close to a park, but not next door to one, especially a major one. The constant noise, commotion, construction, traffic, etc. might get annoying after a while. Okay, let's just go with a Hotel and add a brand new theme park next door. People need a reason to extend their stay in the area. Make it a RESORT, not just a 6 hours and you're out roller coater park.
  15. Magic Mountain needs to get into Real Estate development. The market for real estate never goes down. How many of you would kill for a house on a man made lake where you have a view of the park? And within Walking distance?
  16. I'll like to see free wi-fi through out the Park, now that iPhone/PDA/Blackberry's etc, are so popular today. AIG Vice Presidents can visit Six Flags during the business day and get work done as they are enjoying the rides.
  17. The Tidal Wave location would be great for an attraction similar to Disneyland's Autopia. I get nostalgic for fossil fuel powered vehicles now that everyone is driving electric cars. Kids will be asking, "Dad, where do you plug it in?"
  18. I think they should put everyone that enters SFMM in an electric scooter chair and unlimited slurpees all day.
  19. Time to re-hab the Log-Jammer. Theme it up with some dark ride elements. Have it go inside buildings and have a soundtrack.
  20. When do they usually re-open Roarin' Rapids? I'm guessing they are just closed for the winter and they aren't actually upgrading anything on the ride? Correct?
  21. A little off-topic, but rainy days are some of the best days to go to Disneyland. It helps keeps the crowds away.
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