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  1. Has anyone received any info about what to do when we arrive at the parks? Where do we go? Who do we meet? Do we have to pay for parking? I am coasting at Kings Dominion and I have not received any of this info. Thanks, Jason
  2. In all of the excitement, let's not forget that the fundraising is not over yet! There are still 2 more days until the event, and the donation pages will remain active until Seotember 10, 2012!!! Don't slow down now. Keep on soliciting those donations!
  3. Now there is only $78 between TPR and First Place at Cedar Point!!
  4. Just donated $100. Only a $178 difference now! Come on, TPR! We can do this!!!
  5. I know it might sound a little selfish of me, but I am only $468 away from raising $5,000! And, $5,000 sounds like such a nice even number. So, anyone who donates any amount to my page, I will donate the same amount right back to your page. That way, we can get sort of a two for one deal going on. Anyone who is not participating, but who wants to donate, can make a donation to my page and then let me know which participant that they would like me to send a matching donation to! Thanks Gang! This whole experience is on the verge of becoming unbelievable! You all truly ROCK! -Jason
  6. The shaking black bars are something that YouTube did. When I posted the video to YouTube, I received a message that said something like 'your video appears to be shaky, would you like YouTube to fix it?' I said yes. I love how smooth the 'fix' made the video, but a side effect of the smoothness is the shaky bars.
  7. And... BAM! Another $600 just added to the Kings Dominion TPR team! Our new team total is $6,240! That's the highest team total of ALL teams in the whole country (and in Canada too!!!) Way to go Team TPR!!
  8. Check out my Apocalypse queue walk through video! The vid also includes some footage of the coaster in action. All footage was shot from public areas of the park. No rules were broken during the filming of this footage. I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical at first, but I now truly believe that Apocalypse will be an excellent addition to the park. They did an excellent job with this one, and the general public will love it! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for SFA. -Jason
  9. Yay! That was the problem! Thanks!
  10. Can anyone tell me how to remove the 'url/img...' text that shows up below my signature banners? I never see it on anyone else's posts. Only mine.
  11. I've always thought that 'Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain' was a great name, even though it was not operating the one time I was there a couple of years ago!
  12. Ah, okay. I e-mailed Kara at Give Kids The World (KaraD@gktw.org), and she let me know that cash donations were fine, and that I could bring them with me on the day of the event. I guess it's different for you all up north.
  13. It becomes a confirmed donation when you hand in the cash or check at the event.
  14. To register offline donations, first sign in to your fundraising page at www.firstgiving.com. Then, click on the 'Your Fundraising' tab. Then, click on the 'Add offline donation' link under the green 'Email your page' button in the center of the screen. Hope this helps! -Jason
  15. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I love the new path that they added that goes basically right through the middle of Skyrush. There are places along that path where the coaster is literally just a few feet above your head. It is an amazing place to sit and watch the coaster in action.
  16. I rode SooperDooperLooper at 1pm. Both trains were on, and it was a walk on. Fahrenheit only had two trains on. That could have been why the lines were so long.
  17. I rode Skyrush today in the first row on the edge seat, and that darned coaster was trying it's hardest to throw me out! I swear! Going down that first drop, I really felt like I was was being pulled right out of my seat! And, I got that feeling several more times durin the ride. There is plenty of air on that coaster! My lap bar tightened down at the bottom of the first drop, which made the rest of the ride extremely painful on my thighs. I'd go as far to say it was excruciatingly painful at times. My thighs still hurt now, 9 hours later! I learned from that fist ride though. The second time I rode, (in the back row, edge seat) I held on to the bars below my seat, so I would not have my thighs violently bashed up against the lap restraint again. That made the ride much more enjoyable for me. I like the ride. It certainly won't make it into my top ten, but then, I prefer less intense coasters. I have a couple of minor complaints about the station: 1) Black metal handrails + direct sunlight = OUCH! 2) Why on Earth did they design it so that you enter and exit from the same side of the train? That makes for a much longer load/unload time.
  18. I completely agree. That being said, however, I know that I will not be staying on Anaconda for a whole hour! It would ruin the rest of the day for me.
  19. From the official Coasting For Kids website: www.coastingforkids.org/faq.html "Am I required to marathon ride the coaster throughout the entire event? You do not have to stay on the coaster for the duration of the event. Breaks throughout the day are mandatory and you are more than welcome to come and go as you please. Bathroom breaks, or just breaks from riding in general, are allowed and encouraged."
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