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  1. Agreed that it was the better choice to save it. I think of it like Thunderhawk at Dorney: Yeah, it was better with buzz-bars and original station (thus removing the need for the trim on the bunny hills), but it's still a pretty damned good ride.
  2. I did! Great to meet you @Kyndmusic. So I'll post my full report when I get home, but here's some bullet notes on Mindbender. Keep in mind, that I never rode it in its previous iteration. -The whole operating system has been replaced. Brakes, sensors, drive tires, lift chain, presumably the PLC, basically everything except the track itself appeared to me to be brand new. Even the track *appears* brand new, because of the paint, but we all know its not. -Capacity was great. They were chugging through the trains, and the ride ops here actually seemed to have some enthusiasm for the job (can't say the same for the rest of the park). Since it was just preview, Flash Pass wasn't an option, but I waited 26 minutes for the front row, with about 4-5 trains where I didn't move since exit-pass people jumped to the front. Probably would have been under 10 minutes had I gone for any other row. Notably, I entered the line maybe 10 feet out of the station. SFOG's lack of groupers didn't help here, so the station got very crowded and at one point a group of people waiting for the front blocked the entire line and some empty rows went out before they made an announcement to fill in the station. -The trains: Yes, they are lab-bar only. Yes, there are seat belts. Yes, there are carve outs for your butt with the little bit that goes between your thighs. I have to imagine it was better with the original Schwarzkopf trains, but as it stands these trains were not bad at all. Yes, there are only 5 cars, but there are 3 trains (though they double-stacked every cycle I saw). -The ride itself: It's a Schwarzkopf, which means positive Gs. And you get them in the loops here, even the "non-loop" in the middle of the ride. No grey-outs for me, but it did force my arms down at the entry to the two true loops and at the bottom of the non-loop. That said, it is what I believe to be tamer than it once was (entirely speculating here); the lift slows considerably before cresting, and each of the trim/block brakes at the start of the turns definitely took off some some speed. Without those, this ride would be absolutely insane, but even with them it was still pretty damnned good. and the fact that they chose to invest so much into this instead of just scrapping it wins a lot of points me with. This was my first trip ever to SFoG, and rode all of the coasters, but Mindbender is a solid #2 or #3 at this park for me. I've gotta review my notes for a full coaster ranking, that's just off the top of my head.
  3. Yeah, me too. I wasn't expecting it to be open when I planned this trip. Just checked in to my hotel after a grueling 12 hour drive. Tonight is dinner & drinks with an old friend and then tomorrow is the park, with Platinum FP.
  4. @Rai Fox, this has to be the funniest thing I've read in a TR all year. Great report. Keep it coming!
  5. @ElecterikDude, that mini-golf place looks absolutely amazing. If I'm ever in Denver I'll have to hit it up. Great report, keep it coming!
  6. First of all, something needs to be said... ***** WARNING / CAUTION / DANGER / TRIGGER WARNING***** This thread will feature a lot of very similar looking pictures. It's not my fault that all of these boardwalk parks happen to have similar if not identical rides. If seeing such imagery will cause you offense, to feel distressed, or to become exhausted from having to scroll through them, please do not continue in this thread. I'm also not a professional photographer, nor does my phone have the best camera in the world. My intent was to document every single ride at these rarely-discussed parks. Thank you and have a nice day. Okay, with that out of the way, we can begin! Stop #1 - Keansburg Amusement Park, Keansburg How this place continues to exist boggles the mind.... But first, a side note about my personal history with this town: I was born here, and lived there from age 0 to 6, from 1983 to the summer of 1989. My house was in bicycle-distance from the amusement park, and I distinctly recall riding there with my friends the last summer we lived there, without parents. Did I mention the route passes by a (now-defunct) strip club called Chasers (as in "chubby chasers")? Man, was it a different time back then. Not only that, but my father lived in that town since he was born, and was actually a games attendant at the park when he was a teenager, so yeah, my family has quite a bit of history there. Why did we move? Because the town was apparently a shithole then and has only gotten worse. The value of my old house, even with the new second story addition, is around $300k. "Wow, that's not cheap," you might say, but when you consider that the average home price in Monmouth County, NJ, is $550,000, yeah not looking so good anymore. Median household income? $39,000 Monmouth County as a whole is $65,000. My parents didn't want me going to school there, and I struggle to think what might have come of me had we stayed. Anyway, here's a picture of that old house of mine, mind you back then it didn't have that second story on it. Anyway, enough personal nonsense, on to the park! Just outside the gates, there's some batting cages, that most definitely haven't changed in 30 years. A little food stand, not open...a trend you'll see throughout this section. Many of these rides (you'll probably be able to tell which) actually date all the way back to the 1930s. Which is pretty impressive in my book. The park itself traces its history back to 1904. Classic train