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  1. ^ Agreed! Wild Beast is now much worse than Minebuster ever was. I have absolutely no need to ever ride the wooden coasters at Wonderland again, unless I hear of some serious improvements.


    I would LOVE to watch Wild Beast burn to the ground and get replaced by a GCI!


    In other news...I love the combination of photos and videos! Great update Erik! Was nice getting to see you again as well.

  2. If you think Superman: Ride of Steel at Darien Lake was amazing, just wait until you ride the REAL Superman: Ride of Steel at Six Flags New England.




    Caps used on purpose!


    Matt Damon to Andrew: "Superman was alot better in the afternoon than it was this morning!"


    Robb (out of nowhere): "RIDE OF STEEL!"


    I also refuse to go along with the name changes at Wonderland, except for Time Warp. That name atleast makes sense, it'll make you wish you could go back in time and not ride it.

  3. You're right, given the right conditions it's really not too hard!


    I found it impossible to get anywhere close to snapping on the Flyers at Holiday World, but only a few days later I was snapping like a champion at Indiana Beach! My technique was the same for both rides, but a good breeze coming off the lake at Indiana Beach made all the difference in the world.

  4. Great update! The more trip reports from this trip the better!


    Seabreeze seems like a cool little park. I haven't been there yet but I've got friends in Rochester, so it's only a matter of time before I head there to catch the credits.


    You should definitely sell your kidney if that's what it takes to do a TPR trip! You'll need the fun and excitement from the trip more than you will your kidney!

  5. ^ I KNOW! Dave, you have no choice but to turn that picture into your new avatar. It's far too perfect to not be done. It's all in good fun Dave. Don't worry, this won't be the last of taking pictures of you with posts!


    Thanks for the replies! Ryan, you'll definitely have to do a full TPR Trip some day.


    Dan, don't even get me started on the Mad Tea Party, I can't even watch that thing operate without feeling sick.


    YES! Divv is jealous of me for once! I've watched you do farrrr too many amazing trips this year though, so my 2 days of antics doesn't quite match up still. Don't worry though, our next trip will be together, so no one to be jealous of, just a crapload of fun.


    Also, please note that some of the pictures I put up were courtesy of Andrew. I didn't have enough of my own and he was gracious enough to allow me to steal some of his for that last update.

  6. I thought it was crazy smooth, but I heard from a couple of people that it was smoother on opening day. I'm pretty sure that's ACEr code for "I was there on opening day and you weren't."


    I'm pretty sure that was Andrew and I you heard talking about that. It wasn't at all meant to be "I was there at opening, and you weren't". It was the honest truth.


    It's exactly how Paul put it. The ride is just as "smooth" now, but it's developing a rattle. I remember quite a few people commenting on the rattle, so I know I'm not the only person that caught it.

  7. After a great start to the day at Darien Lake it was time for a quick jaunt down the road to Martin's Fantasy Island!


    Martin's is a pretty small park with only a couple of credits and a few flat rides. What it does have though is a neat family vibe, and as always you can have an amazing time at any park with TPR!


    *some pictures from this update are courtesy of Andrew*



    10 points for having a picture of the park name to start things off!


    Everyone immediately headed over to Silver Comet to pick up the first credit of the park. It's a CCI woodie with lots of laterals and airtime! There are a few turns where you'll litterally get tossed out of your seat and end up on the persons lap beside you. Ok, well not quite but you get the point. It's a great coaster and remains in my top 5 list for wooden coasters.



    Robb is catching some reverse POV footage in the front row.


    It was now time to walk down the Mid-Way (nearly the entire ride collection can be found along a single stretch of pavement) and check out Martin's newest addition...the Star Flyer!



    This was my first time on a star flyer and it wasn't really at all like what I expected. You get a really odd floating sensation up there and the fact that you've only got some really thin chain (and a single tiny bolt, thanks for pointing that out Jake!) holding you up is pretty freaky!



    Notice me on the left with a death grip on the chains!


    At the least you get a great view up there and you can even see Niagara Falls as some of the astute geographers from the group pointed out!



    Andrew and Beth are enjoying their rides though!


