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  1. I've heard tales of people banging their face on the headrest ahead of them.

    Haha, that would be a sight to see! I can hear it now "Ow! My face just got smashed in by the roller coaster!"


    I also think that they should change the restraints. They should take out the lap bars. It felt really awquard having those bulky OSTRs as well as the lap bar that didn't even touch me. New restraints would be really helpful for the ride.

  2. Well, I was on Google Maps, and I notice something new. When you get close enough there's this little yellow guy that comes up on the street. I clicked on it, and it gave me a view like I was driving on the street.


    Some people don't like this and are suing Google for invasion of privacy.



    I don't think that it's an invasion of privacy, but I do think that it's kind of creepy that anyone can get that close to your house by just clicking on a button.


    I think it's really cool. I just wanted to see what you guys think about it, and I wanted you to try it out.

  3. We had some CRAZY tornado weather last night. I got close enough to bring a mattress into the closet. In fact, a tornado touched down in a lot of the citys around us. It finally went away around two in the morning, so I didn't get much sleep.

    The power is still out in most of the city right now, so I'm out of school. I'm just glad that everyone is okay.

  4. I'll tell you who needs to go away, The Naked Brothers Band. Ugh! Their songs are so pointless. I know they're songs are for kids, but c'mon. They just say the same thing over, and over, and over again.


    I looked it up on the internet, and the lead singer (whatever his name is) is 13 years old. He's the same age as me! He looks a lot younger than he actually is. I don't know about you, but that kind of creeps me out.


    Oh, and on a side note, I like anything that is popular now (please don't kill me). A lot of the users here are older than me, so that's probably why y'all like older music more. So yeah, that' it for now.

  5. I rode it last year in the back, and all I have to say is that IT SUCKED! The whole way through the ride all I could hear my family say was ouch this hurts, get me off of this thing, this is like torture, hurry it up, ect. I was grunting through it. When we got back into the station, the ride op said "Welcome back riders, how was your ride?" Yeah, no one answered besides this one guy who said to tear it down. When I go back, I'll try riding it in the front to see if it's any better. If it's not, I'll never be riding it again.

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