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  1. I was probably riding Excalibur when that photo was taken, or I was not at the park yet. Oh well yesterday was great and Renegade was running the best it has ever been for me. It was great hanging out with you Jerry aswell as Tim. Go-karts where great!
  2. Hey Cameron! It's Alan from the Valleyfair meet-up in May. I will be going to Branson in August this year! Glad to see you had a great time. How long did it take you to get there from your home?
  3. Normally we get at least 2 coasters at the fair. The fair is he best thing that happens in MN each year. There is so much to do and eat you need to come back for a 2nd day! It is truly the "Great Minnesotan Get-together!"
  4. ^ Right Cameron... we all know you got into your fare share of trouble.
  5. It got patched over the winter time. S&S made a design flaw in the pistons and they had to fix it, but to do so they had to take out a chunk of the ride to get to it.
  6. Just gotta love a correctly loaded Twister car. Can't wait to see the photos!
  7. Well I left at 1:30 PM but was there at 10. Renegade was awsome just like yesterday. It was geat hangiout will all of you that were the. It was also cool to meet Robb and Elissa. I wish I could have came to MOA wih you guys. I will just have to wait and see the trip report for that part. I hope you guys got it to spin like hell.
  8. Robb, It looks like I will be getting there earlier then I expected. I am being dropped off right around 10 AM. (Going to early church service.) Then I have to leave around 1:30 PM to go out to eat for mothers day. BTW, this is Alan
  9. I will talk to my father and see if I can come Sunday but I have church so I probably wouldn't get there until around 1 or 2PM
  10. ..... Not that... I mean I am just starting off so I have to work with the park to get to do stuff and get the park to know who I am.
  11. The better footage fell though because they were not testing that day. Though I E-mailed the park to see if I can come onto the property to get footage up close. We will see if that happens. I don't think my name is big enough yet for it, but I thought I would try.
  12. Well I know a lot of you have seen the Renegade Testing footage. Well I have a higher quality video of it on My site. (Same one as YouTube but easier to see. You must be a member to view the video though. I know its a plug but since my site is a Valleyfair fan site I though I could get away with it. The Link to the site is in my signature.
  13. Also an S&S tower would be way to loud in the mall. They are probably looking a other company's.
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