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  1. HI! I made my part of the track, it is an s-turn combined with a coscrew! Simplicity for this part, colour is white!! Bye Jpdupuis 2008_track_tennis_598_254_138_136.nltrack
  2. HI... It's my turn now, and i want to know 2 thing... Can I put more than one colour for the track How long does my track section has to be... Thanks Jpdupuis
  3. Hi! I am discouraged... In the version 1.6, there are some "modals" (examples) coaster. They come with the game. I'm trying to understand 2 things about these, which makes me FREAK OUT when i try to reproduce them!! 1. What are the freaking thousands vertex, or whatever they're called (the little blue balls...). They make the coaster SOOOO smooth...I would like to to some little segments like these but I can't...WHY?? 2. Can somebody tell me how to you put track in DIAGONAL and they the are not twisted...I mean that you have 4 "horizontal" construction view, and 1 from the top but when you do a segment for the top, and you put it higher in the "horizontal" construction view, it is all twisted... PLEASE HELP ME... I'M FREAKING OUT... Thanks!! Jpdupuis
  4. Hi! I would like to know, what is the pack which contains rocks??? I would really love to get it! Thanks Jpdupuis
  5. I'm sorry to ask you that, I know you already said it but, where do you find all the rocks?? Can you please give me the set name!! (And the link ) Thanks Jpdupuis
  6. Yes, the game is so slown, I mean, 1 sec of the ride takes like 25 sec!!
  7. Hi, not long ago, i tried to make a video capture with roller coaster tycoon 3, but, it was really REALLY, long! HOw come was it so long? Is it happening to someone else?? please, tell me I am not alone!! Thanks Jpdupuis
  8. Scenery Packs Required: Alpine Sets 1, 2, and 3 Mainstreet Sets 1 and 3 Vermont Set DRP's Ambience set Expo 3000 Set Pumper's Steelworx Where do we find all of these??? I would like to have them do download you park!! Thanks Jpdupuis
  9. Hi, I would appreciate if somebody could make me a zero-g-roll for inverted coaster! I look everywhere on the net, and it is not available!!! Please, i need help!! Thanks Jpdupuis
  10. I would love if somebody answers me to the to this question: How come the drop is taking so long to tilt, I mean look at other B&M hypers, the drop is tilting fight after the lift, but in Behemoth, it doesn't, Am I the only one to see this?? All "tilting fast drop" Please, I would like to know if I am crazing, or if I have a REALLY BAD SIGHT! Thanks Jpdupuis
  11. Hi, I am not able to do some 3d's with Nolimits, seriously I've tried, and it is too hard. Butm I would like to have a station, a b&m station (suspense for the coaster type) Here are the informations: The satation is: 40.20 meter long 9.80 meter high contains a train of 10 rows So, could somebody customize a station for me, no thematisation , only a glass station, a little bit like typhoon. Thanks!! Jpdupuis
  12. Heu... I't not jpdupis but jpdupuis... Let's try again: 4th dimension , mack spinning, and twister (stan-up or not) coaster isn't it??
  13. from de left to the right: 4th dimension, spining (Mack) , looping
  14. Hi, First of all, thank you for the amazing comments!! I didn't expect you all, to like Pulse as much as you are showing me! I did some modifications, and I think it is much better, little problem, you guys HATE the colours, please, give me some suggestions, and I will change them, I promise! Bye, Jpdupuis
  15. Thank You very much!! This coaster was the start of the customs supports, but, for sure, and lie everyone says, I need to practice, I am not perfect, and I know it, don't worry... Any other coment, goods or bads... ANy are welcomed... Jpdupuis
  16. Announcement: I am pround to annouce that Pulse is released !! P.O.V will come later... So, enjoy me new project: Pulse.nltrack VoilĂ  Pulse Photo shot.bmp Smile! Pulse Overview.bmp Pulse Overview Pulse Overbaked turn.bmp Pulse Overbanked Turn Pulse Front-View Drop.bmp Other view First Drop Pulse Drop.bmp First Drop Pulse Barrel Roll (2).bmp Pulse Barrel Roll Pulse
  17. Hi, I'm am releasing the coaster extremely soon. It will be super, but, I am really sad, cause, there are pumping issues, and, I don't want this, it is the worstest thing a coaster could have, but, I am doing my best to remain in this situation. So, please, be indulgent, I am 12 years old, and, I want to have it the smoothest as I can, so, and I reapet myself, release is really soon. Thank you verry much for the interest you sown in this project Jpdupuis A special thanks to ComplexAudio99 which did a FREAKING logo
  18. OH! That's nice. But, before to release it, A little need... A logo, I would like to have a little kick ass help! So if your interest; post here. Many regard ans thanks; Jpdupuis P.S A special thanks to Loco which gives me a freaking awesome name for the coaster
  19. I am taking a break of this coaster, because of the non entusiahthic! So, please, just go to the other one! Just Here Thanks! If you're having suggestions, you know what to do; PM
  20. I don't think that this name would been apropriated for the ride, is is a bit more x-treme than spongebob...so!
  21. Hi, I am depply missing a name for my coaster! I is a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter 2 with a 95 degrees drop and... others element that i won't say. But, the new thing, is that I MADE CUSTOMS!!!!!! :D But I need a name, could you help me? Here is the teaser: Post your ideas here, then, I'll make a pool, and may-be a logo for it! Thank you VERRY much, Jpdupuis[/img]
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