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  1. Rode Ghostrider last night, front row was not bad. Scary Farm Boo-fet faux ERT was a little shorter because they were putting on a second train.


    Overall Scary Farm was excellent. Got to meet Elvira and get my photo with her. I found her quite chatty and friendly, she comes to Australia a lot. Gunslingers Grave was the standout for me, great energy in the maze, especially early on.


    I strongly recommend going to the Black Magic skeleton key room early, and also Gunslinger's Grave - they were the 2 standout skeleton key rooms for me. Though the girl who performed in the End Games room when we were there was exceptional.


    Trapped was an "interesting" experience, I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't done it yet.

  2. I went last night, and it was sad to see silence and darkness where B & T was. At least Chucky was flying the flag for political incorrectness with the re-booted insult emporium and was in good form when I went by. One of the girl's in my VIP group was a prime target.


    Enough with the issue that has been discussed at length, my take on everything that wasn't cancelled.


    Walking Dead was even better than last year, with some great set pieces. And running the gauntlet through the WD scare zone when you get off the tram was great. It was also nice to see another part of the lot, well done.


    13 was much better than I expected. It was like the best bits of the Alice Cooper mazes, and 1000 Corpses rolled into one maze with some new elements as well, I liked it and thought it came out well.


    Insidious and Evil Dead really worked, and I enjoyed Monsters Remixed; it was even better than last year. El Cucuy wasn't bad at all.


    Some of the Scare Zones were a little anonymous at times, but the mazes were all great fun. The VIP lounge food was awesome this year, seafood and a lovely Lobster and Crab risotto among the goodies. The VIP tour was a quantum leap from last year, lots of stuff happening.

  3. ^Thanks for the scoop. I was never a fan of Slaughterhouse personally, and the other 2 weren't faves, so cool.


    I'll be at the farm Friday and Saturday, yay!

    Awesome! I'll be at ghost for haunt both days. Hopefully Monte will be back up for you.


    I've been on Monte before, so it's no stress. I won't ride it anyway if there's any kind of line. I'll probably give Ghostrider (front row only) a few rides after I get out of the boo-fet so I might see you there.

  4. Question: I am finishing up planning for my visit next Saturday and I was wondering if anyone has done the prescare buffet thing. It mentions early entry but what does the early entry include? The website is pretty vague on details.


    Hey Ken, are you doing Sat 26th, I'll be doing the 5pm buffet if you're there. Like they said, early entry is faux Ghostrider ERT & in early up to 30 mins.


    ^^I've seen on facebook some people have got photos, but it's just her sitting down with whoever standing in front of her signing desk, I've heard you have to be quick. But it does sound ordinary, is she still that big a star?

  5. ^ & ^^Thanks guys, that was really helpful. For a while there I was thinking Knott's were going for an ironic theme at Haunt by having a longer wait in the fright lane line than the regular line.


    Gotta say I'm really looking forward to Haunt. I'm even planning on doing the meet Elvira thing, which I've heard you buy some merch and you get a ticket for the line to meet her if you buy stuff early enough.

  6. I don't hate any particular company, moreso I hate the parks that purchase their demonic death machines, and perpetuate the misery. Main offenders there would be the former Paramount parks, were executives getting kickbacks from Vekoma and Togo?


    From my travels, it looks like Vekoma has been able flog more misery machines to cheapskate or gullible parks around the world.


    I also find it rather apt that a park in North Korea has a Volare.

  7. The main points on new stuff for 2013 I got to ride:


    Outlaw Run - suprassed all expectations, amazing coaster.

    Gatekeeper - tame, I used my fast pass on the Intamins at CP.

    X-Flight (Great America) - I'm just not a fan of wing coasters, too tame, they seem to do flying coaster elements on a sit down coaster.

    Iron Rattler - closed, sucks all a$$ by default.

    Boomerang (SFStL) - you cannot be serious, I pity the fools that had to line up behind the TPR credit whores for this.

    Hades 360 - Truly hellish, worst experience I've had on a coaster, and this used to be a fantastic wood coaster.

  8. While we're on the topic of Ghost Rider, after two months of conflicts and frustrations, I'm finally learning a new ride! What is that ride you ask? You guessed it, Ghostrider! Haha. I get the chance to operate it after riding it for so many years and seeing it get rougher and rougher. While it wasn't one of my top choices (Xcel,Monte, Mineride/Logride) I'm excited to finally learn a coaster after 4 months on the Fiesta Flats. Lucky for me I get to learn to operate it during Haunt so we'll be plenty busy, wish me luck I start next Tuesday .


    Good luck, I hope you know first aid LOL. I'll probably ride it after the buffet and before haunts opens, so if you can turn off the mid-course brake for a bit and hold the front row for me. Seriously, hope you have fun.


    I presume you get a new Ghostrider western outfit for the new job?

  9. Sydney needs a real theme or amusement park, we have a population of well over 4.6 million.


    Luna Park as a full amusement park got killed by the neighbours and this was also a problem for Wonderland. Maybe if the new Wet and Wild park opening soon is a success, an amusement park will follow...with Balder and Expedition GeForce clones. okay, now I'm just dreaming.

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