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  1. I've been the last two years of VIP. The backlot tour wasn't bad last year out on the Jaws lake, but not mind-blowing, though it sounds like it will be even better this year with Murdy producing it. You also get a VIP reserved section for Bill and Ted. The lounge is pretty good, the food was a decent meal and you can eat as much as you want and go back an unlimited number of times. Valet parking is included.


    Whether it's worth it from my point of view depends on how much you value unlimited front of line. In that respect, it's good value compared to the Front of Line Pass which only gets you into each maze once.


    Knott's have improved their Front of Line this year, making it unlimited and with secret Fright Lane only rooms in 5 mazes.


    I'm doing VIP HHN and Knott's Fright Lane this year, I'm sold.

  2. Yin, I am impressed. Hopefully this will lead to an outbreak of Expedition GeForce clones.


    Yeah. Hopefully ones that work. Thanks, btw, for breaking it last year, hahaha!


    Don't worry, I'm staying the hell away from GeForce. To top that off, it broke in 2010 before I got within 12,000 miles of the thing.


    Let's hope Expedition ChiForce gets off the ground (don't worry I'll stay away from that one too Kyle).

  3. ^There could be up to 4 RMC's next year at parks on the trip that we didn't ride this year, I guess we'll have to do it again LOL. I jest, I imagine you'd be quite happy to not have to reach that far into the contingency playbook again, but it went well anyway.


    On this imaginary trip next year I'd be quite happy to miss the Dells. I think even someone who has done time as the pretty young newbie in maximum security would complain about the roughness of Hades, it is appropriately named after hell.

  4. Hello fellow Aussie, I would recommend staying at a hotel close to SFMM (I did one walking distance from the park) rather than use public transport (non-existent) and use a shuttle from the airport to get there. Also if you like Halloween events and have time, I would strongly recommend Knott's Scary Farm and Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Hollywood.

  5. I got some sensational rides on Hades in 2007. Riding again in 2013 for the first time since 2007, I have to say the roughness of Hades 360 was worst I've ever encountered in the 587 coasters I've ridden so far. Here's roughly what the bottom of my Mitch Hawker poll should look like this year:


    116. Hellcat Lake Compounce










    127. Hades 360


    I feel there needs to be a large amount of daylight at the bottom between Hades 360 and the next worst coaster.

  6. ^I've done VIP at Universal Hollywood, it's unlimited Front of Line so if you like doing mazes heaps of times then that is good, otherwise if you like doing mazes just once or twice then the one entry per maze FOL is better - but keep in mind the lines for the mazes get huge. Also you get food included, last year it was more like a good dinner and you could go back as many times as you want during the night. There is a priority entry and also an exclusive tour, which last year went out to the Jaws lake. Also there's valet parking if you get a hire car.


    Worth it in my opinion, but I love doing the mazes over and over again.

  7. ^Wishing you the best with Fuji-Queue, hopefully you get a great day there.


    I wish I could have gone on this, but work decided I couldn't have leave before 30 June. Damn these Japanese parks are so fascinating. Bring on Texas Midwest as my alternate for this year.


    Either you just made a funny joke about Fuji-Q's lines by accident, or you just made a great joke on purpose. Fuji-"Queue". cause you spend soooo much time in the queues!


    Um, I was wishing them a good day there in spite of Fuji Q's reputation. I'm thinking reports of a good day for lines at FQ are a bit of an urban legend, though with fast passes, and R & E's expertise, the odds of a good day are greatly improved. It's a park I'd like to go to in spite of all the bad reports, they have some coasters of interest to me like Euthenasia, the Togo Terror, and the so-fast-you-go-back-in-time Dodonpa.

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