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  1. Don't get your hopes up. If you look at the amount of days, driving, and parks, you will see there's really no way to go! If I remember right Holiday World from a discussion last trip TRP took there , Holiday World doesn't do ERT in summer months. I just wish midwest was doing Holiday world and KI, I wasn't impessed with Great America this summer, it's like thier employees don't care. They will let people line jump and just look the other way, even security.
  2. At a 1:30 it's gonna be klind of a short ride. But you know the ride on El Toro is last than :15 longer. Should be fun, just heard a rumor that first rides are being given away to members for Herschend family and a guest. No fun, would have been a good way to help a chidrens charity.
  3. Hey if anyone is getting ready to buy Six Flags Seson Pass for next year, I have two vouchers I am selling. It is too late to cash them in for free Gold Pass status but I am selling them for $50 a pop. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing them.
  4. The sad part is you can't have your 16 year old high school kids working at a Casino. There are so many jobs at Mcdonalds, so that just leaves them to raom the streets and cause trouble.
  5. I can't wiat to find out what the "exclusive opportunity" is for Club TPR members..
  6. I am counting it anyways because in my opinion if its completely taken apart, moved, and reassembled on new terrain and footings its not the same. If I use your logic I don't believe you should be able to count multiple boomerangs. They are the exact same layout, made by the exact same company, most likely by the same workers in the same manufacturing plant.
  7. Timberwolf at Worlds of Fun. They say it's kind of rough but its not that bad to me. Son of Beast - Everyone bitches about this one. I loved it every time I rode it, with and without the loop. Must have been good days.
  8. This was my big year 124 new coasters. Next year will be fun but not qute as big.. Six Flags Great America - 3 ----------------------------- 1. The Dark Night Coaster 2. X-Flight 3. Vertical Velocity Canada's Wonderland - 5 ------------------------ 4. Leviathan 5. Silver Streak 6. Backlot stunt coaster 7. Behemoth 8. Taxi Jam Darien lake - 6 -------------- 9. Predator 10. Ride of Steel 11. Boomerang 12. MotoCoaster 13. Viper 14. Mind Eraser Knoebels - 2 ------------- 15. Phoenix 16. Twister Hershey Park - 12 ------------------ 17. Fahrenheit 18. Wildcat 19. Wild Mouse 20. Lightning Racer - Red 21. Lightning Racer - Blue 22. Comet 23. Sky Rush 24. Sooper Dooper Looper 25. Great Bear 26. Trailblazer 27. Storm Runner 28. Sidewinder Six Flags Great Adventure - 12 ---------------------------- 29. Nitro 30. Dark Knight 31. Green Lantern (Does this count?? I Rode it as Chang) 32. Superman 33. Rolling Thunder 34. Skull Mountain 35. Batman The Ride 36. El Toro 37. Bizarro 38. Runaway Mine Train 39. Blackbeards Lost Treasure Train 40. Kingda Ka Dorney Park - 7 -------------- 41. Wild Mouse 42. Talon 43. Hydra 44. Possessed 45. Stinger 46. Steel Force 47. Thunderhawk Six Flags America - 7 -------------------- 48. Mind Eraser 49. Roar 50. Apocalypse 51. Wild One 52. Jokers Jinx 53. Superman 54. Batwing Kings Dominion - 14 ------------------ 55. Volcano 56. Intimidator 305 57. Flight of Fear 58. Anaconda 59. Backlot Stunt Coaster 60. Ghoster coaster 61. Avalanche 62. Dominator 63. Shock Wave 64. Rebel Yell - North 65. Rebel Yell - South 66. Ricochet 67. Hurler 68. The Bear Busch Gardens Williamsburg -5 ------------------------------ 69. Verbolten 70. Apollos Chariot 71. Loch Ness Monster 72. Alpengeist 73. Griffon Carowinds - 12 -------------- 74. Intimidator 75. Woodstock Express 76. Afterburn 77. Thunder Road - North Carolina 78. Nighthawk 79. Vortex 80. Carolina Cyclone 81. Hurler 82. Carolina Gold Rusher 83. Flying Ace Ariel Chase 84. Carolina Cobra 85. Ricochet Dollywood - 5 ------------- 86. Blazing Fury 87. Tennessee Tornado 88. Wild Eagle 89. Mystery Mine 90 . Thunderhead Lake Winnie - 2 ------------- 91. Wild Ligntnin 92. Cannon Ball Six Flags Georgia -11 ------------------- 93. Dare Devi Dive 94. Mind Bender 95. Batman 96. Superman Ultimate Flight 97. Great American Scream Machine 98. Mine Train 99. Georgia Cyclone 100. Goliath 101. Ninja 102. Canyon Blaster 103. Georgia Scorcher Knotts Berry Farm - 9 ------------------- 103. Boomerang 104. GhostRider 105. Jaguar! 106. Montezooma's Revenge 107. Pony Express 108. Sierra Sidewinder 109. Silver Bullet 110. Timberline Twister 111. Xcelerator Six Flags Magic Mountain - 13 ------------------- 112. Apocalypse the Ride 113. Batman The Ride 114. Colossus 115. Gold Rusher 116. Goliath 117. Green Lantern: First Flight 118. Ninja 119. Revolution 120. Riddler's Revenge 121. Scream! 122. Tatsu 123. Viper 124. X2