    We decided to keep moving down the path and came up to the Log Ride. A few people decided to ride it and nearly all of them regretted it for the rest of the day! It only has a 20 foot drop, but ended up getting everyone TOTALLY drenched! Andrew was still trying to dry out the next day at Wonderland.


    Although I didn't ride the Crazy Mouse until later in the night, I'm going to slot it in here because it's located right next to the log flume. It's a really really tame spinning mouse. I heard complaints from some people that only got 1 rotation on it. The ride ops were incredibly nice though!



    I rode far too many of these things last year on the Mid-West trip to try to come up with some sort of witty caption for this one.


    After a great group dinner it was time to tackle the rest of the park! We decided to try to ride the train that travels around the park, but after waiting 20 minutes and it hadn't come by yet we decided to walk away. Of course no more than 2 minutes after we walked away the train came around the corner, but we had already made up our minds at that point. Poor Beth dropped her ice cream while waiting...



    Andrew was quick to initiate the 5 second rule though!


    While walking around trying to make up our minds on what to check out next we found Elissa and Kristen playing a game called "I Got It!". After a quick explanation of the game from Elissa (if KidTums can play I think we could figure it out!) our small group decided to sit down and play. If you've played Fascination before than just think of I Got It as being pretty much the same, except you throw the little balls instead of rolling them. We were quickly joined by alot of other people from trip and before you knew it we had a TPR takeover going! I unfortunately don't have any pictures, but Robb got ALOT of great footage. Be sure to check out his updates for some of the awesome prizes we won while playing!


    Next up was the non-spinning frisbee. Literally all it did was swing back and forth. It was sad and pathetic.



    That picture pretty much sums up how everyone felt about the ride. WTF!?


    At this point we had pretty much conquered everything the park had to offer. While our group was trying to kill time before ERT we got into some of our usual Hooters Crew insanity.


    Dave was kind enough to re-create a photo from last years trip...



    Hi Divv!



    You can never have too much fun with foam hats either.


    The following picture was far too perfect to not take a picture of it! I seriously think someone placed this "Fudge" sign and the lamp post with Dave specifically in mind.



    Don't pull on it though!


    And last but not least we finish things off with a picture of Dave eagerly anticipating the start of the western show!



    We couldn't talk him into going up to become an honourary deputy at the end of the show though.


    The night at Martin's was capped off with some fantastic ERT on Silver Comet! It really was riding better than what I remember from the past.


    With a long drive back to Toronto ahead, and an early morning for Behemoth Bash facing us it's a good thing that the night wrapped up early.


    Look out for pictures of Behemoth Bash and an extra special update later on!

  8. Hey everyone! If you're wondering who I am and why you should pay any attention to what I say, all you have to know is...I'm MATT DAMON!


    Let me give you a warning right now. If you're not into wordy trip reports you may want to skip this. I didn't end up taking as many pictures as I would've like over the 2 days, so I'm trying to make up for it by explaining some of the antics that went down. I'm trying to borrow Jahan's style of trip report because they seem to be a great balance of writing and photography. So Jahan, excuse me for stealing!


    After getting my first taste of TPR last summer on the Mid-West trip I was automatically hooked! Unfortunately I couldn't make it out for any of the TPR trips this year, so when I heard that TPR was coming to the Toronto area as part of the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer 2 trip I decided to meet up with all of my old friends.


    On Sunday as part of the Behemoth/Ravine Flyer 2 trip, TPR was visiting Darien Lake and Martins Fantasy Island. While this wasn't an official "TPR Event", Coaster_dude2002 (Andrew) and myself still decided to go to the parks on our own and see people again that we met on the Mid-West trip.


    Right now I'd like to echo some words from Robb. Unless you've gone on a TPR trip and/or know a few people who are going to be at the park that day it's not really worthwhile to try and meet up on a regular TPR trip day. I've personally seen it happen to people where they come out not knowing anyone and sort of get left in the dust because of that. Everyone naturally breaks down into small groups and it can be really hard to try to crack into them. While you're still allowed to meet up just be aware that you can't take part in ERT and you may not get the full TPR experience. For that you should either go on a full trip (well worth the price!) or try to attend an "official" event like Behemoth Bash or West Coast Bash.


