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  1. Great TR. Despite Kingda Ka and Nitro being closed it was pretty entertaining. I went back today and Nitro has all three trains back in its shed. Note to self, dont ask to be stapled on Road Runner Railway ever again! Great Day with all of you.
  2. ^^ funny thing is as i was going through this thread and saw all these coasters and where they are located, i was thinking the exact same thing
  3. Congrats on 600 mike. Great pics too, i realize i don't post much on here but i do read alot and i'm going to try to post more often so i can feel a tad better when i wear my TPR shirt. Great TR and good luck
  4. Yes that is me in the TPR shirt behind you guys. Coasterguy was there that day but we ran away from him when he was waiting for skyride. We still beat him to toro lol. That is my friend next to me who later threw up after riding GASM 8 times in a row. I won that competition. Glad to see you guys like the park.
  5. ok get ready for this.......... 6 Hours for KINGDA KA (whyyyyyy) 3 day before the "Big Breakdown"
  6. INDOOR AQUATRAX!!!!!!!! 2 in 1 special with resonable pricing. Since the "2007 aquatrax" didnt come out right we get a full out 1/2 indoor 1/2 outdoor aquatrax
  7. Wow i really need to get on one of these trips. Maybe next year
  8. 4 back to back rides on Kingda Ka 7/28 Its just not the same as it used to be I seriously think they slowed the acceleration on it because i can clearly see dragster launches .5 seconds faster go figure but heres what i got
  9. 1. Maverick (amazing coaster go ride it now) 2. Millennium Force 3. El Toro 4. Magnum XL-200 5. TTD 6. KK 7. Nitro 8. Tatsu 9. Xcelerator 10. Goliath
  10. Yeah that song is what i am talking about.
  11. Ok i am going to Cedar Point tomorrow and i was wondering where i could get the Cedar Point Theme Song because i also want to create a video when i get back so if someone could give me a link for but it up for Download thats great!
  12. Oblivion (say nitro again so it can be a never ending Nitro-Oblivion-Nitro...)
  13. I am 13 Of course i have ridden the little coasters at the boardwalk and stuff but my first "real" coaster was (sadly) Great American Scream Machine at SFGAVD
  14. RU serious i hope you are kidding. This is way behind coasters like the voyage and El Toro
  15. WE arnt going till june 24th. dont forget whos taking you So yeah i am still really looking forwarth to this and i am now thinking about coming on the midwest trip (goes and talks to dad!)
  16. Wow, yeah elissa, KK backrow AND on CPbeat it, not very alvey like if you ask me lol! Next time try front on blueberry muffin, WAY more tolerable. Me and coasterguy618 were there the day before, too bad we couldnt meet you.
  17. It's official, Chiller red is running, you can check it out at Gainsider.com
  18. Thanks Elissa I will be sure to buy a shirt and let me know if you can make it out here
  19. Ok I have 2 qouestions for ya. 1. Do you know when you will have the new T-Shirts Avalable 2. Do you know if you are going to be making a trip to SFGADV this year i would love to meet you. Hope you can help. Thanks!
  20. W/O a dought, I stayed there back in July and it was very nice.
  21. Six Falgs Great Adventure opens in 8 DAYS! YAY
  22. So true, I counldn't have agreed ant more. But that was too easy. I am... BRILLIANT!!! (and so is airtime on toro [off season blues])
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