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  1. I'm confused on how they are going to do this. I know they will use the actors voices, but how is the audience going to interact with the show?


    Maybe they could choose random people out of the audience to go up on the stage and help with trying to solve the mystery. Who knows they might just have performers act out some crime and when it's over they'll ask who did it. Then the audience could clap the loudest for who they think it was.


    By the way I like the idea about the "Where's Tweety?" thing. It would add a great family aspect to the show, but on the other hand something about CSI and Tweety being kidnaped doesn't seem to mix.

  2. I can only say one word.... WOW! This has to be the best PTR ever. Great job!


    It looks like you guys had alot of fun. Maby when I get the money I can go on some of these trips with you.


    There was one picture that I just fell in love with.


    Can you send this to me in full size if you have it. Thank you.

  3. My family and I are going to Six Flags Magic Mountain for spring break. We're flying into Burbank on Saturday March 22 and landing at 9:00 that night. Then we're going to check into Courtyard Marriott. If anyone has stayed there then can you tell me how it was? The next morning we are going to get to the park at 10. I realized just a few days ago that that day is Easter Sunday so will the park be more or less crowded than usual? We are also going to the park on Monday. Will two days be enough to ride all the rides without buying a flash pass? Then we're leaving California at 6:00 in the morning on Tuesday.


    The last time I went to Magic Mountain was when I was eight. I hardly remember anything about it but the fact that I puked my guts up in front of the big Goliath sign. Last time we only spent one day (which was definatly not long enough time), and we were running from ride to ride with out a break. That really takes a toll on you body after a while, hence why I threw up. If anyone has any tips to get the most of my time while I'm there I would really appreciate it.

  4. ^^^That's not what I said. I said that the design was overused and after you ride the same ride over and over that it can start to get old. But a ride like Evil Knievel will get boring a lot slower because the design is not scattered all over the country. I think that the Batman at SFMM is just as thrilling as the others but I think that it could be skipped sometimes because there a a lot of better rides at the mountain. Why waste some time on a roller coaster that I can ride somewhere else when I can ride a more unique roller coaster right now.

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