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  1. Awesome feature Robb and TPR! I just uploaded a coaster of mine, Gwardar. It is a track I spent a lot of time on about three years ago and never had the opportunity to share it with anyone. Pretty awesome coaster imo
  2. Well, the Hilton pictured is the one near LAX, seen here: So, you are at LAX on your way to another country. I would guess you are going to Hong Kong as they are one of the few locations where Smarte Carte is located.
  3. #1 video 3 13:00 S&S Air Race #2 11 #3 7:30 in Video 1 behind Dippin Dots #4 0:24 in Video 4, the Rockets #5 Video 4 at 1:30 #6 Video 5 at 13:45, Frog Hopper #7 Video 2 14:34 #8 three #9 Video 2 at 5:43, Formula Rossa #10 Video 4 at 3:00, KMG XXL
  4. Here are some pictures from the day. Dominator is definitely my favorite floorless. The sky doesn't look promising though. Finally! The lift hill is so impressive. Twisty! Massive lift hill. Anaconda The long sections of truss supported track were really awesome. The minimalistic look it gives the ride is very cool. So much track, so little support. The walk back provided some incredible views of the ride. Big, fast turn. Grey out. Holy sh*t grey out. There's some other coaster back here too. Levitating train. Such and awesome looking ride. Twisty...through the trees! These turns were incredible. Through the supports! Nighttime ERT on Intimidator. Need I say more?
  5. ECB was absolutely awesome! Thank you Robb, Elissa, and the entire KD staff for putting this on. Your hard work was truly appreciated. I'll put some pictures from the day up later one.
  6. Six Flags has let go GM Mark Kane as well as two other park GMs. Seems like a really sudden and surprising move. Mark Kane was a really nice guy and had the best interest of the park and its guests at heart. http://www.examiner.com/adventure-parks-in-los-angeles/six-flags-magic-mountain-gm-jay-thomas-fired
  7. 1 week away! I can't wait for this event. Just out of curiosity, what is the policy if it rain on Sunday? I know the event can't really be moved to another day, so just wondering.
  8. Congrats to the winners and thanks for putting this on again Coaster101. There were some really great pictures submitted. My humor picture got 3rd place Wish I had promoted the voting a little more.
  9. You can go up to any food stand and ask for a cup of ice water. They will give it to you for free. They have to, and I think that goes for any park and sporting venue. Good tip to know on the hot days though.
  10. ^Can't read that forum...must need to be a Club member to access it. I considered joining CTPR but it doesn't make sense for me to at the moment as I won't be able to take full advantage of all of the benefits this year. What are the BGW ticket prices for Club members?
  11. My friend and I will be going down to BGW on Monday the 23rd, after East Coast Bash at KD. I've never been to BGW so I'm really excited. I was wondering if any of you know the best way to purchase two one day tickets for the park. Are there any deals currently running? Any inside info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I went to Morey's last night and went through Ghost Ship. They really did a fantastic job with this. I won;t repeat everything said in the other reviews, but I will say that the claustrophobic room was one of the coolest haunted attraction features I have ever seen. I really liked that part of the ship.
  13. I'll be without internet tonight and early tomorrow. If there are any tickets left at the non-season pass price, and there is any way to reserve them, I would really appreciate it. I was looking forward to my first TPR event...
  14. Did the event sell out? I just went in to buy two tickets and it is only giving me the season pass option. If I missed this by waiting one extra day I am going to seriously kick myself in the ass.
  15. I've missed the last few episodes. Have any of you noticed any shots of him on Nitro while blindfolded yet? Not sure if that will make it into the show but if so I am next to him
  16. This sounds like a great event. I've never been to a TPR event but really would like to go. I'll hopefully be signing up later in the week once I confirm I'll be available. Thanks TPR!
  17. http://www.cfmarketplaces.com/acb/stores/2/Demon-Drop-Recycle-T-Shirt-P2739C65.aspx
  18. So I went on Saturday and jumped. All I can say is that this was the most incredible thing I have ever experienced. Words can not describe how intense this was. Video:
  19. I'll be doing a tandem jump. And I'm a litte worried that I actually might become addicted to this, lol. A little less than two weeks to go!
  20. I'm going skyding for the first time in three weeks. It's something I have wanted to do for a long time and I'm finally getting around to doing it. Have any of you jumped before? I'm so excited!
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