ride, has seen better days. Car ride, was operating. Planes, were operating. Kiddie drop tower, was operating. Kiddie Ferris wheel, was operating. Kiddie carousel, was operating. Motorcycles, were operating. \ Boats, were operating. Roto Jets....definitely have seen better days. This looks like a Whip, but is actually just a circle, so I'm not really sure the purpose other than just go 'round in circles. Was operating. Yet another "various vehicles rotate" ride. Was operating. Classic fire trucks, one of the older rides at the park. Was operating. One of the newer additions, was operating. Original Loop-o-Plane! Not operating. Adult, mini-double-shot tower. Not operating. Also not the smallest adult drop tower you'll see in this thread. Tornado, operating. The Haunted Manor. No, this is not the famous Spook House, which opened in 1931, which I'll talk about later, but instead a formerly-travelling haunted house that first opened in 1995, and then settled at this park in 2002. Sadly, not open (this was one of my reasons for visiting). Bumper cars, operating. Moby Dick, not operating. It may look like it, but it was just sitting there in that position. "Thriller," a Gravitron. Not operating. Tilt a Whirl, not operating. Zamperla flyer, was operating. Chance Chaos, the ultra-rare. You guessed it, not operating. Yep, they even have one of these things. If you've never seen it in action, as it rotates around, it rises and falls on eccentricly-mounted wheels. That's how they got their fun back in the day! Yes, not operating, of course. Basically, this entire half of the park was not operating. Including all of the following: Aww, cute little baby teacups! I think someone forgot to put the wheels back on LOL. None of them had wheels. They do have an actual Whip, albeit kiddie-sized. Red Baron (rotating/elevating planes), under construction. Kiddie train, under repairs. Yes, that is how decorated it is normally. They also have two Go-Kart tracks. And a boardwalk park staple, the burlap sack slide. Ah. Bev and Wally's arcade. How I so remember dropping dollars and dollars of quaters into the arcade games here....Outrun, Donkey Kong, Hang-On...the list goes on and on. Alas, now reduced to 100% redemption games. Sad, sad indeed. Another arcade, the Game Room. Do you think they paid the appropriate royalties for the artwork? At least this one had a tiny, tiny section of non-redemption games! And a full-size carousel, which did not appear to be operating. Back to the rides of the park, they've got pirate ship that is super-well themed, and totally stands out from the rest of this abandoned-looking place. A Wave Swinger, that looks kinda new. Sea Serpent, their kiddie coaster, which looks a lot older than it is (it's a 1998 Miler model). Which is right next to the world's tiniest and worst decorated log flume ever. And finally, the star of the show, Looping Star, a Pinfari looking Zylkon, that has been at this park since 2015 but has been operating and traveling since the mid '80s or '90s. Of course, it's closed. So yeah, about what I expected from coming here. Oh, and all of those kiddie rides I mentioned as operating? Yeah, they only had about 4 ride operators shuffling around to the different rides. Which was fine, because there was like 3 families there, and me, and that's it. You might say "well, it's a Monday at the end of August, lots of kids are back in school, etc. etc." You will see from my later parks on this blitz road trip, yeah that didn't matter. All of the others were packed. They also have a tiny water park, that similarly appeared not that populated. Oh, I almost forgot, the Spook House! Some history: This dark ride, built by the Pretzel Company (famous for Devil's Den at Conneaut, Haunted House at Camden Park, Spook-a-rama at Deno's in NY, and the original Dante's Inferno at Morey's, to name a few), opened in 1931 as the "Mystery Ride," seen here in a photo provided by the park's website: Those cars, and the track, continued to operate all the way up to 2012, albeit with some changes to the scenery inside and out. Here's a couple of photos showing the ride over the years. 1970s, from Pintrest. 1992, from Wordpress. Mid-2000s, from Patch.com The park's website says the following: "One of Keansburg Amusement Park’s oldest rides and seen on History Channel’s American Restoration, is undergoing a complete restoration!" Yeah, not so much. There is zero sign of the ride anywhere in the park; the old location it used to be at is now (presumably, based on the sign overhead) a games stand. I asked the guy selling tickets about it, and he had never heard of it. A manager standing behind him said "You mean the ride that got destroyed by (sic) Hurricane (sic) Sandy? It's never coming back." Major, MAJOR bummer. I'll continue to hold out hope that it one day returns, but I'm not holding my breath. So, I left this place with zero credits and zero dark rides. On the plus side, I only spent like $3 for parking plus an extra hour out of my day to get here. I honestly don't know how this park survives. The area is majorly depressed, there are tons of better park options around, many rides appeared to be in a state of disrepair that couldn't have been new, it's not supported by any government or historical preservation society. Because of my memories here, I'll really be sad if it ever closes down, but the logical part of me thinks that would be a better fate for the park than continuing to putter along the way it is. Next up: Jenkinson's Boardwalk in Point Pleasant. Which probably won't get posted until next week sometime (work the next two days then a SFoG/Carowinds trip over the long weekend). I just really wanted to get this one up first since I had so much to say about this place. Thanks for reading!
