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  1. Great update of all the new creations that are happening at MK. As a former CP, I worked at the Main Entrance at Animal Kingdom as a Park Greeter. The new entrance at MK I find very interesting. I think it is brilliant. It allows the guests who are spending the most money on property the easiest and fastest way to enter the park. And those who are staying at the hotels and using the World Keys are not cheating the system. They are your good customers that you want to keep happy. Taking out the turnstiles allows families with strollers and people on wheels easier access into the park, instead of ramming the gates. Plus it would make it easier on the Park Greeter, because they would not have to worry about opening and closing a rod-iron gate. You wouldn't believe the number of times a person in a scooter lost control of the vehicle and crashed into the gates. The new technology looks great. It has theming, simplicity, and style all packaged into the design. I wonder how it works. I see they possess the finger scan, but where is the indicator signal that it is a valid ticket? I see some holes. Does it make a sound to indicate yes or no? Does it have a light? Also, are the old turnstiles still there? My next point is that I love they are adding the interactive scavenger hunt game to MK. Yes, I do agree that the game will be great at DAK. I did not know that Disney changed Epcot's game from Kim Possible to Fineas and Ferb. The re-theming kinda makes sense because Fineas and Ferb is more recent and more popular, but kinda does not make sense because Fineas and Ferb are not secret agents. I can understand if Harry the Platypus is the main character and everyone else are side characters.
  2. Here are my top 2 favorite parts of the whole TR. First off, Little Red Riding Hood and her fishnet stalkings at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. And number 2, your reference to Back to the Future on Test Track. Very nice.
  3. Reading this TR makes me miss my time I spent in the College Program at Disney. Wish I was there.
  4. I am sorry Robb for misspelling your name and assuming you would go against park requests. I know you are a strict follower of park rules and that you will never break them.
  5. Between the 2 Universal parks in the USA, does Hollywood have the better Bill & Ted show than Orlando or does Rob just love Bill and Ted show? Also why can you get photos of Bill & Ted at Hollywood and not Orlando, or did Rob cheat the system?
  6. Besides a change in operations and the possibility of slower operations, you can expect a rise in prices at the park to cover the future lawsuit Darien Lake's insurance company will pay for the death. Poor operations of the ride ops to allow a person without their prosthetic legs to ride that ride. Now I never rode it, but I have been on Millenium Force at Cedar Point. I can understand why you need legs to ride that ride. Funny thing is that you only need 1 leg to ride Mantis, but both legs to ride Superman Ride of Steel and MF.
  7. looks awesome. wish i can go. everyone pray to the job fairy to bring me a cool job so i can make money, save it, and then spend it on tpr trips. amen.
  8. LOL!!! Its funny because it is true. I agree. I want simple t-shirt that looks cool with the logo. Maybe a t-shirt with a sports coat that I can wear into a club. If that ever happened, I would be it. But I also like simple t-shirts since that is what I wear most of the time.
  9. Hanno, Your shots are always amazing. I need to meet you so you can teach me how to take awesome pictures of really cool roller coasters. Raptor looks amazing. I'm hoping a US park is thinking about putting one in their park. Hopefully a certain park that sounds like Medar Joint. Great pics!!!! So sick!!
  10. I say the best thing to do tomorrow is the Adult Nintendo Wii Super Mario Brothers championship tournament. Looks like you guys are having a great time. You are making me want to take a cruise.
  11. Too awesome!!! I always wanted to go to Dubai. If I get a job, and have about $5000 for a trip, I would go. Please economy get better.
  12. The captions were funny. Keep up the good work. I am a huge monkey fan. The next time I am in Miami, I may have to plan a trip to the monkey place. My favorite caption is the people who can't read. Funny shit!!
  13. The "secret" red dot is the marker for all that is important in the universe. For it is, in fact, the CENTER OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!! Everything that has ever been created revolves around this single point in the universe. It is the spot in the world that God is aiming to take a crap. And his holy crap will produce an awesome scream machine that we will dub The Green Lantern. I don't know what it means. I am just being creative. I hope you all enjoyed.
  14. When I become a millionaire and build my water park, I an stealing the idea of floating in a lazy river to wait for a slide. AWESOME Idea!!!!
  15. It's the best time to build. Disney knows how to conduct business. Always invest when interest rates are low. And right now they are very low.
  16. If you are not turned-on by those OMFG over-banked turns on this glorious ride, then you are no enthusiast. This ride looks amazing. Makes me want to spend money to visit this park. I only wish Cedar Fair will do this for Mean Streak and Son of Beast.
  17. TPR Trip to Park City Utah sounds like a great idea. Once i get a job, and some money, this sounds like something i would like to do.
  18. Your coverage of IAAPA has to be one of my favorite times of the year, right next to the end of the summer when parks announce their new attractions for the upcoming season. Good job Robb!!
  19. How come all the big, long, kick-ass wooden roller coasters are being built in China. First time I am actually jealous of Chinese people. The Voyage may loose its crown for being the best wooden roller coaster in the world. Wish I could afford to go on the China trip.
  20. The glowing wheels are "bling bling" for coasters. I agree that they would be sweet on Rip Rocket at Universal Studios Orlando.
  21. I think it is pretty sweet they destroyed an old attraction to make way for their new one, and they did it with a live audience. If Cedar Point did this when they took out White Water Landing to add Maverick, I would have loved it. European parks are awesome!!!
  22. Are you taking ideas for more "Drunk Piers" videos? Get him drunk, which will be easy, and have him talk about movie plots. This idea is kinda like "drunk moments in history" from funnyordie.com
  23. F the Wisconsin stuff (since I don't know much about Wisconsin), you guys were lucky with the re-opening of Rip Rocket, even though it doesn't look that great. Looks like you guys are having a ton of fun!!!
  24. I have been thinking about this for years. But in reality, I am wondering who will be a water park hotel here in the desert. The only thing family oriented here in Vegas is Circus Circus or Hoover Dam. Plus there are a ton of families coming here to vacation. Vegas needs something like this.
  25. This story sounds like "The Department for Homeland Security" but for Hershey Park. We are being spied on, and thank God, the marketing guys at Hershey Park are listening to their loyal guests. And this sounds like guerilla marketing. The cheapest form of advertising. Now all they want us to do is talk about it (like we are), build up the suspense, then finally tell us what the new ride will be. Welcome to theme park internet marketing.
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