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  1. WCB is always on a weekend. Last year it was SFMM on saturday and Knott's on Sunday and in years past its only been SFMM on saturday.
  2. +5 I was at HAUNT at KD and a mom was carrying a girl, who was obviously very frightened. They were in the Feary Tales section when a Dead Alice from "Alice in Wonderland" popped up and started following them. It was a really good scare, but the mom than elbowed and hit the "Alice" character before screaming at her. It just irks me so much. If you know you have a child who does not deal with the whole HAUNT experience well, why the hell would you take them there? And than blame the scare actors. It just makes me boil. I can top that. I was at HHN and this woman was walking through the La Llorona scarezone with a double stroller (both filled with small children), waving one of those rip off lightsabers saying "get out of the way, stroller with kids!" and got really pissed when scareactors would come up. On the other hand, I saw a girl that was no older than 10 take the terror tram like a champ. She didn't get scared at all
  3. In all the years I've been going to SFMM, I've only seen TS run once or twice and that was at least 5-6 years ago. I feel that a conventional drop tower would fit a lot better there and would be a LOT less sketchy than the launch system. Also, drop towers get a lot of business. If you look at Supreme Scream for example, even when it's running only one tower it gets a constant flow of riders. Oh yeah, and its free
  4. That reminds me of a time that my friend tried to convince me that someone's restraint next to him came undone on Riddler's Revenge and he held her in with one arm the entire ride. I believed him. I was 10.
  5. I have many, but these are two of my best: 1. Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster: "That must be at least, like.....100 feet tall." 2. SFMM, X2: guy - "Where did X go?" girlfriend - "they're the same thing" guy - "NO, LOOK, the sign says x2 NOT X, WHERE IS X???" girlfriend - "they just changed it" guy - "but I remember it was pink, thats red" girlfriend - "...."
  6. Apologies to all of those offended by my comment. To clarify, I do not do this often and will remove that from my post. Now that I think about it, that would definitely annoy the hell out of me. Shame on me!
  7. How often would they have to deal with that? 99% of the people there don't even know what single rider is
  8. Being that I've gone to SFMM a bajillion times, it seems to me that no matter how many people are in the park the best way to skip the lines is to pick one (or two if theres not a long line yet) of the coasters at the front (I usually hit X2 and Tatsu if I can), then just hit all the coasters in the back of the park in order from Deja to Goliath. Most of the crowds go straight for the coasters they see when they walk in, and don't know about the ones at the back. Also, it is always a great idea to ask for single rider. It's not always open, but especially on rides like Riddler where the line gets backed up in a sweaty room for no reason, it's the best way to get on the ride aside from a Flash Pass. Also, for those that don't know the park, you can walk directly into the exit of Revolution and follow it all the way to the top of the hill if you wan't to skip walking around X2 and Viper. Hope this helped somebody! EDIT: DO NOT ask the Ride-op's about empty seats, it is annoying to them
  9. ^^ I'm guessing that they're going to just kind of combine the riddler, batman, and green lantern areas into one big Super Hero themed area. It would be a good thing to tie the rides together, since currently Riddler seems kind of separated from Gotham ^ pretty much what I'm saying
  10. So far this season I have stayed faithful to HHN here in SoCal. I've gone four times so far and I'm going to my fifth on Thursday. That means House of 1000 Corpses 5 times (lost my phone once, thanks for helping to look for it Joey!) and Terror Tram 6 times. Still hasn't gotten old. EDIT: forgot to add, my friends and I will be putting on a display on halloween night! Come see it if you're in the Toluca Lake area
  11. So after reading through the thread, I must ask, am I the only one who is picturing small children with big guns here? As somebody said earlier, it really just looks like somebody build a park in rct3 and said, "I want that in my backyard". I mean, I'd never pass up being 425 feet in the air, but it just seems a taaad unrealistic.
  12. Would people please just stop hating on the ride? It's really frickin cool just the way it is. Nothing is going to be perfect by everyones standards.
  13. With all this talk about the name, we've lost track of one thing. We found the Maverick barrel roll! You just THOUGHT it was gone forever. Nope.
  14. wow! Just saw the vids and I really can't wait for this. Living on the West Coast makes it a lot harder to make it out there though. I wonder if there's a flight to Abu Dhabi that goes through florida..... Going back the BGW thing, the trenches on CH remind me a lot of bbw. A toned down version might fit perfectly there (maybe without the roll it would have a lower height requirement?).
  15. Maybe they are set up too reopen after the train has passed the turn. Is it a possibility they figured they'd have rollbacks on the airtime hill instead of the turn?
  16. Wow, 2 accidents that close together at Knotts? Looks like I might be avoiding windseeker now...
  17. According to Six Flag's twitter this morning, a new attraction announcement will be coming out this Friday. Finally some confirmation!
  18. This is true. Nobody would really be able to know. It also depends on whether the new trains will be lighter. The lighter they are, the faster the acceleration.
  19. I could see potential uncomfort in the first launch, especially if your shoulders hit the plastic hard. Just cause they were made for that purpose doesn't mean they have to be used that way
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