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  1. Ok, one more (sorry, forgot). I thought Batman the Escape (formerly Shockwave) at Astroworld was too jerky. I dunno if it was because it was older (I think one of the first standups) & they hadn't gotten the "bugs" wkd out yet on smoothness but I didn't xpect it to be so jerky. I guess I'm very spoiled on B&M coasters. The Ninja SFOG was kinda jerky but it had tight inversions so I can understand that as does the boomerangs. I xpected that. I don't think I'll ride those either, lol. I might try the inverted boomerangs though just to see what they're like. Ok, I think I really through this time.
  2. Oh, yeah almost forgot...the Ultra Twister wasn't rough but BOY did we get slammed upside down in the harness. I mean SLAMMED! I had dark bruises on my shoulders & upper arms from that. I luved the ride but did not xpect to get slammed that hard. They really shudda put some cushion in those things.
  3. It's a toss up between Texas Giant (I thought my fillings were gonna fall outta my teeth!) & The Great American Scream Machine SFOG. I got whiplash from Flashback SFOT. I thought Rattler SFFT was bad in the helix but then I found out it's supposed to undulate & buck like that to simulate a snake's rattler. I was so sure the cars would derail there. Scared me a bit. Georgia Cyclone was pretty rough but not like the aformentioned ones. I had to literally shove myself in the seats on the Cyclone though. Now I see why! Ummmm oh yes, the Hurler at PKD was bad as far as I think it was going too fast for the track's ups & downs. It was almost as if the cars were trying to catch up w/the speed but not NEARLY as bad as the Texas Giant or GASM mentioned here first. I won't ever ride those 2 again. I hurt SO bad after getting off the Giant, I couldn't ride anything else big after that. I can't think of any other one at the moment. My hubby is giving up woodies all together after the Hurler & Rebel Yell. Rebel Yell, to me was a typical woodie but he doesn't do well on rides anyway. TTFN.
  4. I luv Mantis' colors, they fit perfectly w/the name as does Joker's Jinx (luv the purple & green!) & Riddler's Revenge. Loch Ness is great. BBWolf--I like the strips on the cars, Superman Krypton Coaster I like the red--def. fits the name. The Georgia Scorcher fits well, Nemesis I really like the color. It really looks like it's made of granite. DeJaVu IS pretty. Alpingeist really fits well too, Apollo's Chariot, X, Medusa, Calif. Screamin' Steel Phantom, Wild Thing, all fit together nicely. I think my fave other than Mantis' & Joker's Jinx colors was Drachen Fire. It was just the prettiest shade of Sky Blue with the red-orange of the cars. I didn't like the fireball on the front car though, they shoulda put flames around the front instead (my opinion only). I REALLY REALLY REALLY hated Astroworld's choices of new color schemes for XLR8, Batman the Escape, & UltraTwister. Why in the world wud they think Orange & Blue would look good together??? Or Lime Green & Blue or yucky yellow & black??? Now if the Batman track would've been left Black then had yellow "trim"--say the cars & rails were yellow--then I think it wudda looked fine but I dunno, I kinda wanted to vomit at that particular shade of yellow. It looked like road stripe paint. My guess is since the parks name was "Astroworld", maybe they just wanted outlandish or "spacy" looking colors. But I think the worst was def. XLR8 w/orange & blue. It just didn't look right, ya know. Ultra Twister's new green & blue were tolerable though--not as big a shock as orange & blue
  5. Yea!!!!! I'm so happy! Just the other day, I told my husband..."I wonder where Mr. Six is?" Then I got that song in my head & started singing it. He just rolled his eyes & laughed at me. I just ignored him. He's not a fan of amusement rides. Oh well, too bad for him huh. That's ok though, just more for me.
  6. For me, B&M hands down. They are absolutely SUPER smooth. I'd never ridden a coaster so smooth. I felt like I was riding on air!. Intamin layouts are kewl but I got thrown around a lot on the Intamins. I think Hydra will be great. Why should every coaster be the same as another park has. We already have 2 Medusas. Look at Superman the Krypton Coaster...it looks tame to me but riding it is a WHOLE 'nuther story! That first drop--whew! FAST! That second drop--HUMDINGER! Plus the layout was very unique which I liked. I get tired of going to a park & seeing boomerang after boomerang or "Kong" clones (I know they are Vekomas & not the subject here, just used them as a reference). I like the Georgia Scorcher--my personal favorite so far. It's a rather short ride--in height & length but it's a good ride nonetheless. Why does every coaster "have to be the biggest, tallest or fastest" to be a good ride? To me, I'm just glad to be able to ride a coaster, to have the priviledge of it. Thanx for listening.
  7. Unfortunately I was chicken so I didn't ride Volcano but I did ride Flight of Fear & Poltergeist (basically same coaster). I liked FoF because you launched into a "black hole" basically & didn't know where you're going. I plan to get bk & ride Volcano (I'll just close my eyes ) & of course I'll hafta try Italian Job coaster while I'm there. I'm still chicken to ride Hypersonic (or the like). Would like to ride Superman at SFMM, Hulk, Calf. Screamin', among others.
  8. Hi! I've been a coaster fan since I was a child (I'm 34 now). I didn't, however, get to ride my first coaster til I was in 12th grade (my parents forbid me to ride "anything like that"). My first was the Screamin' Eagle at SF MidAmerica (St. Louis). I don't get to ride that often, I'm always w/o funds so I've only been on 25 coasters (if I counted right) total. Not by choice mind you. I've been on hundreds in my dreams! I've ridden some more than once though. (It's easier to say which parks I've been to than counting coasters, lol). I live just outside of Houston, we just moved here & I was soooo xcited that we'd be near Astroworld then they closed it! UGH! I was soooo upset! At least we have Fiesta Texas & Dallas 6-flags to goto. I DID, however, make it to Astroworld last Oct. the second weekend before it closed. I made a special trip for that. I hope to visit a lot more parks in the future. I'm hoping at least 1 or 2 out of state parks a yr. I'll be checking in here often. TTYS!
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