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  1. I went here a few years ago, but I don't remember much about it. I only remember a few of the rides. River Battle looks like a great ride, and it's even better because the whole family can enjoy it. I love how they make you feel like you're in some type of cartoon. These pictures make me want to go back. Great TR!

  2. I think that with a few changes the front page will be perfect.


    1. The pictures need to be just a tad bigger. I would also make them not touch because it looks like they are all blending together.

    2. At the bottom it says "About Theme Park Review & Email Theme Park Review

    If you want to know more about us, or want to contact us, click this link!" I think that should be taken away because you already have a "Contact TPR" link at the top.

    3. I agree with what natatomic said about the "Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, Fun" being a little redundant. Maybe it should just say "Welcome to Theme Park Review"


    The top is perfect! I also like how you took away the "Special Features" column because it was rarely updated.

  3. This is my first TR. You can tell because the photos are posted backwards. If you want the TR from begining to end, you'll have to read the pictures backwards. Sorry, I'll do day 2 differently.


    Day 1:

    I went to SFMM on Easter Sunday, and it was a lot more crowded than I thought it would be. We entered the park and got out season pass made (good thing we did it online because the regular line was crazy). We walked to Tatsu - CLOSED. Okay then, let's ride Ninja - CLOSED. I saw Jahan standing up by Ninja. He said that Tatsu was closed due to technical problems.


    We went up the Sky Tower, the exhibits were really interesting. We didn't stay up there long because my friend wanted to ride Deja. The line was kind of long, so we waited it out. Then we got hungry and ate at the new Surf Side Grill for $14.


    We saw that Tatsu was testing, so we went to get in line. It opened and the line started to move. We were going to be the next people to ride, and what do you know, it breaks down again. We waited there for about an hour and a half, then decided to get out of line.


    We walked to Superman: The Escape. When we got off, I told my mom that it wasn't any more thrilling than the plane ride over here. After that we walked down that HUGE hill to ride Riddlers. It's a good ride and all, but it hurts my privates.


    We started to walk toward Batman, then we noticed the Three Point Challenge. My friend Jon played it (even though it was $10). My mom and dad didn't want to ride it, so we got in line. That was the best ride of the day. It was just so forceful. I told my mom that she had to ride it tomorrow.


    After that we headed over to SCREAM. We waited for the front row, and man it was trippy. My only complaint about it was that it felt like it was vibrating the whole way through. I didn't want to ride Colossus, so we skipped it and headed to Goliath. It was so fast that my eyes started to water.


    After Goliath, my friend wanted to get a souvenir. On our way we noticed that the Guitar Hero Challenge was replaced by Virtual Army Experience. He bought what he needed and we headed back to the hotel.


    I'll post day 2 tomorrow.


    We had a great time up in the sky tower. It's interesting to see what the mountain has been through in its history.


    Deja Vu's line was about 45 min.


    Through the trees!


    Deja needs a paint job.


    Who said that the Home Depot wasn't partnered with Six Flags anymore?






    I was waiting in line for Tatsu for a while, so I got artsy!


    Someone lost a cd on the ride again. Wait, what?


    Random sleeping guy.


    Only Six Flags would put advertizing space above every urinal!


    Classic shot!


    This thing is taller than I thought, good thing (or bad thing for some people) it only goes up 3/4 of the way.


    As we entered Gotham City we were greeted with this wonderfull advertizement. Only Six Flags!


    Gotham City is one of my favorite areas of the park because it's so well themed.


    The music really adds to the experience. People gathered around to watch and cheer the players on.


    There's $40 made for Six Flags. This thing is sure to draw in some dough.


    These are some snazzy prizes, too bad you have to make all 15 shots to win one.


    Some random hamburger dude.


    I don't even know these people, but don't they make a great supercouple?


    Lame name, lame colors, awsome ride!


    Ohhhhhhhhh. It's bendy!


    FAIL! No, this was one of only two open gates that I saw on the trip.


    I hope they don't leave it like this. Hopefully they'll put in a replacement flat.


    Hey, let's sneek a peek at Thomas Town.


    This dang blue wall never ends!


    Not much has gone on.


    What's this I see?


    It's the Virtual Army Experience!


    It was by The Golden Bear Theatre.


    You have to take a short survey, and when your done they give you a free computer game. So that's where the cd over the queue came from!


    There were two shooting games under the tent.


    There were also lots of computers for people to play a special game on.


    You have to go under the huge tree to get to Bugs Bunny World.


    On our way out of the park, we saw this view.


    Goodbye Six Flags. I'll see you tomorow!

  4. I deleted the picture that I had of her (she kept turning her back), but I can tell you what she was doing. I don't know if that will help or not. On Easter Sunday, there was a flood or something by the Golden Bear Theatre. She was brooming the water out of the midway. There were two of them, but the one who ignored me was wearing the "hiliter shirt."


    I'm putting the pictures on my computer right now. I'll upload them later.

  5. I took a picture of one of them and got yelled at by the employee.


    I took a picture of one of the employees also, then I asked her a question and she ignored me. I thought that she didn't hear me, so I asked her again. Then she turned around, rolled her eyes, and walked off. Maybe she thought I was making fun of her, but I was just taking a picture for my Photo Trip Report that I'll be making later this week.

  6. 1. The "forum updates, news, and other stuff" section lets me see wanted information quickly.

    2. The "special features" section doesn't get very many updates.

    3. The layout of the front page is a little confusing because it gives you a lot of info at one time

    4. I hardly ever scroll down far enough to see the "special features" section.

    5. Every day.

    6. Never (but I probley should).

    7. Make the forums more easily accessible.

    8. I can't think of anything right now, but if I do, I'll be sure to post them.

  7. Why would they advertise it and not go through with it?


    Well, there are a couple of reasons while they might do that. Maybe they didn't think it was necessary for the ride. They also might not have enough money to go through with it (which I don't think would be the case). They also could have proposed the idea before they started construction, then later found out that it wouldn't be safe/possible to build them.


    I don't know if they will go through with building the tunnels or not. I think that it will only make the ride more thrilling. If they don't build them, I would be fine with that also. I haven't heard any confirmation on weather or not they will build them. Does anyone know if they will?

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