  9. Have a few things here.... 1. We are going to the park on Saturday (10-6). It would apper that six flags wants the same amount for 4 Gold passes that it costs for two. Anyone want to go halves? I need two passes and want the gold ones, hate to waste em. 2. Last time we went 3 or 4 weekends ago, Mr Freeze was running off and on. Realized that when you hit the top of the top hat it almost feels like you are going to stop. Am guessing that they are going to have to give it some TLC in the off season or it will become a major trainwreck. 3. I have always hated riding the Ninja it's just never been that great of a ride, kinda rough and the shoudler restraints suck. I deiced to try the Robb Alvey trick to make the Atlanta version more enjoyble (riding in the fron steat of the last car) and it was a pretty fun ride. Let Me know if you are intrested in the passes. GO BOOMERANG.. WOO HOO!!!
  10. Only made it one place this month. Busy busy busy, would have to say Mr Freeze Reverse Blast in the back (or is that front) car or The Boss at Six Flags St Louis.
  11. After planning out trip this summer and chasing TPR event after event and meeting a lot of nice TPR people, we decided to do one of the tours. Initially we were looking at the Midwest trip but after looking at the destinations, and realizing that after our trip at thanksgiving the only park we haven't been to will be Magic Springs. The City Museum buy out is a lure. But SDC is my home park so I will do a bash if Rob can pull one off. So that left us with the West Coast Tour and Japan. We have decided we aren't really credit whores. What I am saying is yea we will ride a FC that doesn't require a kid, but as far as a kiddie coaster where we have to pay off someones kid, that's not our scene. We will ride and count if we get ERT. So my question/worry is about Japan. Rob says, "it's full of screwed up stuff" what does that mean exactly?. Is it a bunch of coasters that are made fun of (like the knock off's in china) or are they a quality ride? Or should we just stick with the Cali trip?
  12. At the park today. They are storing cars for something under The Batman station. Thought they were BOOmerang cars but after getting a better view the look like a mad mouse car. They look like Jeeps.
  13. As far as the trains I remember from the original interview that leaked the coaster with RMC they had a new train design that this coaster is supposed to use that allowed for inversions.
  14. I agree these trips are exhausting and the hotel planning is enough to make you insane. We have take two muti week trips and they are rough and you can NEVER get everything done. This summer we ended up at a lot of places that new hotness and leviathan went to. Here is how it went. It went like this: July 27th - Six Flags great america July 28th - Driving day July 29th - Canada's wonderland July 30th - Darien lake (we missed marineland and martins fantasy island) July 30th - Knobles (only had an hour to ride Coasters) July 31st - Hershey Park (missed Kennywood and others) Aug 1st - Six Flags Great Adventure Aug 2nd - Dorney Park Aug 3rd - Six Flags America Aug 4th - Kings Dominion Aug 5th - Busch Gardens Aug 6th - Drove to Charlotte and started doing Carowinds because of weather Aug 7th - Finished Carowinds Aug 8th - drove to pigeon forge tn Aug 9th - went to Dollywood Aug 10th - Lake Winnie Aug 11th - six Flags over GA We drove 4000 miles on the trip rode 122 different coasters But there were a few other places we would have liked to have gone to. You have to an on being at a place til it closes and plan on the drive associated with it. You also have to decide if you want to do other stuff along the way. Have fun on what you end up planning. I think we are doing a tpr trip next year.
