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  1. B&M has their track plant right in Ohio. Coaster enthusiasts has stopped by there for years to see what kind of track is sitting out in their lot. When Patriot was rumored at World of Fun a enthusiast when to the plant and got pictures of not only the track but a label confirming the track was heading for World of Fun which let the cat out of the bag for everyone. I am sure having the plant close to Cedar Point will definitely help with the time table for the ride since they will not have to stage much track but instead install it as it arrives if all goes well.
  2. Tallest Steel: Kingda Ka - (Six Flags Great Adventure) Tallest Wood: El Toro - (Six Flags Great Adventure)
  3. Having this exhibit will definitely draw some more school field trips. I have seen quite a few school groups at the park with not only physics packets but other work they have to do while at the park. With Dinosaurs Alive this gives the teachers another subject to work with. I am sure the park will work with the schools to offer a different group rate that will also add Dinosaurs Alive to their ticket. As far as the Picnic Grounds I love the idea. This definitely frees up the dining Patio area for future Waterpark expansion. Plus the area they are going to put this is giant and will have a lot more room for groups as well as added revenue though the catering service. I look forward to seeing everything completed. The park is definitely preparing itself for a major investment down the road as well as upgrading its image as a whole. I see good things in these next few years for the park!
  4. This weekend was quite busy as well. Both Saturday and Sunday our crew didn’t get out till close to 9p thanks to a long line at close. It’s very good for the park!
  5. haha Yeah I was half asleep when I posted and I guess OS X auto corrected wanted to play tricks on me last night. Oh well it happens. Also from what I understand the season pass sales were doubles from last year which is very good! The park has also been quite busy! Heck Excailibur has had 11 days where they were operating with 2 trains! I know I haven’t seen it run that 2 that many days in a long, long time. Most years they are lucky to get 4 or 5 days. The park has definitely felt busier than previous years as well over the past two months and they are expecting Haunt to be extremely busy.
  6. Yeah from the rumblings I have heard the new GM wants to make it into Picnic Grounds. I can’t see a coaster going in that area anyways since you got Steel Venom in the way as well as Wild Thing. Oh and as of yesterday (Sunday Aug 26th) Antique Autos is officially closed forever…. Hello Dinosaurs Alive!
  7. And soon there will be plenty of room over in the Mini Golf and Track area as those to attractions will be removed. There is just to much land over there to not do something large in the next few years.
  8. ^This is correct but those areas also do have their own height restriction but from what I understand It’s over 350ft that the restriction is since the restriction tapers up as it goes away from the direct flight path.
  9. ^That is where Dinosaurs Alive will be going so no major coaster will go there. Believe me during CoasterCraze we spotted the blue prints since they had them out in a room and were working on them while we were getting a tour of the physical plant. So Dinosaurs Alive in confirmed for 2012. Oh I should also add that a rumor is starting to go around about Excalibur and Thunder Canyons days are numbered for a major Soak City expansion. Though I am not sure on when this would be and if it will be a multi year expansion.
  10. Valleyfair already has Wild Thing to so they don’t need to trademark it! ha Kidding of course..
  11. I was referring to the old entrance. I had no idea they moved it this year. Though I think they can get some more ridership from it with a big sign over the entrance or something on that order. It helps draw people over to it more. I am glad to hear they finally moved it to a better location. I am heading out early tomorrow morning for the long 12 hour drive out there to Sandusky. Cant wait to meet up with everyone!
  12. ^That is not common to open Dragster for early entry. Usually they only do that because another ride is down for early entry. I saw someone mention how Power Tower always has a short line. I believe this is because they have the entrance to the ride in a very odd place and if you’er not looking for it you will go right past it. I really think they should rearrange their queue line and entrance. I think that would bring more ridership to the ride.
  13. Coastermainia definitely will be awesome this year. Cant wait to meet some new friends!
  14. I am definitely ready for CoasterMainia. This will be a great event as usual. Who is going this year? I wanna try to get a group together and maybe go in on fast lane passes as well as a little coverage for TPR.
  15. I am kinda surprised that this thread has gotten as far as it has without someone locking it. This is one of those known rules that you don’t take cameras on rides and everyone has to follow it. Plain and simple. Open and closed case…
  16. Valleyfair has always been the step child of the Cedar Fair chain. They have really given love to the park to prepare it for a large addition. All the park improvements have been needed big time so with the news of Dinosaurs Alive coming this will further help the park and I am sure we will see other improvements as well that have been needed. This will definitely help the park and the chain more money which will in turn allow Cedar Fair to spend more on other capital improvements.
  17. So I guess I will be the first to break this news out but I have heard from some reliable sources (And no surprise to me really) that Valleyfair will be getting Dinosaurs Alive next year. As far as anything else new I don’t think thats in the plans but I am hoping they will bring some new LED light packages to some of the rides. The Ferris wheel was supposed to get a new LED package for this year but it still has not been added so I think thats also finally coming.
  18. You guys are right about them being used to keep the chain dog and anti-rollback devices from puncturing the drive tires but really it’s to help guide them over the tire better. Less severe of a jolt to them having those in place than the tire itself hitting them full force. The reason there is a cleft is because as you can see the two sides have some bolt holes. Those pieces are replaceable since they take a lot of wear and tear from the metal rubbing on them. So they have to be replaceable. So they are bolted on. The metal plate under it is completely flat. They don’t have to mill that down at all which keeps cost as as well as maintenance costs down.
  19. I am just $38 from the $75 min. I would love to see some people send some donations my way! Think of the kids!!!
  20. Click my banner to donate! Lets make a huge surge in donations right before the event!
  21. Lets not forget us Valleyfair participants! Lets get those donations flowing! I know I am still a ways away from my goal. Click the banners to donate! Lets show how much TPR really supports the work Give Kids The World!
  22. ^That isn't just Valleyfair's policy but all of Cedar Fair goes by those rules.
  23. ^ I was there as always. I have not missed an opening day is like 7 or 8 years? Its been a while. Might go this Saturday before going to the casino. Not sure yet.
  24. Here is what my OS X desktop looks like. I just switched it to a basic grass background but lets see if anyone can notice what really makes mine different... My Desktop...
  25. ^If I could like that post I definitely would. I agree 100% with what Robb said on the "Seat Belt Issue".
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