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  1. Well, I am glad they are removing some of those worn out buildings. I did get a Dole Whip at What The Fried, and I felt greasy just standing in there. Very poorly planned food location, and I did complain via the survey about that location. I am looking forward to seeing if they can pull off a nice redesign of that area.
  2. Hmm, not a fan of this expansion. I don't think it helps the boardwalk feel at all, besides being vaguely similar to a county fair or something. As if Knott's is going to plant more grass and trees around the area! Would have much preferred Knott's to do some creativity with the available space. A scrambler? Throw it in the trash. Many, many flat rides out there that could have been chosen over bringing back the scrambler. The ride itself is just so visually dead. The coaster is a bland choice.
  3. Now that is exciting news! Great to see Universal, well Comcast, investing big time into the parks stateside. With them being so landlocked in comparison to WDW, it's always intriguing to see what they can pull off. It's pretty easy to picture them adapting the ride systems of either HP or Spider-man/Transformers into an attraction for a Dr. Suess property. Not sure if they would ever let go of the Marvel license in Florida. As long as the cost is reasonable to maintain that license, it makes sense to keep the marvel heroes out of WDW as the next wave of movies come out.
  4. If Knott's is going small for the next coaster, imo something like Lagoon's Wicked would be nice. Not really sure why they would clone that mouse from Legoland. If they are cloning anything from Legoland CA, it should be an attraction in the style of Lost Kingdom Adventure. Would really like to see Knott's embrace being more of a theme park than a thrill park. While I know they cannot afford to pull off a Transformers style of attraction, would be great to see them develop a thrilling dark ride. Personally, I would take that back 1/2 of the park and redevelop it more into a themed area. For example, relocate bumper cars. Replace them with a much more exciting flat ride that currently does not exist in the other local theme parks. Second, the KOD building re-used as home to a clone attraction of Lost Kingdom Adv. Third, Vekoma's Pandora Box ride concept is pretty interesting, Knott's could use a signature ride to make them stand out. Fourth, both Intamin and Vekoma make flight sim attractions along the lines of "Soarin" over at DCA, be great to see Knott's incorporate a smaller capacity version. Imo, a row of themed buildings housing dark ride attractions like that extending from Xcel. down to the KOD building would do wonders for bringing the atmosphere of a theme park to that section of the park. And of course, leave room /plan for the incoporation of the footers and structures needed for the eventual giga coaster winding above the park.
  5. It made the news again tonight, at 6pm. This time, they showed a map of all the Windseekers that have had incidents. All of them in the US apparently. Glad no one was hurt at Knott's. For a non-injury accident, sure is getting a lot of coverage! I would have been dying to go to the bathroom after that length of time!
  6. Maybe if he said that his goal was to aspire to be like Legoland instead of Disneyalnd it would be more plausible sounding? Legoland proved it is possible to open a new theme park in California in a region dominated by major theme park brands and still succeed. But to go in and try to recreate the Disneyland experience? However, I think anyone on this board could rattle off a series of attractions and coasters that easily eclipse what is offered locally in NorCal that could be built within his target budget.
  7. A tallest inversion record, to me, is pretty much one of those near-meaningless stats that actually is not impressive. At the speed you are going through these inversions, how much of an appreciation can really have in that split second? If SFMM really does use that stat as a key part of the marketing for Full Throttle, I would guess that most GP will be indifferent to that message. Imo, height, speed, and airtime records for coasters are more significant for the overall enjoyment of the ride.
  8. Well, it's about time! Although I would have preferred to have the ride relocated to Soak City. It would have worked really well over there. With KOD's building, it would be great to see the structure used as an indoor a/c station, with the gift store on the lower level. It would be great to see Knott's transform that whole area. It's great they have restored some of the charm of Ghost Town, so I am hopeful something creative will be done.
  9. That is fantastic. I have been going every year since they brought it back. Always hoped to see them keep expanding the terror tram into using more of the city backdrops and the daytime tour. Very happy to see them start to use more of it!
  10. I would imagine the bulk of WDW expansion money post-Fantasyland is for Pandora/Avatar over at AK. For DHS, it indeed would be great to see some of the elements of DCA remake brought over. The criticism of TDO being value focused I think it is a tad harsh. It's not like DHS needs to budget for attractions like Toy Story, Little Mermaid, or even WOC. They would just need an E-ticket that can push the food & merch sales of an themed attraction like the revenue generated by Carsland. I would be not be suprised to see DHS go for a Toy Story Land, like at the overseas parks, before adding a high budget E-ticket.
  11. Now that is a huge improvement over that terrible original "evolution" plan. An actual themed hotel along the lines of what is in Orlando will be great for USH.
