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  1. I hate how people think that older means more mature. It's not the operators fault that the accident happened and it isn't their fault that they didn't e-stop the ride either. He didn't know how to stop the ride because of bad training . Having older operators won't help if they're still trained improperly. Instead of setting an age limit to operate a ride, the state should set guidelines for training.

  2. The first time I rode Top Thrill Dragster I was scared to death. We got in the station and I told my mom to put her hand on my heart so she could feel how hard it was thumping. We pulled out into the launch platform and I was shaking like crazy. We launched, and I was gritting my teeth as hard as I could. It was all over like that, so I don't know why I was so scared.

  3. ^That's just plain cruel, but still funny!


    My funny experience was when I rode Top Thrill Dragster. We rode it at night, and I told my dad that I was going to hold my hands up. So we got into the train (which was splattered with bugs) and we pulled foward into the launch platform. I decided to hold my hand in front of my face so I wouldn't get bugs in my eye. We launched and the first picture snapped. I had a big smille on my face, but as we went up the tower I got a HUGE cramp in my hip! We twisted down down and the second picture snapped. The smile wasn't on my face anymore, and my hand was on my hip. I looked more like I was being torchured. We pulled into the unloading station and the worker said, "Welcome back riders! How was you ride?" My dad said, "Tasty!" and I screamed, "Get me off!" Now I know why they say arms down, head back, and hold on. When we saw my picture we laughed our faces off. It was so funny.

  4. Thanks Amanda. I'm so bummed that X2 won't be open, because last time I went I didn't get to ride it either . At least the museum up at Sky Tower is planned to be open. If anybody has any other tips I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. ^^ I have a feeling that this is going to be a huge hit because, for the older visitors, it will bring back memories, but the younger ones can have some fun learning about how the park evolved. They will have a new reason to visit Sky Tower (besides the view) and it will cost the park bearly anything. I know that I'll have a great time up there when I visit on Easter Sunday.

  6. Does anyone know where X2's tunnel going to be?


    I think that what PURE said would probably be the best bet. I recall reading somewhere that they could have up to four tunnels, but until it is announced I would think that where the evacuation platforms are would be the best place to put them. But I can't jump to any conclusion right now.


    ^Call me immature but..... HA HA you said anal! Okay now I'm done.

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