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  1. *jealous jealous jealous jealous jealous*


    My protest on all things Scandanavian is in full effect. My girlfriend and I went to Panera Bread the other night. She had a danish for dessert, I showed her what I thought of it...


    Matt Damon says "Screw you guys, no one should be having fun if I'm not there."


    Mary-Anne says "Hi Andrew!"

  2. Thank you for doing these updates Big Mike! I've made MANY friends via TPR so I absolutely love getting to keep track of everyone on the trips I can't make it out on.


    Keep up the amazing work! I know firsthand how taxing it is to do a LIVE trip report!


    Next time you come up to Wonderland please give me a heads up! I'd like to get my Big Mike picture! Also seems like we'll have some friends in common now!

  3. I'd like to say a special thank you to those who gave me a call from Ikealand. I'm going to get in contact with Roach and Fudge #1 so we can start the "Anti-Scandi" group.


    Thanks for doing the updates Robb! I'm able to keep track of everyone this way and watch all the insanity I'm missing out on.


    Matt "All I ask is that someone saves me a Double Decker!" Damon

  4. Another Divv trip report that I wasn't a part of! GREAT! Yet another opportunity for you to make me jealous and rub in all the extra credits you've got.


    Can't wait to see the rest of this! You're inspiring me to get a move on finishing my Behemoth Bash update, as well as do my Orlando trip one. They're also being posted in "Lou Time".

  5. You should really try to check out the threads that are already existing on the boards and see if there's anything interesting on there that you want to reply to. Every post you makes doesn't have to be a new topic. I'm sure there are plenty of other threads out there that you can add your thoughts on instead of always trying to come up with something new.


    Also, don't make a "best of" thread if you've only been to 2 parks.

  6. To Robb and Elissa: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! It was an amazing trip filled with many many hilarious memories, including Robb's attempt at leaving me behind which backfired on him. It was another perfectly planned vacation by you 2, and I can't wait until I can make it out for another TPR event! Also, I'd like to thank god that I wasn't there to witness Piers swimming naked. I don't know if I could've recovered from such a sight. I'm still in therapy trying to cope with seeing Guy in a speedo!


    To everyone else on the trip, thank you as well! I had a great time seeing old friends again (Hooooooters) and made a few new ones as well! It really is the people that make the TPR trips so amazing. I've been to Disney World 7 times, but this was the best time I've had yet!

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