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  1. Not any more! I just added another $350.00 in donations to my page that I have raised through raffles at work! I wish some of those riders who have not met the minimum would contact me! I have some money to help, but I do not want to post it to people who are not actually going to participate on June 10th! If no one responds to my earlier contest, I guess I will just add the money to my page.
  2. OMG!!!! I must have that wheel! Of course, I wish it was something besides a Vekoma wheel.
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the news. That is what I was hoping that they would do!
  4. CONTEST TIME! I want to help a couple of Coasting For Kids participants who are STILL planning to ride, but who have NOT raised the minimum $75 minimum requirement to ride. Once again, this contest is only open to people who are planning to be at the parks on June 10th, but who have not yet raised $75. Here's how you can enter to win a donation from me that will take you up to your $75 minimum... Back in April, I went to Canada's Wonderland to take part in the Leviathan charity ride auction. While I was at Canada's Wonderland, I rode my 300th steel roller coaster. All you have to to be entered for a chance to win is to correctly guess which coaster at Canada's Wonderland was my 300th steel coaster! Easy, huh? Hints: My 300th steel coaster was NOT Leviathan, and I did not ride Taxi Jam while I was there. Rules: Only one guess per person. If you guess more than once, only your first guess will count. I will select two winners at random from all correct guesses. You have until Monday morning, May 21st, 2012 at 10:00am EST to submit a guess. If there are no correct guesses, or not enough correct guesses, I will select the remaining winner(s) from all guesses submitted. Depending on how much the winners need to get them to the $75 mark, I may pick more than two winners! Now that I have typed the word 'guess' so much, it has started to look weird and incorrect, so please feel free to speculate instead of guessing! Reply to this topic with your speculations, or PM me. Either way is fine! Have fun! -Jason
  5. My only worry is that they will post the details and it will say, "Congratulations! You get to ride Anaconda for six hours straight!"
  6. When is Kings Dominion going to list their event details??? The event is only a little over three weeks away now.
  7. Thanks for the kudos guys! I really lucked out by having a boss that supports Give Kids The World. He makes a donation every year, so he just made his donation through Coasting For Kids this year. To Jason Tibbetts: I just got you to your goal! Have fun! To everyone else: I challenge all of you to find a participant who is close to the minimum fundraising amount ($75.00) and donate enough to push them over the the minimum! There are a couple at Great America: www.firstgiving.com/process/teamarea/default.asp?did=1785&teamid=182001 Several at Dorney Park: www.firstgiving.com/process/teamarea/default.asp?did=1785&teamid=182003 Several more at Knott's Berry Farm: www.firstgiving.com/process/teamarea/default.asp?did=1785&teamid=182005 A few at Valleyfair: www.firstgiving.com/process/teamarea/default.asp?did=1785&teamid=182006 And, several at Worlds Of Fun: www.firstgiving.com/process/teamarea/default.asp?did=1785&teamid=182007 I am going to try to raise some more money to help out some of those participants still below the minimum, but once again, I challenge all of you to do the same! Good luck all! -Jason
  8. A few more exciting things were happening at the Apocalypse site today, May 6th! Here are the pics. Enjoy! -Jason A train is now on site! One car of a train was actually on the tracks! The have attached a plane to the mountain and positioned it to look like it has crashed into the mountain. There were painters putting some final touches on the track paint.
  9. OMFG! My boss just donated to my Coasting For Kids page! You will not believe how much he donated!!!!! He made two donations. One personally from his family, and one from my work. He is such a nice guy. I am so lucky to work with him! Check it out! WOW!
  10. It looks REALLY GOOD! I was surprised at how well it fits into the space. It's very pretty now too. Looks so much better than it did at SFGA.The fresh paint and and new colors really give it a dramatic look. I am actually looking forward to riding it now. I wasn't too excited about it before I saw it today. -Jason
  11. The last piece of track was installed on Apocalypse at Six Flags America today! I just happened to be standing there right in front of the ride while they were bolting together the final piece of track! It was a good day! Here are a few pics! -Jason The last piece is lowered into place. Bolting the last piece into place. Putting it all together! A panoramic shot of the whole ride all put together. Sorry about the choppy panorama. I'm still learning how to use that feature!
