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  1. Funny how everyone RAVES about the airtime on vertical drops, yet I found more airtime on the first drop of Millenium Force, and even Behemoth, then either Top Thrill Dragster or Maverick.


    In fact, I'd say they have different sensations. On a normal drop you get that regular airtime feeling where you're tossed up out of your seat and hanging on for dear life. In a vertical drop (or beyond vertical) it seems more like a drop tower, except facing the ground. Feels like the world is getting dropped out from under you and you feel more weightless than anything else.

  2. ^ You're in the minority when you say that you don't like Harry Potter. IMO it's a great business decision for IOA. Never before would someone have visited the park JUST to experience the Lost Continent. I can guarantee they'll be getting some Disney regulars stopping by now specifically to check out the new Harry Potter land.


    Universal is looking to steal alot of Disney's thunder in the coming years with this addition as well as Rockit at the Studios. Disney I'm sure will be picking up their socks soon and making some new attractions to keep guests in their parks. We really are the ones winning in this heated battle!

  3. Why are there so many photos of Chris?!


    Because if you include him and 9 other people, you get a special in-room wake-up call from Brian's mom!


    You so beat me to that comment. Damn.


    Those pizza burgers look like a heart attack waiting to happen. But they look oh so tasty at the same time, and I'd have to give one a try.


    Who else is willing to bet that Elissa stole the Ratatouille animatronic as well?

  4. What's wrong with having a scale to weigh riders before they ride? Dollywood has been doing it for as long as I can remember on Slidewinder.


    Exactly. If someone is really that worried about other people thinking they're overweight and knowing how fat their ass is they shouldn't be in a water park to begin with. I'm not saying if you're fat you shouldn't be in a water park, just that you can't hide it in a bathing suit anyways.


    Also, 1 adult plus 3 kids (All aged 15 or younger) equal up to 900lb? I'd imagine the photographer would have to bust out his wide angle lens to take that family photo.

  5. Speeddeamon from what I've seen with other people on the trips, and from my own personal experience, you'll likely have a much better time if you just relax and enjoy the experience instead of trying to document every second of it.


    You can end up spending so much time behind the camera that you become detached from what's happening at the moment. There will be many many other people on the trip that are also taking lots of pictures and video, so if there's something you miss there's a very good chance that someone else got it. I'm not saying that you shouldn't take any pictures, but there's a nice balance for every person and hopefully you'll find yours.

  6. ^^ The GO Train only runs that route at certain times of day, otherwise you get the GO Bus which sits in traffic with the rest of Southern Ontario.


    If you're into shopping at all there's a very large Mall/Shopping Complex called Vaughan Mills right next door to Wonderland. It's more of an Outlet Mall so the stores are all pretty big. There's even a Nascar Speed Park there with go-karts, but I haven't tried them out yet myself. You can easily spend a few hours just touring around there and never buy a thing.


    The Jays are out of town, so going to see a ball game isn't an option. There's still the Zoo, Science Centre, and Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) though. They're all quite popular and worth a look if any of them tickle your fancy. They're fairly far away from Wonderland though, but if you've got a car anyways then it's hardly a hassle.


    If there's anything in particular that you're into but I haven't mentioned then go ahead and reply back or send a PM and I'll try to help you out. Toronto is a very large Metropolitan area so I can guarantee there'll be something for you to do.

  7. Awesome updates as always Hanno! Like everyone else I absolutely love watching the pain and torture that Divv put himself through that day. Nothing like pictures of a hungover birthday boy trying to ride coasters to brighten up your day!


    Next trip I'm on with you I'll have to try and steal some more of your photography secrets! The couple tips you gave me from the Mid-West trip have already helped.

  8. Also a finger doesn't have two knuckles


    The knuckles are the joints of the fingers, which are brought into prominence when the hand is clenched and a fist is made. The word is derived from the diminutive of a word for bone, found in German Knochen/Knoechlein. Medically, it is said that the knuckles are formed by the metacarpophalangeal and interphalangeal joints of the finger. The knuckles at the base of the fingers are known as major knuckles while the knuckles at midfinger are known as minor knuckles.


    Have you ever taken a look at your hand? You actually have 3 knuckles per finger (thumbs have 2 though). Wikipedia is your friend.


    This is a silly accident that I'm sure she's going to sue and get paid very handidly for. Does she deserve it? Depends on who closed the lap bar. If it was a ride-op then yes, they could be considered at fault for not noticing her finger was in the way. If it was her or a riding partner then no, that's their own stupidity at work.

  9. CP's had the bins in every station (all right, the coasters at least) since at least 2007.


    In any case, if I get too battered by Womb Raider, I'll join you in bag lady duties.


    While not quite in EVERY station, you're right that they do have bins in quite a few of them. I wasn't ignoring that fact, I just completely forgot until you mentioned it. My first thoughts were of Dragster and Millenium Force where you need a locker, but I think the rest of them do allow you to leave items in the station now. My bad.


    I still like Disney's take on the whole loose articles thing. Just bring them on the ride with you! If I'm allowed to stick my backpack between my legs on Rock'n Roller Coaster then why can't I bring it with me on most rides at other parks?

  10. ^Is it standard CF policy at Wonderland, i.e. no cameras on any ride?


    I still find it to be a mixture between Cedar Fair and Paramount policies, which works quite well. There are bins to put your loose articles in every station (even Behemoth!) which you won't find at Cedar Point. Lockers are available in various locations in the park, but they aren't necessary by any means.


    Pretty much everything else is standard amusement park operating procedures. I can't really think of anything that you'd come across at Wonderland that'd be different from the majority of North American parks. Well, there's the lack of a fastpass system, but hopefully Q-Bots are in the future plans.

  11. ERT is going to be ALOT of help on that Monday. I stopped in this last Monday about 5 minutes after opening and had a 40 minute wait for Behemoth. I had to leave the park right after my one ride so I didn't check out the other lines, but the park seemed really busy in general.


    If the lines were like that for just a random Monday, then ERT on a holiday Monday will be just that much more appreciated. I'll play bag lady again though when it comes time to riding Time Warp. I have no need to go through that torture again.

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