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  1. All hail the Mavershark, it was absolutely sensational in ERT. Millennium Force was also a big mover for me from some sensational, bug splatting, ERT. Pretty much agree with the top 20, the ones I haven't ridden I think I would have rated highly. Though the exception I'm not sure about is whether I'd rate Leviathan so highly, but you ever know until you ride it.


    Gatesleeper is quite mediocre IMO, just not very thrilling, especially considering it's size.


    Good to see the victims of Volare violation speaking out at the rear end of the poll.

  2. Great work Hanno!


    I'm sold, it looks great. Interesting point about copying a layout, the guys who came with the Coney Island Cyclone would be owed a fair bit of cash. Speaking of cash, at a reported $8 million Euro cost on RCDB, that's a pretty competitive price.


    I've personally observed the French waiting 3 hours to ride Goudurix in searing heat, at least this coaster looks worth it.

  3. Lovely report, thanks for putting it up.


    Mine Train Ulven is a fantastic coaster, great first drop. Monster caught me by surprise too the first time, though I wasn't injured - nice, fun, different coaster. Overall the park is so much fun, can't wait to be back at Bakken in June. Bouncy Kangaroo take over? Maybe, we should have enough Aussies to do it ourselves.

  4. With restraints, it certainly makes a difference if they staple you in or not. Just from personal experience, the ops at El Toro staple you hard, whereas Balder they didn't push down hard at all. Not sure if that is still the case, but Scandinavia seems to be less strict (but still safe).


    To me, this is definitely the next level wood coaster. Outlaw Run seems like a preview. It will be interesting to see how Wildfire and the new SfGAm Goliath compare as ride experiences.

  5. ^Is that a bit over 5 hours for you? If so, it will be around 7pm for me.


    Wildfire, ride of certain doom...


    Yeah, but I can still get six hours of sleep before I need to wake up to get to work in the morning. You might have the easy timing but you still need to deal with coconut crabs and the rest of 'Straya's insanity, hahaha.


    Negotiating deadly wild beasts of all varieties for me is just an everyday part of life (or death if you screw up).


    Hopefully I won't be screaming HOAX when it's 4-foot Dragon Wagon with a wood-fired barbeque in the middle selling bbq'd Swedish meatballs.


    I still think it will be IKEA's first coaster, flat packs are on their way to Kolmarden right now.

  6. Is rcdb off the mark with it being a wooden coaster with an "extreme" tag?

    I spoke with the park when that was posted and they don't where RCDB is getting their information from because everyone that knows about the project is under NDA including myself. So RCDB is just taking a wild guess. We'll find out in a few hours, won't we?


    We sure will, the announcement should be just before I leave work.


    I was actually surprised RCDB had it up because they're generally very conservative and don't usually put something up until details are absolutely confirmed.

  7. It's going to be like the old Backdraft at Universal, except it's a walkthrough...and that's just the queue. Then you jump on the back of an animatronic Edward from Twilight who takes you on a wild ride through the forest, if you aren't dead or debilitated from being burned in the queue.


    I'm certainly curious, at least we only have to wait a little while longer.

  8. Tokyo Disneysea and Wurzberg Fair...okay, just kidding.


    La Wronge...45 mins wait for an SLC after you've checked in your gold flashbot. The hamburgers tasted like ham. They are French Canadien, and though don't so much fart in your general direction, as projectile poop dihorrea. I qualify my answer by saying I haven't been to Fuji-Q, and Sux Flags America was a close second.


    This ratty little ghetto carnival by the beach just before Christmas in Scarborough, Queensland, Australia. The Ghetto Wave winger was up on wood blocks on grass, and looked like it was held together with macramé. To add insult to certain injury, it also was expensive.

  9. There's another credit off the strip at Las Vegas Mini Grand Prix, if you're keen for some whoring.


    Adventuredome isn't too bad at all, especially good in Halloween season.


    Desperado is closed some days, so make sure you check before heading out.

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