    Now, enough rambling, onto the actual trip report. Some of this may be out of order, but it should be close enough.


    We started the morning off at opening and after meeting up with old friends headed straight for the new OCC Motocoaster. And yes, I know I lose points for not taking a picture of the park sign and making that the first shot.



    The motocoaster is definitely aimed at families. It doesn't provide the most thrilling ride in the world, but it's cheap and has a small footprint. Overall I'd say it's a good addition for Darien Lake. The park needs to try to gain back alot of the customers they've lost in recent years, and I think this is a good step in trying to do that.


    Next up was a courtesy lap on Boomerang! Imagine that! Darien Lake must be using the same creative marketing group as Cedar Fair! This Boomerang featured a unique twist though...



    Dodge the sky coaster! Boomerang was really just your standard Vekoma head basher, not much to say here.


    As we were walking along to our next credit, Dave had a touching moment with his second love in life...lampposts!



    There's a long story to this, but I really don't think Dave would appreciate it if I told it! Ask him if you meet him some time!


    At this point we caught up with a few more TPR members who were about to enjoy a round on a spin n puke (sorry, can't remember the model). I avoid these rides like the plague. My poor Canadian stomach just can't handle lots of spinning.



    It really looks like everyone else is enjoying their ride though! I haven't seen such an enthused group of riders in a lonnnng time.


    Unfortunately there was an SLC credit at Darien Lake to be earned as well, so I sucked it up and rode with everyone. No pictures for Mind Eraser, it smashed my head in so badly I forgot to take one! I helped Adam pop his SLC cherry though! I couldn't believe it when he liked it enough to ride a second time. In all honesty, there are 2 trains used on the ride, and they both provide SIGNIFCANTLY different rides. Our first lap wasn't great, but bearable. Our second ride was much, much, worse. Not only did it shuffle side to side, but also forwards and backwards.


    Viper was closed when we went past it, so we decided to go on the Giant Wheel to kill some time before lunch. I snapped a pic of the water park just for Big Mike! I'm always looking out for you buddy!



    Bikini babes from a distance!


    After lunch it was time to ride Superman! I mean Ride of Steel! Again, more great work from that Marketing department!



    While it did have some of that Intamin rattle, and the very odd flat sections it does have some pretty strong airtime. It's not a top ten coaster for most people, but still the crown jewel of Darien Lake's offerings.


    The last credit of the day to wrap up was the Arrow multi-looper, Viper. It's a pretty rough coaster without many redeeming features. The restraints managed to chop me square in the neck as well. After the ride I could tell that most people weren't overly impressed. I don't even think that Jahan really enjoyed it.



    I get bonus points for blocking out the American flag with the track though! "Blame Canada"


    After some more random antics on the log flume and bumpers cars it was time to head off to Martin's Fantasy Island!


    Look out for the second update coming soon.

  9. ^ LMAO! I totally screwed that one up. I had been reading both updates and thought I was in yours when I posted that. That's what I get for my ADD and reading TPR at work.


    I love that the correct answer to my trivia question actually was "Matt Damon"!


    I like the back more overall as well. You get thrown out of your seat the ENTIRE way down that first drop. Also, like Dan mentioned, you get a stronger more consistent floater air feeling back there. The front is a bit more like an abrubt ejection air, with a stall, and then floater air coming back down. Both seats are great, but I'd still give my preference to the rear.

  10. Wow, what an amazing day! It was such a blast to see everyone from the Mid-West trip again, as well as meeting some new people! Both ERT sessions were amazing, there was no need to get off Behemoth except to switch up seats. I definetly got my fill of "All-you-can-ride" ERT.


    I really really wish I was able to carry on the rest of the trip with everyone! I'm jealous beyond belief and I'll be thinking of everyone riding coasters these next 2 weeks instead of focusing on work. Can't wait to start seeing the trip reports roll in.


    Thanks again to Robb and Elissa for putting on yet another incredible TPR event! You both somehow made me even more excited for my next TPR encounter than I already was!


    Matt "I'm riding with Sarah Silverman!" Damon

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