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  1. That's some great old footage of CW, Shane. Thanks for sharing!


    This reminds me of the information packet that you sent me! I still have that around and re-read it every now and then! I'll have to scan it and upload it to the site one day. Maybe I'll get around to it when you finally come up for a visit.


    Thanks a LOT for sharing this Shane! I love your thread and reading up on the history of parks like this. Wonderland has always been special to me and I can't get enough of old footage and information like this on the park.


    The interlocking bricks and overall beauty of the park are things that still set it apart from the competition to this day.

  2. Why do some people sound surprised that Canada's Wonderland is the top seasonal park in North America? It's been that way for as long as I've been reading these reports (2005 or earlier). It doesn't shock me at all. There are a HUGE number of people in southern Ontario that the park pulls on (5.5 million in the Greater Toronto Area alone) with little to no competition.

  3. Divv, I'm amazed at your ability to make fun of so many people in a single trip report. Yes that river does come remarkably close to matching my tattoo.


    Another great report, wouldn't have expected anything else! Wish I was there as always. Here's hoping that you make fun of Andrew and his lack of ability to hold liquor in the next report!

  4. Woo-Hoo! Thanks for the updates! I'm really excited to see that Canada's Wonderland is at least throwing the idea around of having an enthusiast event. There are a lot of enthusiasts in the Toronto area and I know it'd be a success. As far as I know though the TPR Behemoth Bash event back in 2008 was one of (if not the) biggest enthusiast events to take place at the park.


    I've also been interested in checking out Coaster Mania for years so I'm glad to see that my upcoming Club TPR membership will include that event too! Thanks again!

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