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    I don't know what Kool-aid you are drinking - but I undestand how billion dollar companies work (things get "stuck" in middle-management).


    These "kids" were here through another company (WISE), and mistakes happen. The kids themselves said if they could get around better - things would be "ok". Get off your horse and smell the coffee.


    Cedar Fair resolved this unforeseen problem promptly and correctly (why are you biased against CF?).


    Wow, so many things wrong with that post (and your POV in general) that I barely know where to start.


    First off, don't EVER personally attack me again considering you know $h!t all about me. I do actually know what I'm talking about here, both from education and work experience. My opinion counts just as much as yours, and everyone else's for that matter.


    I'm not biased against CF in any way, just on this matter. Waiting 6 weeks to fix a problem as bad as this is beyond unacceptable. I can't believe that you don't see a difference between a delay in receiving some money, versus the issue at hand. I highly doubt you'd want to pay $1200 a month to live in a place like that with no transportation. I know I definitely wouldn't.


    They clearly had issues with more than just the transportation as well. Joey interpretted it perfectly by saying that if they had the option to get away it'd be much more bareable. Transportation was definitely a fixable issue. A company as large as Cedar Fair would not have a problem getting the capital to buy a small bus dedicated to these students. Whether it was an issue of the money getting caught up in red tape, or them simply not wanting to spend it, it's still wrong. There are some things you can put off as a company, but when it concerns your employees well being you need to address it quickly.

  2. Case in point - just started a new job with a contract. When I got my first check the gross amount was $5k short on a yearly basis ($200/check). I brought it to HR's attention and will have it fully resolved on my 4th check - 2 months late !!


    Just like the students - better late than never that the problem got solved.


    In no way at all does that stand as "Case in point". There is a VERY large difference between a mistake on a cheque being made and denying someone basic living conditions that the vast majority of North America receives. You're comparing apples to oranges.


    There is absolutely no way that they would get away with treating American workers this like this, so it's just wrong that they would let it slide with foreigners. Complaints were lodged and seemingly pushed aside. I'd be willing to bet that it was an American co-worker that gave them the idea to get in touch with the media to get things solved.


    Yes the housing situation wasn't what Kings Island was expecting from the start, but once they were notified of the situation they didn't handle it properly. When complaints are regarding basic human rights, you have to make solving them a priority. In no way does it sound like this situation was handeled properly from the start.

  3. An open bar, roller coasters, and a bus ride. If that isn't asking for trouble than I don't know what is!


    Robb and Elissa, it looks like you 2 put on yet another incredible trip. And yet another one that I wish I was able to take part in. Bonus points for putting up the picture of Divv flashing the Hooters Crew gang signs! I can't wait for my next TPR trip!

  4. ^ I've been using AutoCAD at work for the last 8 months or so doing CNC programming. It is pretty interesting and at times fun to use.


    By getting into civil/mechanical engineering you certainly aren't limiting yourself to the amusement industry. Just make sure you don't mind working in general engineering fields before you commit yourself. It would be very difficult to get into desiging coasters, and you would likely need years of experience under your belt before you could get close to the amusement industry anyways.

  5. ^ Haha! I've been waiting for the first complaint about lack of updates on either Big Mike's or Robb's thread. Glad that it came from you as a sarcastic joke instead of someone who's actually seriously disappointed.


    I'm also really glad to hear that Big Mike isn't just wearing the same shirt over and over. I was beginning to think I'd have to request to sit on the opposite end of the bus from him on any future trips I'm on.


    *edit* I take back that first complaint statement. Didn't catch until just now that someone had already posted one in Robb's thread. The nerve of some people *edit*

  6. Haha, great reference in that edit AJ! Yes I'm also jealous of you for getting to tag around with Divv and Erik (and Big Mike too!) in Europe.


    Thanks for the shout-out too Divv. I immediately saw the Hooters Crew gang signs again!


    Keep it up Big Mike! It's really quite the accomplishment to do these updates while in the middle of a TPR tour. I kept mine up for about half the trip last year but just couldn't do it. You're doing a great job.

  7. To Divv, Erik, Tim, Mark, and everyone else I know on this trip...I feel really sorry for you guys that you won't be able to join Andrew and I at Waldameer this weekend. It's a dirty shame that you're all too busy prancing around Europe riding coasters and checking out those boring parks.


    Big Mike, your report ROCKS! I absolutely love the idea of splitting it into park pictures and then people pictures. It gives a chance for all of us stuck at home to check up on the people we've been lucky enough to get to know that are on the trip.


    P.S. I saw the Hooters Crew gang symbol being flashed! Way to represent Divv!


    Shawn "is pulling his second consecutive 13 hour day at work instead of being in Europe where he'd much much rather be" Goode

  8. Well, with no update lately, I really don't know if I'll be making this day or not. I'd rather not have to say screw it, but I just may not have any choice.


    I'm still not getting exactly what you need an update so desperately on. The event is going to happen, as far as we all know, that hasn't changed. You can likely plan on being there from before opening, until after closing. Yes it makes for a long day but very worthwhile from past TPR events I've been part of.


    As far as booking work off I think that's all you really need to know. The details on what coasters will be operating for ERT, or what time lunch is doesn't really matter at this point, and won't matter for a couple of months still.

  9. Hey TheCoasterKid, you were on the midwest trip? I was just looking at some of the pictures since I'm going on the east coast trip this year, looks like you guys had an amazing time! I'm no sure if anyone else from around here is going, but I'm definitely looking forward to it.


    I definitely did go on the Mid-West trip! It was an AMAZING trip and I can't imagine anyone not having a blast with the TPR crew. I had no quams with being called Matt Damon on the trip because it kept people from confusing me with the other Shawn...which would have been really unfortunate. I don't know who all is going on the East Coast trip, but you may just be the only one from our area. Last year there was 3 of us from Toronto though, so it was nice having someone to fly in with.


    As far as ERT goes for Behemoth Bash I really do hope for everyone that needs the credits that we're able to get some of the lower capacity rides in. Time Warp can get a brutal line during the day, but for ERT it'd just be ride it once and get out of there. I'm personally hoping for Vortex as one of the coasters at night! It gives some great night rides over the lake.

  10. My favourite part about your trip report so far? The classic Divv selfshots that finish off each park!


    I really need to get overseas and check out some of these parks. I'm now going to have to give that 2009 trip some serious consideration. Who knows, maybe I'll even head up to the UK with Andrew in 2010 atleast!

  11. I already wanted to go on the Scandanavia trip next year, and now I want to go even more! Great start to your report, I can't wait to see the rest.


    Divv, you continue to make me more and more jealous. How you have the time/money to do these trips is beyond me. Can you hook a friend up with a job!? Haha.

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