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  1. ^Thanks. ^^I know. I really don't think I saw any big towns or industrial area in all of Indiana that we traveled.
  2. Thanks for all of the feedback. I will post the review part of the trip report sometime in the next few days.
  3. TR Continued. Delerium The newly reopened Son of Beast. If you look closely, you can see the only smooth part of the coaster. I love the mismatched wood. Beasts second lift hill. The Racer not Raceing. There are more cop cars there than in all of Santa Claus, Indiana. This picture make Vortex look a lot better than it is. The Eiffel Tower provided us with some amazing photo oportunities. It gives a great view of the whole park. Got to love Angelica. I really like the entrance to KI. The huge fountains and the tower make for a good first impression. After leaving Churchill, we greatly surprised ourselves. As we were driving down the road, we saw Kentucky Kingdom and decided to stop by. I had no idea it was on the way to our next stop. Unfortunately we did not take any pictures there. Next up, Kings Island. The horses heading to the starting gate. It was a really nice day. In this race, we bet on Horse number nine to win. He is the one that is in second in the picture. He actually did win the race, and we won $7.20! WooHoo!
  4. I just got home from a 10 day road trip that my friend and I took. It encompassed 6 states and 2200 miles and lots of camping(We're cheap 18 year olds). Parks include Cedar Point, Geauga Lake, Holiday World, Kentucky Kingdom, and Kings Island. There were also many other stops along the way. I'll do the pictures first and the reviews later. So many numbers. Kind of confusing when you have no clue what they mean. This was a really nice racetrack, surrounded by a not really nice area. Back on the road, we decided to stop at Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. Some interesting helictites. And it was. This is the entrance to the cave. Hmm...This looks like fun. We woke up the next morning and decided to take a little detour. Good Bye Holiday World. A little piece of home out in Indiana. In case you were wondering, you're not allowed to smoke in the Thanksgiving section. I was surprised by the lack of shirts available in the store. Awesome floater air. Airtime up until the brake run. If you look closely, you will se a very small head popping out of the front seat. Rather funny looking. I can't get enough of it. The station/queue fly-by is awesome. Finally! Now if that guy in the white would let go of the flag, we could get going. I really liked all three stations at HW. They were like little houses. If only.... The final turn before the brakes. It looks so fun. I wish I could ride it. And an impressive first drop. The 90 degree banked turn looked fun as well. We might as well take some pictures while we're waiting. Voyage has a very impressive lift hill. He's either pointing at something, or he angry with someone. Not sure which. Atleast there was some activity going on. No word on what the problem was either. It was always "I'm not sure" from the employees. Or was it? Voyage had a train at the bottom of the lift and was not open. After riding Raven and Legend, it was time. We waited for them to open up the rest of the park, and headed straight to Raven. This really was a very fun little park. The staff was also incredibly nice and helpful. A closer view. Bright and early we arrived at the park. Theres Raven. Can it truly be all it is hyped up to be? We'll see. What a beautiful sight. A coaster enthussiasts Mecca. We'll be back in the morning. I really hope you guys were right when you all said it was better than se.....get your mind out of the gutter.....better than Serial Thriller at GL. Oh boy....We drove a long way for this. Wait a minute...Is that what I think it is? Yes, it's a blurry something. Wow! Look at that beautiful nothing. And I mean NOTHING. Once we crossed into Indiana, things were different. There is nothing out there. And sell their homes buy putting posters on the front door. We had to take a detour through the hood of Louisville. We drove through a town where more people buy cigarettes than gas. Hello Kentucky. Driving through Cincinnati. We'll be back here in a few days. Bye bye Camp Sandusky. Thanks for a not so good time....It actually wasn't that bad, just small. Bye bye Cedar Point. Thanks for a good time. It's raining fire. CP's July 4th Fireworks display. Twist and Shout. Paddle Wheel Excursions provides some nice photo oportunities. Blurry Magnum picture. Magnum actually really surprised me. Why can't Steel Force be that good? Red train about to enjoy some airtime. Are they holding their hands up, or would that be considered holding them down? The other half. These ride like Zero G rolls. Stange bathtub lady at the CP shooting gallery. I never knew water consisted of a lot of blue golf balls. El Toro-esque airtime right there. The two Stengals were truly fun elements. Ok, the real thing. Millenium's overbank. Get it? Lonely Millenium train getting some attention. And let the headbanging begin. It wasn't too bad though. Humps in the trees. My other favorite pastime. Signage. Lots of shiny red track. Crappy two train shot. You will always see atleast one train on the course when you look at Maverick. Beyond vertical goodness. That is one hell of a good drop. Maverick Time. There are some great views of Maverick on the CP train ride. Here's a shot for the lift fanboys. It's especially easy to see you when you send a train flying by. Millenium is trying to hide again. It's not working. For all of you loop lovers. Not the same picture...I just happened to catch the train at the same spot. Raptor. One of the better inverts around. Uh Oh. The fire is getting out of hand. -How can I have S'more if I haven't had anything yet? -You're killing me Smalls! Camp Fire time. You know what that means..... World Largest Grill and a balloon from the ice skating show. Impressive looking ride. Tall, Dark, and hands.....oh nevermind. They really need to clean the windows on the Space Spiral. I see you Millenium. TTD. Going down? TTD. Going Up? Humps on a beach. My favorite pastime. My first glimpse of Sandusky in daylight for quite some time. Purty. I really like this picture. The fireworks at the game were actually really good. Time to drive back to CP. Oooooo.....Ahhhh I loved how they had the fireworks right by the stadium, with the city as a backdrop. Oh yea, the Indians beat Tampa Bay 10-2. Time for the Rock'n Blast fireworks spectacular. I really liked the sign above the score board. Great weather. Jacobs Field was a really nice stadium. Next event was the Cleveland Indians game. We stopped at Radio Shack before the game, and purchased a card for my new camera. Now I can take some pictures. We stopped by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. My turn. After GL, we drove to Cleveland for the night. Not too sure what the deal is with the giant bear. After breakfast, we made the 1.5 hour drive to GL. Mmmmm. Breakfast. What a lovely sign to see. One state down. A few hours later, we arrived at CP and rode a few rides that night. Time to switch driving. The drive begins. Put your serious face on.
  5. I did this in paint so it's not of great quality but you can get the gist of it. Jesus Swings and The Moses Wheel
  6. Next year is shaping up to be very exciting so I am looking forward to many of the future rides. Mostly, I am excited about GAdv's woodieThe Voyage and Goliath. Hades looks incredible and The Voyage looks like it could be better. Goliath looks like it has a great layout and the other B&M Hypers are amazing. And The two Intamin Plug and Plays look, and from reviews, amazing. This sounds like it will be a great show. Any new coaster show is awesome.
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