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  1. It is very possible to twist numbers and make them show what you want. Companies do this all the time, and will continue to do so. Lot's of people say that you can't argue with numbers, and they are generally taken as truth without much thought going into it.


    One of the best things that I've learned about conducting surveys is to always present an EVEN number of choices. If you force people into telling you whether they liked or disliked something, then you won't get any wishy washy (yes that's the technical term) answers. People have the tendency to pick the middle number/choice if they're given that option, which ultimately won't yield any results.

  2. I still think this stunt show should work out well. The parks main issue imo is it's inablility to handle large crowds. Most of the rides have low capacity and this leads to really long lines. The stunt show should pull a couple thousand people (yet to hear official numbers on the size of the "arena") out of the lines and into the arena to watch the show. If it proves to be a success everyone should see some relief in wait times while the show is going on.

  3. I always feel so creepy getting eyed up by the little 14 year old girls (or should I say prostitots), happened quite a bit today actually. With the clothes they wear it looks like they could be so much older.


    You're right about Dragon Fire though, the crew was fast and the ride was smooth, wish I could say the same about Top Gun. Vortex was running great too, fast as ever and smoother than I remember!

  4. Did you just say they weren't stacking trains on Wild Beast?!?!


    Wow, must say I have never had the pleasure of experiencing that. Went for Opening Day earlier and I must say that the crew on Top Gun was brutal! A normal 15-20 minute wait took about 45 minutes. For everyone's sake I hope they speed up as the season goes on.


    I was very happy to see that Vortex got some new paint, the track was getting to look pretty aged to say the least.

  5. I agree with others in that IJST probably isn't the best coaster to go into PKD at the moment, although it is much more of an asset than most of you make it out to be.


    My home park is PCW so I've had the chance to ride our version of it a few times, and all of them have been enjoyable. It isn't the most thrilling ride in the world, but it's still something that I'll ride as long as the line isn't too busy. It is one of the better family coasters out there, and it's really nice when my uncle and I can find a coaster that we can go on with his 2 kids. The fire effects in the helicopter scene never get old, and they do produce ALOT of heat.


    Here's a link to some of my Italian Job and other Paramount Canada's Wonderland pictures: http://www.rcttown.com/gallery/Italian-Job%3A-Stunt-Track?page=1 Feel free to comment!

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