  15. Here's the Ken and Tony list Six Flags - Magic Mountain Knotts Berry Farm Six flags - St Louis Worlds of Fun Silver Dollar City Vacation trip this year: Six Flags - Great America Canada's Wonderland Darien Lake Knobels Hershey Park Six Flags - Great Adventure Dorney Park Six Flags - America Kings Dominion Bush Gardens - Williamsburg Carrowinds Dollywood Lake Winnie Six Flags - Georgia Hope to do by EOY: Six Flags Over Texas
  16. Honestly I don't see anything super major for next year, who wants to try to compete with the boomerang they are putting in at St Louis. Ohh wait I mean Outlaw Run at SDC. I really like wind seeker, it seems like we went on the wind seeker tour this year. I think the only 2 we haven't done are KI and CP. It would be kool of they got one at 350 ft though. I haven't seen anyone talking about permits for 300ft being talked about so I assume since this planning and Zoning piece isn't being done they won't be getting one. As far as Dino's they can keep it. Branson couldn't even support this kind of exhibit. I just don't see it being as popular long term as they keep insinuating it will be. I will keep my fingers crossed for WS and hope they can fInd staffing that can load and unload it in less than ten minutes. After all that's the only thing that kind of makes them suck. Too much time to load for such a short ride.
  17. Here is what I don't get, there is no draw for a boomerang and I am not sure how the management team EVER came up with the idea there would be one. Worlds of fun already has this ride and even on a Halloween night when ther are incredibly packed every other queue line has 1 to 1.5 hour wait the boomerang has a ten to fifteen minute wait. It sits between two haunts and people won't touch it. Furthermore it's just As bad in the summertime. It may get some initial fanfare but once everyone has experienced it they will feel as most do and never go back for seconds. This is the only coaster at WOF I just absolutely refuse to ride. I received an email a few days ago from them talking about the exciting announcement and all the cool stuff they have added over the last few years. Yes, one of those items was reverse blast and they were treating it as some big Capitol addition. Quite honestly making a big deal about having 9 coasters? Look at how many of those 9 are cookie cutter machines you can ride at other parks. With Batman, Mr Freeze, Pandemonium (Tony Hawk), Evil Kenieval, Ninja (I know this one only kind of counts), and now Boomerang. Thats 6 of the 9 and they wonder why the park is never super packed. It's just unnerving that they are acting as if they are making this huge Capitol expenditure expecially since I am pretty sure this thing is at the end of its depreciable life. If they were truely smart they would have went for an Intamin giga or at least an awesome hyper. There is no giga in this part of the country. To be honest I think they would have been better off trying to buy Greased Lightning from Kentucky Kingdom since its painfully obvious to me that the KY state fair board obviously wants it shuttered forever. At least they would be saving something that deserves to be saved and not something that the rcdb shows there being 47 of in existance. Looks like I won't be renewing my season pass for next year, I'll be buying a one day admission for West coast bash.
  18. Just got done with Darien Lake and Knoebels today after levithan bash and Six Flags Great America. Tomorrow - Hershey Wednesday - Meeting up with TPR at SF Great Adventure Thursday - Dorney Park Friday - Six Flags America Saturday and Sunday - Meeting up with TPR for East Coast Bash Tuesday the 7th - Carrowinds Thursday the 9th - Dollywood Saturday the 11th - Meet up with TPR for Deep South Bash. For those that saw us at Canada the shirts say 12 today we made it 13! Ken
  19. I have questions about what Can be properly counted as a credit... I too have an account like most do on a competing web site whose name rhymes with Toaster Horse, I had been using this to keep count but. They don't seem to be doing updates anymore. I am looking at writing a web app to let the forgetful freaks keep count, but looking for a little input. I know if I ride something I have never ridden before that counts. Here are my questions: 1. If the ride moves to another park do you count it a second time? 2. If it stays in the same park and it get renamed I am gonna say counts as one? 3. Son of the beast or Texas giant. Rode before and after modification count once or twice? 4. Mr Freeze versus Reverse blast type changes counts as one or two? 5. The Voyage, when they get the Timber liners, one or two credits? 6. Thunderation at Silver Dollar City had some cars forward and some backward 1 or 2? Was thinking I had a couple other examples. But any other scenarios and answers and why you feel the way you do?
  20. 2 questions? 1 I didn't purchase the fast pass options for this event either day. Can it be added now? 2. What the heck is a TPR Water Challenge?
  21. Here is what I don't get. I hear tons of people complain about SOB, I rode it 5 times, once with the loop. I found The Beast to be far more uncomfortable to ride. For that matter I had to take muscle relaxers and pain pills after riding Mean Streak the last time. At any rate, if you havent physically been to the park and seen it in person the pictures do it no justice whatsoever. Not only is it massive, just seeing what they are doing makes you want to shiver. I am hoping for two things next year. 1. They auction the first ride in each car off like they did for Leviathan. 2. TPR has the Midwest Bash with lots of ERT.
  22. I hope Rob Adds this to one of thr trips next year and can pull off getting SDC to host an event with ERT!!! I am headed to the park tomorrow.
  23. So here is the official "park map". In thupper left hand corder of the screen where the "sweeps" sign is, this is where the loading station will be.
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