  12. Hmm, let's see. 1.) Diversity of attractions. Coasters and unique / uncommon thrill rides. For 3D/4D film attractions, prefer the mix of both the simulators like Simpsons or Star Tours, as well as the sit-downs of Shrek, Tough To Be A Bug. Water rides, such as flumes. The shooting dark rides, like Toy Story or Mouse & Chocolate. For "family" rides, models of rides that can accomadate both adults and kids in the same ride vehicle. 2.) Entertainment. Whether that is live music acts, permanent theatrical shows, animal acts, parades, fireworks. Specialty seasonal packages, like Halloween, Christmas, etc. 3.) Guest comfort. Shade, misters in lines, and air conditioning in interior queques. Quiet places to relax / separate from the crowds. 4.) High quality, reasonably priced and interesting food options with good seating. 5.) Customer service. Including, child Switch where appropiate, single rider lines, fastpass/qbot dedicated lanes, and ending the line jumping. 6.) Retail with a focus on park specific merchandise, and free storage for those items.
  13. I was able to get on the attraction today, Memorial Day. Posted wait time at arrival in the park around 2 pm was approx. 65 minutes. While in line, it did break down for a bit, not sure. But that main q is huge! I highly recommend single rider line for a busy day. The great thing is thought that the ride does drop the waits for everything down to next to nothing. 20 minutes for the Mummy, walk on for Tram tour, 10 minutes for Jurassic Park. As for the ride itself, pretty amazing stuff. A tad touch of the blur from 3D, but overall that's only a slight distraction.
  14. True! I wish the show would have been placed behind a massive gate, or a moving facade, so it was not as visible during the day. Well, maybe it will be addressed in the next cycle of improvements.
  15. They have to pay for Ariel's new hair somehow! As garish as the Mad Tea Party is, at least they are doing something visually interesting with the area. Just wish they would put a tad more creativity into Maliboomer's grave site.
  16. That photo makes Ariel look just a tad creepy. Like she is about to eat a soul or something. The hair is an improvement, I'll give them that.
  17. Glad to see the park start to move in the direction of removing eyesores. Keeping a "coaster record" for pride is just pointless to the overall quality of the park experience. With Matt in charge, I think this is only the start of removing rides. I have no doubt that whatever replaces Wildcat, even if it is a complete visual overhaul of the area that focuses on retail, will make CP a better place.
  18. Along with the museum being gone, still nothing listed for the use of the stadium by Riddler either. Unless they close the Tower to save on labor costs, doesn't make much sense in removing the items. Maybe they do have future plans for the structure? Imo, great jumping off point for a zip line one day.
  19. I did the research advisory panel as well. My survey was a tad different. It did not ask at all about the mystery project for 2013 or any other year. Really generic questions about what kind of attractions for families/parents and visiting across the upcoming summer holidays. Just like the other survey, this one also contained errors.
  20. That is seriously impressive work. Thanks for postin the info. I had no idea they had that much land to potentially work with over the coming years. I dropped by the Garden Walk during Wonder Con, and man, that is one seriously depressing mall. It would indeed be great to see Disney get ahold of that area and transform it.
  21. Looks great! Also looking forward to seeing how the tire flat ride turns out. Now it's just trying to figure out which day to go where the park will not be overwhelmed by crowds. Have to look at that AP blackout calendar really closely!
  22. How was the Giant Drop at Dreamworld built? I actually don't have any reservations about the construction of the ride. The clamp thing is interesting to learn about though. I agree it will definately be freaky the first time! Good to see the Metro finally leaving SFMM! About time they eliminated the eyesore that it had become. I hope they do go for a height record breaker. If they put the peak of the new coaster at the highest point of the mt., how much elevation does it gain? Superman has a 328 ft. drop on a 415 ft. tower. So if they went with something like a I305, using the natural elevation gain like Tatsu does so brilliantly, they could achieve something quite spectacular. Very happy to see Thrillshot gone. Rode it opening year, complete waste of money. It really did not belong at all in a park like SFMM.
  23. I would look at park's websites and do a ride by ride comparison. It's all about what is appealing to you. If this is your first visit to SFMM where your'e tall enough to ride Tatsu - over the 54 inch limit, I would say head to SFMM. My niece just crossed that height limit, loved Tatsu. SFMM isn't an amazing place for those under 54 inches (compared to the local competition), but over, it's great for a coaster fan who wants to experience diversity. I would recommend checking the parks' sites to see what rides (some water rides?) and entertainment will be not operating at the time of your visit as well. SFMM's Superman is likely to be not operating due to construction for example.
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