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  1. So they are basically bringing back the Space Shuttle ride on a track and calling it a coaster? Hopefully it will be less painful than that ride was. I just don't think this is a great addition to a park of this size. Capacity can't be that great.
  2. Thanks gisco, no need to be sorry. It is what it is. To answer your question, there isn't really a typical plan of attack for me. It depends on how badly my condition is flaring. There are times where I am definitely not feeling well enough to go to a park so I just stay home. When I do go I could be feeling excellent one minute and terrible the next. I guess I normally try to go when I am feeling at least decent and on good days I wait in the normal lines. On mediocre days I will usually have to sit or lay down throughout the day and ride a few rides when I am feeling ok. This past spring I took my sister and the little girl she was fostering to WDW. When I was feeling well enough to ride a ride with them but knew I couldn't risk a two hour line I would use the GAC to enjoy the experience with the two of them. When I wasn't feeling good enough I would sit out or go lay down.
  3. I just wanted to give my take on the GAC changes as I just heard about this last night. I've read so many comments targeted at individuals with autism or families with children on the spectrum. Please realize that that is not the only form of disability. Not every disability is the same. I have a condition that often causes me to spend hours at a time in a restroom or laying down in pain. When I go to a park for an entire day there may only be an hour total that I am in condition to enjoy the park experience. I used to be able to enjoy the experience with the help of a GAC card. I will not be able to enjoy the experience with the new system. Believe me when I say I wish I didn’t NEED immediate access to the rides. I wish I could wait in line with you. I really do.
  4. Definitely some awesome views at that park. Would love to visit and ride those coasters some day.
  5. ^Yup, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks so much for the link. If there are any others out there I'd love to see them too!
  6. Hey everyone. I'm looking for a video clip of something like the StudioTek Slingshot in action at an actual haunt. This is a video of it being demo'd at a convention, but I need one of it in a haunt. Anyone know of another video? Thanks in advance for any help.
  7. Thanks again for all of the advice everyone. I really appreciate it. It is going very well so far. I feel like it is getting better with each night, last night being the best yet. I found the best hiding spot where I am practically in plain sight, yet totally invisible. I am proud to say that I made two people pee last night, made a grown man cry, and just generally scared the sh*t out of so many people. It was awesome I just wish I had the reactions I was getting on video. I can't wait to get back out there tonight. Thanks again!
  8. The first weekend went pretty well. Great turnout on Friday. Saturday was rained out. Sunday was a little slow from what I could tell. I'm having a lot of fun with it so far though. Here is my look. Part lizard, part man.
  9. Thanks for all of the input and advice. Opening night was this past Friday. Everything went really well. There seemed to be a great turnout for the first night of the season. I managed to get in some really good scares, but of course did have a few duds as well. I'm really looking forward to creating new ways to scare as my partner and I have a decent area of trail and a lot of good spots to work with. Thanks again!
  10. ^Thanks MayTheGForce. Remember that I am in an outdoor trail, and will be the first "scene" guests get to. I am trying to figure out how to play this to my advantage. Will scares from behind be effective in this situation? I know that in many haunts, a group will walk very slowly at first anticipating the first scare. How can I use this to my advantage? I will have one other actor to work with at my scene I believe.
  11. Thanks for the input so far. I know it sounds like a pretty ridiculous question on the surface, but I'm glad to have gotten a couple detailed responses. As I mentioned before, I will be in an outdoor haunt that goes through the woods, which also changes things a little when compared to a house. I just drove by today and the entire place is really looking awesome Thanks again!
  12. Hi everyone! It's that wonderful time of year again where all of the haunt attractions start to open up I have been hired as a scare actor at a fairly large event near me. I have done haunted house acting at amateur haunts previously, but this will be my first time in a professional production. I'm looking for your wisdom on what makes an excellent scare. I have my own ideas of course, but I feel like you all can give me some great input. Of course any general advice would be awesome, but I'll give you some specifics about my role. I am in one of the outdoor trails and am the very first scene guests will get to. The premise is that we were a settlement of drifters/miners in the late 1920s. Not knowing we were out in the woods, people used the area as a toxic wasteland, killing and deforming us. You can read the official synopsis on the website below. Also, has anyone been to Corner of Chaos? I'd love to hear some reviews as I never attended in previous years. The Barnyard maze won "Maze of the Year" by FrightTour last year, so I'm really excited to be a part of the operation this year. http://cornerofchaos.com/attractions/ Thanks for you help and have a great Halloween season everyone!
  13. I was thinking along the same exact lines. Under the Bridge, Red Hot Chile Peppers. From their album "Otherside" I believe...Now to figure out how it all fits together.
  14. Thank you for the review, haux. To answer most of your comments, this was a track I worked on for a long time in 2007. I stopped using NL when that semester began and never got back into it unfortunately. I always wanted to finish this but my NL skills have probably diminished a whole lot since then. I did still want to share it with everyone. Everything you say is right though. The awkward drop before the run into the mcbr was an attempt at creativity. It rides a little weird but seems like it could be fun. I know it sounds like a cop-out to the criticisms, but I just never got around to finishing this. Hence the unfinished supports in places, the lone bridge that was the beginning of some themeing attempts, and so on. Thanks again for the input though, much appreciated!
  15. As for Clue 2, the movie "Expired" is rated a 6.2 on IMDB and Superman Escape launches to 62.1 mph. Can't think of anything else, lol.
  16. Clue 1: "Time" because it is Warner Brothers Park, so Time Warner. Clue 3: "Houdini" for Escape.
  17. Hmm that's odd. I just went back and tried uploading it again. Not sure what the problem is, but I'm probably doing something wrong as I am not familiar with TrackPackager.
  18. ^^Description updated to answer your question, as well as a screen shot. ^My apologies. Thanks for the heads up. Let me know if I need anything more. Thanks!
  19. http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=497 Gwardar is a massive wooden coaster inspired by Voyage and other large terrain coasters. This is a track I worked on several years ago and never had the opportunity to share. It makes use of the great terrain as well as some really awesome tunnels! I also did a lot of the supports on my own. Gwardar is a species of snake that is very deadly. Hence the giant snake tunnel. Hope you enjoy! Gwardartunnel2-071116114435000.bmp Gwardartunnel2-101212183400000.bmp Third and final tunnel Gwardartunnel2-101212183425001.bmp First tunnel - The Giant Snake Gwardartunnel2-101212183454002.bmp Gwardartunnel2-101212183501003.bmp Gwardartunnel2-101212183519004.bmp Turnaround before MCBR Gwardartunnel2-101212183538005.bmp Second tunnel exit
  20. ^Just went back and read that discussion. Your reasoning seems to make perfect sense
  21. Any plans to add the ability to comment on tracks or parks? Or is that there already and I'm just missing it?
  22. Robb- Uploading was very easy and trouble free. I just went and edited the description without any problems as well. And no, I can not rank my coaster. Everything looks good here
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