  12. Oooooh! I want to ride that so bad! I love me some cheesy carnival rides!
  13. Holy Friggin' Bag O' Crap! I just got my BIG bag-o-crap in the mail! It was a prize for donating to some fellow Coasting For Kids riders. Let me tell you, it is AWESOME! I got a 2011 West Coast Bash tee shirt, a 2012 West Coast Bash tee shirt, a DVD of Coaster Expedition Volume 6, a way cool Disney Extra Day button and a buttload of park maps! What a great bag-o-crap! Now, I can pretend that I was cool enough to make it to West Coast Bash in 2011 and 2012! (Even though I am actually so lame that I didn't make it to either one.) Thank you so much TPR for making me look so cool! I honestly LOVE my bag-o-crap! -Jason
  14. Hey There Mighty Generous Peeps! I have three shirts that I am reluctantly going to let go of to support the Kings Dominion Team. Two Kings Dominion Intimidator 305 First Rider shirts and one Carowinds Intimidator First Rider shirt. These were my shirts from the First Rider events. I participated in both of them. All three shirts are in new condition and have never been worn. They are short sleeve t-shirts and all are size large. They have been hanging in my closet since I brought them home. I will be sad to let them go, but thrilled to send them off to someone who will enjoy them. Plus, I will be even more thrilled to raise some more money for the cause! I will pay for shipping to US residents. If anyone from overseas wants to buy any, we can work something out. The grey Intimidator 305 shirt was only given to participants of the charity first ride event. It is double sided, high quality and gorgeous! The first person to donate $30 (or more) to my personal page can have it! Grey Intimidator 305 t-shirt front. Grey Intimidator 305 t-shirt back. The white Intimidator 305 shirt was given out to anyone who rode on the first day. (While supplies lasted which was not very long!) KD was handing them out to riders after they exited the ride. It is single sided, and it looks good. Not as snazzy as the grey one, but still pretty good. The first person to donate $20 (or more) to my personal page can have it! White Intimidator 305 shirt. The black Intimidator shirt from Carowinds was given to me for participating in the first rider event. I do not know if they were also given to other first day riders or not. It is single sided, and it looks sharp. The first person to donate $20 (or more) to my personal page can have it! Black Intimidator t-shirt. The link to my personal donation page is here: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/bubala/KingsDominion After you donate, please be sure to PM me and tell me which shirt you bought and if you could post a reply here to let others know so they don't try to buy an already sold shirt! Also, if you have any questions, message me. Thanks everyone! -Jason
  15. YES!!! The squirrel with a hot dog picture is from Dutch Wonderland!! It used to be on the Treehouse Terrace snack bar which is now The Potato Patch. I am not sure if the squirrel is still there or not. Congratulations Stacy! I will make a $20 donation to your page tomorrow! Yay! -Jason
  16. No, not Kennywood either. Oh my. I hope that this squirrel with a hot dog is still hanging out in the park where I took the picture. The picture was taken in 2009. I do know that the building with the squirrel on it has changed names, and it now sells something different than it used to. So, the squirrel might not actually be there any more. It was there as recently as 2010 though. -Jason
  17. Another good guess, but.... no! I did not think this question would be a hard one. Since it is a toughie, I will double my donation for a correct guess to $20! You can guess more than once if you'd like. I will start giving hints if no one guesses correctly after a day or so. Have fun! -Jason
  18. Hello Everyone! I suppose I should introduce myself too. My name is Jason Stull. I live just outside of Baltimore in Glen Burnie, Maryland. I am currently only a lurker on TPR, but I want to start getting more involved with the group. TPR seems like such a great bunch of people. I am a total coaster nerd, and I spend a lot of my free time traveling around the country to different amusement parks. I am especially excited about another charity event that I will be participating in on April 27th at Canada’s Wonderland. I intend to be one of the first riders on Leviathan! That will be my first time riding a roller coaster outside of the United States! I have not been on any big TPR trips yet, but I would like to change that too. I did attend the Bizarro Bash last year at Six Flags New England, and I had a great time! I have been wanting to take part in a coaster marathon for quite some time now. In years past, however, I never managed to hear about events like this until it was too late. This year, though, thanks to Facebook, I found out about the Coasting For Kids event in time to sign up to ride at Kings Dominion. I really cannot believe that they are going to let me ride a roller coaster for six hours straight! That’ll be like a dream come true for me! And, to able to raise money for such a great charity at the same time is just a win, win! Best of luck to everyone with their donations! I will brainstorming for new ways to raise funds, and I will let you know if I come up with any good ideas! -Jason And, now for a few photos... Me standing in line for one of my favorite coasters! My husband and me with Charlie Brown and Linus! Me at one of my favorite parks. Kennywood! The husband and me again. This time with Bugs Bunny! This is a squirrel with a hotdog. First Coasting For Kids person who can guess where this pic was taken gets a $10 donation from me! Please only guess if you are participating in the event! Thanks!
  19. I just donated $10 each to 5 random peeps! Have fun everyone!!!! And, good luck! -Jason
  20. WOW! Thanks so much Alan! I wish I could afford to beat that! -Jason
  21. Just signed up for the event at Kings Dominion. I have always wanted to do this! Here is the link: https://www.firstgiving.com/fundraiser/bubala/KingsDominion -Jason
  22. Awesome! Thanks Nick! Do you know if all of the other rides in the rest of the park should be operating? (I say "should" because I realize that there could be some rides down for maintenance.) -Jason
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