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  1. Every Coasting For Kids participant on every Team TPR at every park is now at the $75 fundraising minimum! Now, I challenge all of you to pick a random TPR stranger and help them out with a donation! $5, $10, whatever you can. Let's spread some TPR luvin' in this final 2 weeks of fundraising! -Jason Be awesome!!
  2. Jason Tibbetts is now at the $75 minimum! I still have quite a bit of money to spread around. Let me know who needs a little lovin'! -Jason
  3. Done! Andrew is now eligible to participate. Have a great time! Ride Banshee once or twice for me!! -Jason
  4. Someone else got Kristen to her goal, and I got Brittany to hers! Yay! Two more people who have raised the minimum amount required to participate! This is exactly what I am looking for. If you know of anyone else (including yourself!) on any TPR team at any park who wants to participate but who has not yet raised the minimum amount required to participate, please let me know!! I have money to set aside to help those people make it to the minimum amount! -Jason
  5. I hope that everyone is experiencing much success with their fundraising efforts. If anyone here needs a little boost to get them up to the fundraising minimum or if anyone knows anyone else who needs that boost, please let me know! I've made it to my goal, so now I've got some funds available to help out some others. You can private message me or just reply here and I will do what I can to help! -Jason
  6. I bet we've raised a little more than that! Maybe it's not all posted yet?
  7. I have brought both cash and checks with me to the event. They will accept them from you outside the park at the sign in table. Make sure that you put any donations into an envelope with your name on them, so they know who they came from. -Jason
  8. Greetings To All! I recently joined the Kings Dominion team. This will be my third year Coasting For Kids. I absolutely love this event. More than that though, I love what the money that we raise allows Give Kids The World to do for so many children from all around the world. If I am ever feeling down or depressed, I know I can just click on the GKTW's Website and look through the pictures and read about all of the good things that the organization does. They truly are amazing! Best of luck to everyone in their fundraising efforts. I DO NOT need any help with donations, but please help each other out as much as you can. We are not only members of our individual park teams, we are also members of the nationwide Team TPR. (International if you include Canada's Wonderland!) Let's show the world what we can do when we work together for a great cause. Let's make sure that Team TPR is the top team at every park and that Team TPR members are the top fundraisers at every park. As we get closer to the day of the event, if there is anyone out there who wants to participate, but is having trouble meeting the minimum fundraising requirement, please let me know! Here are some fundraising ideas from the GKTW Website: http://givekidstheworld.org/pdf/Fundraising_Ideas.pdf I also raise a LOT of money by selling candy bars at my work. I buy them from a wholesale club like Sam's, BJ's or Costco. The candy bars cost somewhere around 40 to 50 cents each when you buy a big box of them. (I can get them even cheaper sometimes with coupons.) I sell them for a dollar each and donate all of the profits! I do this year round, and it really adds up. I'd be interested to hear how everyone else raises money. We should definitely share our fundraising ideas with each other. Once again, please do not hesitate to contact me if you are struggling to raise funds. I will have some extra money to spread around, but I only want to donate it to people who are serious about participating. Raising money is certainly the most important part of this whole event, but it is also important that we show up to the parks and participate! Best of luck to all! See (some of you) in June! -Jason (Bubala)
  9. I hope you enjoyed your gifts! You didn't really leave any hints about what you're into, so I took a chance and went with Busch Gardens themed items. I have to admit that when Nessie showed up, I almost kept her for myself! She's adorable! -Jason
  10. Don't sweat it! I liked it all! I have a huge collection of theme park souvenirs, and your gifts will fit right in. Thanks so much! -Jason (Bubala) My cool theme park souvenir gifts to add to my collection!
  11. I received my gift package a couple of days ago. I am trying not to open it until Christmas Eve. Only 4 more days for me to try to hold out! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!!
  12. Oooh! Oooh! Me too! Me too! I like Peanuts and Snoopy, aaaand Peanuts and Snoopy. I also have a large collection of vintage amusement park souvenirs, so I am totally open to (gently) used souvenirs. I usually find a lot of those at local thrift shops. (hint...) My shirt size is large. Merry ChrisHanKwanSivus! -Jason
  13. I am traveling alone all the way from Baltimore, Maryland for both days of West Coast Bash this year. I am planning to spend most of the day on Friday at Disneyland/California Adventure. Both parks are open until 10pm. Anyone want to meet me there? I'd hate to be the sad, lonely guy all by myself on the Alice In Wonderland ride! -Jason
  14. ^Thanks for the info. I got a little concerned when I tried to buy Trailblazer passes online, but they were sold out. But, then after looking at several other days, it looks like they only offer 10 Trailblazer passes online for each day. Weird. -Jason
  15. Silver Dollar City Locals and Other Experts, Anyone have a guesstimate about what kind of crowds we might expect to encounter on Saturday, August 3rd? I am trying to decide whether to go on that day or on Tuesday, August 6th. I like the idea that the park would be open until midnight on Saturday, but I am a bit anxious about how big the crowds might be. Thanks so much! -Jason
  16. I'm putting my check in the mail today. For both events. This will only be the 2nd TPR event that I have ever attended, so be please gentle! Bizarro Bash a couple of years ago was my first. I am looking forward to both parks since I was in Cali earlier this year before either of the new coasters (or the refurbished log flume) opened! Now, if I could only find a way to squeeze Great America in on this trip, I'd be golden! -Jason
  17. Actually, only $2,030 was from donors. I raised the other $6,000 by selling (lots of) candy bars and from 50/50 raffles I sponsored at my work. I work at a bingo hall, so I have the right crowd for raising money. Plus, when everyone heard what amazing things Give Kids The World does, they were more than happy to contribute! -Jason
  18. Just got all my donations together today, so I posted them to my page. Check it out. I think you'll be impressed. FYI... Even though my Coasting For Kids page says I'm going to be participating at Dorney Park, I will actually be participating at Kings Dominion. Kara from Give Kids The World is aware of this and has notified both parks. This means that Nick McSparrin at Dorney Park still needs our help to get back to number one!! Here is a link to his page: http://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/nickmcsparrin/DorneyPark2013 One more week to raise those funds! Good luck to everyone!! -Jason
  19. Does anyone know how much TPR members raised overall last year?
  20. I can PROMISE you that we will beat $30,000. Aim a little higher! -Jason
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