  7. @PKI JizzmanNice report. Better watch out though, those last two pictures are nearly identical and you might upset someone.
  8. Nope. It's in the state's hands as far as I'm aware, and we all know how efficient governments are.
  9. Nitro and all of the other coasters were running yesterday according to the app/queue-times.com. Jersey Devil and El Toro are still down; JDC has yet to reopen from the RMC-ordered shutdown, and we all know what's going on with El Toro.
  10. I didn't realize how similar some of the Windseeker and Ferris Wheel pictures were; I'll edit them down. Sorry that you had to scroll through 5 "duplicates" at most. When you're putting up a ton of pics you don't really pay attention. If you notice in the Valravn pictures, they're actually all kinda different, following the train through the course. @prozach626Thanks for the backup brother.
  11. You didn't ask what the announcement date was, you asked when it was going to get an announcement date. Semantics, my friend; they're important.
  12. Photo (-TR), August 19th through the 21st So, I was at Cedar Point the above dates. Nobody really needs to hear my wait times, and there really wasn't anything notable about the trip (aside from what I'm about to mention), but here's a bunch of photos! I honestly can't remember what the entry way looked like before this.... A rare sight indeed! Millennium Force's station without a grouper! Poor Dragster. Next up will be a whole bunch of pictures of the "Cedar Point Nights" event that was held on the beach, and was generally free for anyone (really only had to pay for food, drinks, or games). Some night shots of Windseeker. Why does it seem like this one has a much better light program than the others? Amusingly, this one does not keep the base structure (the blue part) for the emergency escape platforms at the bottom of the tower, as I've always seen on KI's and KD's. I've seen the yellow "arms" near Gatekeeper, but never the blue base part. Some night shots of the Ferris Wheel. When did they upgrade the lights on this to a programmable LED system? Now, some night shots of Wicked Twister. RIP. And now some night shots from the Skyride. How have I never noticed the wing lights or red eyes on Gatekeeper before? The irony of them issuing a FL+ wristband with Dragster on it, when its days at the park may be numbered... Some more shots of Wicked Twister, taken before my final ride. And so long, Cedar Point...until Halloweekends! BONUS! A night video of a complete Wicked Twister cycle! VID_20210820_211542565.mp4
  13. Yeah, and parks often hook up Robb/Elissa/other TPR members with special events. They're (we're all, really) trying to stay on the good side of park management, so those things continue. So, don't post leaks, because it tends to annoy park management when their message isn't the one getting out first. Don't like it? There's plenty of other park/coaster forums out there at which you might be more welcome.
  14. As of two weeks ago, the only COVID restriction in place is "masks required indoors if not vaccinated and not eating and drinking." No reservations, no temperature checks, no limitations on ride capacity. And I'm tentatively planning a trip for October 15/16, hint hint. EDIT: They're also completely cash-less; don't know if this would count as a "COVID" restriction or not.
  15. Or we could just continue to buy the $50-60 season pass, and have it be good at every park, as it has been forever, if that was still offered. I too do not want to sign up for a recurring thing (I have enough of those already). Granted, I never spent a time inside SF parks and got my money's worth from the season pass, but will likely not be doing that next year. And yes, I only get SF passes when I anticipate going to a bunch of their parks in a given year. I had one in 2017 and then again this year, but no other years since I was a little kid.
  16. I was there Thursday and Friday of last week and pretty much every ride that was going to operate, did. That means no Maxair or Dragster, but everything else was running, and I didn't notice any closed food stands/drink refill areas. In the water park, one of the lazy rivers and one of the tube slide towers were closed, but everything else was running.
  17. I think that Darien Lake local don't have a lot to get excited about, so the bridge is the best they're going to get.
  18. I'm more curious what "major additions" they've done in the past decade to earn @RCjunkie's support in the past.
  19. Glad to see that changed; it wasn't the case last last fall when I bought my SF pass.
  20. The only problem with that is that SF Passes have always needed to be "activated" at the park where it was purchased before it became valid elsewhere. Don't see many people traveling to La Ronde just for that.
  21. So basically the same situation as ever year in the past, when you (presumably) did renew your pass?
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