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  1. ^Depends on whether you have a Fright Lane (mazes only) or not. If not: Mirror Mirror sounds like it gets the worst lines due to limited capacity and Black Magic gets clogged because it has a show mid-way through the maze. With Fright Lane: hit the big coasters (especially Xcelerator) and log flume early if you want to do some rides.


    If you want to do some shows, Elvira only has two shows a night, and from the video I saw, it looked pretty packed.


    The Boo-fet food wasn't bad last year: Mrs Knott's chicken, lots of meat, salad stuff, pasta, deserts, sodas & a souvineer cup. I can see if I have photos from last year when I get home from work to give you an idea.

  2. ^^Also where you come out of the buffet is roped off from non-buffet guests up to just past the Ghostrider entrance, and Ghostrider has been open the last few years while the buffet is on, so you can get some faux ERT with no wait. I always go for the earliest boo-fet at 5pm (doing that again this year) so I can maximise my Ghostrider rides before they drop the rope. It's good value considering how huge the line is for Ghostrider during haunt.

  3. If it's ok for me to chip in. I used www.tomscruz.com a while ago, and they were around $70-$80 for a ride in a sedan back when I used them and pretty good to boot. They might be worth getting a quote.


    I've done the $10 flat fee cab ride from CP to Sandusky Greyhound and then Sandusky to Cleveland Greyhound. It was hell and a genuinely life threatening experience. Not recommended.

  4. This is the Ultimate Fail for a coaster: Orphan Rocker at Scenic World.


    Under construction since 1988!




    Damn, you beat me to it.


    Cyclone, as it is known at Dreamworld Australia, was an epic failure of sorts at Luna Park Sydney. Residents complaining about noise shut it down and eventually the park followed (it later re-opened as what TPR visited). And the coaster really sucked too.

  5. ^For IOA, definitely hit the Harry Potter ride first thing, if you're willing to separate your party single rider line is good.


    Busch has a bus that leaves the Universal bus lot and costs $10 if you don't have a park hopper for their parks if you're not driving.


    I'd look into the stay and scream thing where if you're in the Uni during the day you stay, they clear the park and then straight into HHN. Also the behind the screams tours during the day are excellent.

  6. I'm looking forward to HHN, even though last year (which was my 4th straight year of doing Halloween events, including H'wood HHN each of those years), I really started to see familiar props from previous years.


    I imagine the lower lot is going to be quite congested on busy nights given the majority of the attractions are down there. I've got VIP both nights I'm going, but I'll probably hit the lower lot first if my VIP tour isn't too early. I like to do mazes over and over and really take everything in, so I tend to marathon the same maze until I'm done with it.


    I think they've done a good job finding a number of new locations for mazes this year.


    Is there any truth to the rumour that JK Rowling will not allow any Halloween stuff near her Potterverse?

  7. But...but...if they installed a Balder or Outlaw Run clone and a GeForce copy it would save me a fortune on travel.


    It's interesting to see the pattern of their spending on major rides over the years (I haven't included the other parks):


    1995 Lethal Weapon $16m

    1998 Wild West Falls $18m

    2002 Scooby Doo $13m

    2005 Superman $16m

    2006 Batwing $5m

    (also of note 2006 spent $23m on Outback Spectacular)

    2007 Dodgems $1.98

    2008 Stunt Driver Show $10m

    2011 Green Lantern $8-$10m

    2012 Justice League $9m

    2013 TBC

    2014 Outlaw Run clone $10m

    2015 Expedition GeForce clone $18m


    Okay, I made up the last two....

  8. ^Use London as a benchmark, they can be between $1500-$2000 for economy from Sydney. Virgin Atlantic and Cathay Pacific are 2 I can think of that fly via Hong Kong. I did the TPR Scandi trip in 2009, though I stayed in London either side of the trip.


    Look on the UK & Europe tab on bestflights.com.au, that will have a list of stuff that is on special (though I recommend using that website as a search engine and then go direct to the airline's website unless it's cheaper).

  9. A Six Flags park made #5 for friendliness, world gone mad. Though I have to admit even in Six Flags darkest days, New England was relatively pleasant.


    Hades 360 in the top 20 wood, seriously do some GT voters sacrifice babies and often use the phrase "thankyou sir, may I please have another". I guess Hades 360 is manna to masochists.


    I don't have a problem with Cedar Point being best amusement park. Though some of the coaster rankings seem a little out of synch with popular opinion. I was surprised HHN at Hollywood couldn't crack the top 5 haunts.

  10. Australia


    Storm Coaster - Sea World: a water coaster like the one at Djurs Sommarland.





    Since you are Australian, let me explain. The number with squiggly lines is a three, not a four.

    From rcdb: Under Construction opening 2013


    Please accept my apologies, it will probably open about 5 days before 2014 so I thought it might be worth a mention if it fell into a bit of a grey area beteen 2013 and 2014. 3 and 4, yep, they do look different.

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