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  1. Good to see another Aussie on the boards.


    Last year I flew to Cleveland after I got to LA, did Cedar Point. Then went to New York and from there I did SF New Engand, Hershey, and Great Adventure. Then I went on a tour that stopped at Orlando, but I only had time to do Sea World, Islands of Adventure, and Universal. Then I flew back to LA and did some parks there.


    Personally, Cedar Point is the best - loved it. Islands of Adventure was the best in Orlando. Busch Gardens I wish I could have gone to for the coasters, and with the new dive machine looks like a must visit. I have been to the Disney ones on a previous visit and they are worth going to if you have never been before but they are not really for thrillseekers. Great Adventure has some good coasters but it's no Cedar Point.


    Washington DC is good place to visit and it has a heap of parks all within two hours - Six Flags America, Paramount King's Dominion, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Dorney Park, Knoebels, Hershey etc. Unfortunately I didn't have time to do this myself.

  2. Psychlone at 6FMM is one woeful woodie, High Roller at Stratosphere is lame but what a difference being 1000 foot up makes. Bush Beast at Australia's wonderland (now closed) was one piece of wood in need of a match and some gasoline.


    Unfortunately Viper wasn't open when I was at Great Adventure to be in the running, I believe this Togo torture device is in breach of UN human rights regulations (I am taking people's word on this one) which must be why it is closing (is this confirmed?). I wouldn't be surprised if it was re- located to a secret govt base to beat confessions out of suspects.

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