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  1. They do, just wrong park. Food and Wine @ Epcot. And you don't have to wait 15-20 + min for a beer! Other then that I cannot think of anything to worse then attending this show in person. God help us all. I might have to find out how solid this one really is. Hopefully this is one of those fall though the cracks and never goes beyond development/concept. No chance of that...they promo'd this big time during last night's American Idol finale...
  2. Have you tried eBay? I've found all kinds of fun 80's concert tees that way...Good luck!
  3. Note to self: reserve condo early...not on a holiday weekend...I'm so glad I'm only 4 hours away from there. I can't wait to check it out!
  4. You can find more information and some really great pictures at Ohio Lost's website.
  5. I was more amused by the inclusion of "Paramount" anything... We drove past Family Kingdom while in Myrtle Beach last summer for the last days of the Pavilion and thought "what the...?"
  6. ^AARRRGGHHH!!!! I'm on the wrong coast!!!! Of course, I've seen Lost Boys so many times I can say most of the dialogue along with the movie. Not that I wouldn't jump at the chance to see it there... It's so unfair....
  7. I loved reading your trip report!! Is it terribly lame of me that everytime I see anything about SCBB all I think of is "The Lost Boys"? I keep expecting to see a gothed-out Kiefer Sutherland on the carousel!
  8. Well...I put that I'm in the Eastern US, Hilton Head isn't REALLY The South. I have no home park. Everything is at least 4 hours away.... I miss Cedar Point..
  9. Wow...talk about bringing back some memories! I have a box full of pictures from a trip there in the summer of 1979 before my sister was born! And probably another box full from our Geauga Lake-Sea World-Kings Island trip from a few years later with my grandparents. When your 80-year old grandpa is taking you on all the rides, you know you've got it good!
  10. SFoG once all the kids are back in school...probably late August or early September...
  11. ^Thanks for all the great tips! When I get together with my buds this weekend, I'll see what they think about waiting until September. Of course, I don't have a problem taking off a Monday...I guess they're more essential at work than I am! We'll have to see if my "coaster jones" can wait that long, though! Lines don't bother me as much as unruly children! If I can alleviate one or both-even better!
  12. Willski, you rock my socks! That's what I wanted to hear! I may have my friend over in Savannah check her Publix when she's in there. Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I'll probably check the Publix here that I shop at. Ya never know, right? We're looking at going sometime in August or September. Unfortunately because we all work, we will be going on a Saturday. Any suggestions (besides not to do it-not much choice in that one)?
  13. OMG! Someone else who remembers the Sky Wheel! That was my FAVORITE when I was little! I'm pretty sure there's a picture of me riding that somewhere in my parent's house! I never understood the allure of Demon Drop. I've ridden it and it's just "meh".
  14. What a great trip report! I am so glad you posted this! My friends and I are planning a trip there for later this summer (August/September) and none of us has ever been. It sure looks nice! I grew up at Cedar Point, so all parks have a LOT to live up to for me. Did you have a pass, or did you purchase tickets there? Just curious-I heard about a VIP card you can get at Georgia Welcome Centers that gets you in for $30 instead of the $45-$50 it normally is, but I haven't heard of anyone actually getting and using one. Most excellent report!
  15. I'm 32 and I'm pretty sure my first was the Cedar Point Mine Ride...but I rode Blue Streak that same day, so I'm just a little fuzzy on the order. I want to say I was 7 or 8 at the time, and that was the first year I was tall enough to ride anything! I was such a munchkin...
  16. Just added myself...Although my username kinda gives it away...LOL. I'm down here in Hilton Head, where the nearest coaster is at least 4 hours away in any direction!
  17. Vortex: KI (ow, my ears) Drachen Fire: BGW (but I heard it's gone now?) That ride did NOT make me happy. Ick. Hurricane-Category 5: Myrtle Beach Pavillion (but it IS gone now). I think I had a concussion when I got off. My friend and I looked at each other and said "okay, we rode it....ouch...."
  18. I grew up near Cedar Point, so most of my best stories are from there... -We went to CP for Senior Skip Day. My boyfriend at the time went to a different school, but his folks let him skip a day too and go with us. He wore a t-shirt that had a smiley face on it. Only the smiley face had been shot in the head. Yeah, he had to turn it inside out. And all day people were like "uh...your shirt's inside out." We just laughed. -Same boyfriend, different trip...On Magnum, as we got to the photo section: He took his shirt partially off so it looked like it was being pulled off by the force of the ride. I just wish I could have convinced him to buy it-turned out GREAT! -I once ate a bug on Magnum...Open mouth to scream while hurtling downhill, end up swallowing nasty bug. I about barfed. -Being on Gemini with both cars dispatched together and EVERYONE acting like they're rowing a boat around the side by side turns. -My last trip to CP with my sister we rode MF. She was laughing and screaming...I look over at her and there is drool EVERYWHERE. Which caused me to laugh hysterically. We decided to ride it again (no lines-love that!), only this time I told her she had to put her shirt in her mouth or something so she wouldn't drool all over the place. Her shirt was SOAKED when we got off. Gross. I still tease her about it!
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