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  1. Oh my holy sht god! How excellent and sharp shots there! Really nice new views of this beast! And to the train/capacity question, it is a Intamin, new ride for 2019 and it has some tech issues sometimes. They try their to best run with two trains and stopless roll but Finns as coaster riders are slow and forgetfull sometimes (Oh, i had phone, car keys and handful of coins in my pockets - thanks for asking three times still before you launched this coaster.. How 'bout a camera? Can I film a bit for my family?!)
  2. It's "Pellen Talo" If you Google with words Linnanmaki, Gosetto
  3. Fun house will be back in new location and new housing to 2021 season. Linnanmäki got Gosetto manufactured portable fun house to replace it until then.
  4. Well it's not a bad thing for Lisebergs promotion about halloween, banning gets viral views afterwards
  5. I can't wait for my and my work colleague (ride operator also ) trip to there! Hope that everything runs fine and smooth
  6. Nice shots! There's a little photo gap area in the start of Tulireki queue point
  7. More info comes from the summer 2018 press meeting: Average speed: 63km/h Biggest drop: 32 meters Rider height minimum: 140cm tall Express pass line also will be available. And FINALLY! VIDEO
  8. Buy the most expensive fast pass and it's free of choice after that. I have been there 3 times in different times of the season and never regret the fast pass payment
  9. All Intamin track experts! Is there a option to park to choose those LSM track models? Like between this original intamin track and the new what have been for example on LSM Soaring With Dragon coaster on china? As I have been thinking this coaster much lately (Finally we got something big and noteable! ) I've tried to think that what would this looked with the other track style? Less supports and maybe clearer outline view maybe? Of course, this also mind blowing and super to have
  10. Don't you DARE to say that from my Vonkaputous! She was a btch yes but gosh I loved it? But still not missing it anymore after Taiga showed up
  11. Price will be over ten million euros.. Särkänniemi got Hype(+surroundings) with 10 millions.. THIS is the killer of competition between these two parks. Linnanmäki nailed it
  12. Plus we go some more benefits This is absolutely amazing. Linnanmäki blew away the top of coaster masterpiece with this! I can't handle this right now.. At all..
  13. By the flight track of that eagle, it looks like a inversion for me..
  14. Colors of the coaster will be blueish and grey. Don't know the roles of the colors still (Will the blueish be the track and grey for the supports). All this small information is being published as in the building application and permit forms
  15. Theme with Ukko? Whrere do you see it? Joke! But yeah. This scale of coaster and advertising at this point needs a well themeted station and surroundings.. With Kyöpelivuoren hotelli (dark ride with really good input to theme) in the neighborhood it would be a total kill to have a coaster with none of theme included. I'm hoping that next teaser will come shortly.
  16. Thank you for all the replies and support for this! I'm thinking Intamin as most sure manufacturer for this ride. Height will be 52 meters and "rapid-launch will achieve the 106km/h speed" I'll put my two cents for dual sequenced launch more likely than one launch. Or has Intamin made short and rapid launch coaster with LSM yet? Of course there is a chance that the train will achieve some 50-75km/h speed by its own gravity and then launch with LSM in the side of the hill side area.. Vonkaputous water coasters remains are so unnoteable at this time so my mind is on far away future already. Of course the bithciest part of this project is the footers of the Vonkaputous ! They dig them deep in the 2000-season and the work for clearing them out from the soil is a hard and long work.
  17. But all the experts now to the front.. Can we say is it Mack or Intamin and what kind of elemet this truly is? Tophat? I tried to google and rcdb for recent top hat installations of both (Intamin & Mack) and they gave me no clear answer to whom ride this could be.. Of course there's a artistic style of PR-company that it is just the "track" and none of the reality..
  18. With public planning permission document there's a mentioned that ride will be 71 meters tall measured from the sea level. kirnu ( Intamin Zac Spin) is 66 meters. Drop might be big cause that the planned construction point where this 71 meters is measured is in the former valley of Vonkaputous water coaster.
  19. Hello everyone, did you notice the new list of upcoming coasters? Is the list how reliable?
  20. Well sort of they are good but not the ones I crave for. I like to look like at Baron video. Thank you anyway neighbor
  21. Hello guys. It's been forever since i've last time some posted here. But my topic is related to ride operation videos on station of coaster/ride. I'm so keen to them right now, it is a off-season of my closest park, where i was lucky to get to work for season 2017 as a ride operator and i know for this season, that I will be there also working. But the withdrawls of working, operating and securing the rides and coaster are kicking in (still two and a half months to go) and i need to get my daily need of that thrill and enjoyment (Yes, i love my job!) Could this thread be a link base for youtube (or other) videos of ride operations videos? I have found A LOT of Baron 1898 B&M Dive coaster videos and they are just great, the setup, the angles of clear view of station are the best treat. Do you know and share the others? Of course, I've looked videos of my home park and being affraid that i found myself on those videos, but luckily, there are none to being found at this time. Link for my favorite Baron 1898 video:
  22. Sad to hear that FL postponed to 2017, but it was quite obvious after seeing the process of spain construction style. Have to move planned trip to PA 2016 to 2017 then.. Hope that Stampida gets bigger train other than the Mini-Flyers.. This really shows that PA loves their Bulls
  23. For a week i continuesly stalked and watched for these supports to arrive to construction site and they finally arrive when i left from PA Well, it is good to know and see what is to come on next trip to PA
  24. Thank you for reply Disney is option too.. But I still would like to have some like what PA have to offer .. i.e. B&M Coasters, flat rides and water park on-side too.. Good experiences and tips are now more important that just googleing around on my own, sorry if that annoys someone..
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