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  1. Wow, I'm amazed, I was actually there on this trip, it seems like a dream.


    ^Ha, Hollywood Tour, it's like Universal Studios Pigeon Forge.


    Did everyone do the haunted walkthrough next to Krake? That was bizarre and very dark (literally).


    I've got to say that the hotels at Phantasialand are an epic adventure in themselves, I felt like Indiana Jones in Hotel Motumba on the 2010 tour.

  2. I found the inclusion of museums interesting, just as a fascinating aside.


    Wouldn't Six Flags love to have just one park over the 3 million attendance mark (CF has 3 seasonals and one year round park)? I'm sure YOLO coaster will send SFMM surging to number one park in the world as the masses flock, because YOLO, like, you know.


    Interesting to see the spikes USH has got in the last couple of years, didn't King Kong 3D also have a correspondingly large attendance spike? And they must be getting extraordinary numbers for HHN, though I don't think they could fit any more in from the previous year .


    MEMO to Knotts: add major attraction...

  3. I went to Cedar Point in 2005, back when they kept a fair few coasters running in the rain. Rode Millennium Force 12 times in an hour in torrential rain, it was like having pins stuck into any exposed skin, BUT there was no line, and that was gold in pre fast pass days. When I got back to Breakers my spray jacket was covered in little black bugs. Magnum and Raptor also hurt in the rain.


    Waldameer Ravine Flyer II, torrential rain, yes I was part of the infamous TPR tour ride the lightning ERT session.


    Farup Sommerland in the rain, Lynet and Falken, cool rides, but painful in the rain and it was so cold.

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