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  1. I tryed to google and search this topic, but nothing else found than some promotions to sell tickets to PA... Really helpfull... But indeed, I would like to expand in future my park holidays to other same like PortAventura. I want to have a hotel within park and All Inclusive would be really cool too.. Maybe Disney park could fullfill my dreams, but with age of 29 I think that i am little over that hype. Best Regards, Half of heart lost to PA park and staff
  2. In my homeparks every rotating and less or more spinning ride must be always balanced right. so it's always good for the ride maintenance and keep up to balance it right and i think that all intamin rides have those sensors if some side of round-seated ride are heavier than others.
  3. There's still at least one (in very good condition!! ) Rainbow ride from HUSS @ Linnanmäki, Finland.. But still, that accident made me think twice when i'm going next time to that ride that what if... :O
  4. Lemon and apple stalls looks so RCTish.. But great TR still from lovely looking park
  5. The second coaster looks like Oblivion.. Right? Could they retheme the whole back side of AT?
  6. I'm really happy that i'm not the only one who plays still RCT2 often. Great and so realistic looking park!!! How about water park for next step?
  7. Where's the pic???? OMG?!! I need to see that construction!
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